List of Ohio Breweries

Celina, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 36aPh. Schmitt & Bro. Brewery18741875
OH 36bA. Ott Brewery18751880

Chagrin falls, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 37aGoodwin & Sheffield Brewery18751877
OH 37bA. A. Goodwin Brewery18771880

Chasetown, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 38Nicklaus Gines Brewery18751878

Chillicothe, OH - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 39aP. J. Loepel Brewery18741877
OH 39bKnecht & Muehling Brewery18771883
OH 39cJacob Knecht Brewery18831886
OH 39dScioto Brewery18861919
OH 39eAugust Wagner & Sons Products Co. Brewery19331934
OH 39fOld Capitol Brewery Inc.19341944
OH 39gOld Capitol Brewery Inc.19461947
OH 39hAugust Wagner Breweries Inc. Brewery19471951
OH 40aReinhard Wissler Brewery18561882
OH 40bR. Wissler & Sons Brewery18821884
OH 40cOtto Wissler & Co. Brewery18841919

Cincinnati, OH - 84 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 41aCamp Washington Brewery18811907
OH 41bCamp Washington Brewery19071910
OH 41cAdam Brewing Co.19101912
OH 41dBowman-Harman Brewing Co.19121916
OH 41eAdam Brewing Co.19341943
OH 42aWm. Attee Brewery18251829
OH 42bEagle Brewery18291843
OH 42cEagle Brewery18431850
OH 42dEagle Brewery18501857
OH 42eEagle Brewery18541866
OH 42fEagle Brewery18661882
OH 42gThe Gerke Brewing Co.18821912
OH 43aThe Banner Brewery18871888
OH 43bBanner Brewing Co.18881897
OH 43cCincinnati Consumers Brewing Co.18971898
OH 43dF. Bartels Brewing Co.18981900
OH 43eRalston-Neurich Brewing Co.19001902
OH 44aMichael Beck Brewery18561857
OH 44bM. Beck & Leonard Bauer Brewery18581867
OH 44cMichael Beck Breweryc18651867
OH 44dMichael Beck & William Bogen Breweryc18671871
OH 46aBerliner Weiss Beer Import Co. Brewery18881888
OH 46bCincinnati Weiss Beer Import Co. Brewery18881891
OH 46.1Clements 0. Billerbeck Breweryc1862Unknown
OH 47aLafayette Brewery18361863
OH 47bLafayette Brewery18631864
OH 47cWill Fey & Co. Brewery18641868
OH 47dAlexis Darusmont Brewery18691873
OH 47eMrs. Alexis Margaret Billiod Darusmont Brewery18731878
OH 48aCumminsville Brewery18561858
OH 48bCumminsville Brewery1858Unknown
OH 48cCumminsville Brewery18721891
OH 48dCumminsville Brewery18911901
OH 48eCumminsville Brewery19011919
OH 48fThe Bruckmann Co. Brewery19331949
OH 48gThe Herschel Condon Brewing Co.19491950
OH 49aLouisa Brueck Brewery18651866
OH 49bGeorge Siebert & Ernst Koegel Brewery18661867
OH 50.1aHenry Conradi & Co. Brewery18581858
OH 50.1bWm. F. Strueve & Conradi Brewery18581859
OH 50.1cWilliam F. Strueve Brewery18601863
OH 51aLackman & Sandman Brewery18601868
OH 51bUnited States Brewery18681890
OH 51cHerman Lackman Brewing Co.18901919
OH 51dSohn Brewing Co.19341934
OH 51eThe Hudepohl Brewing Co.19341953
OH 51fThe Hudepohl Brewing Co.19531986
OH 51gThe Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.19861988
OH 52aCanal Brewery18481859
OH 52bWhitewater Canal Brewery18591863
OH 52cJohn Draper Brewery18631865
OH 52dJ. F. Frohmeyer & Sons Brewery18651866
OH 52.1Edgecliff Brewing Co.19361936
OH 53aFranklin Breweryc18441845
OH 53bVine Street Breweryc18461856
OH 53cJohn Kaufman Rudolph Rheinboldt Brewery18561859
OH 53dJohn Kaufman & Co. Brewery18591877
OH 53eJohn Kauffman Brewery18771882
OH 53fJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.18821893
OH 53gJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.18931919
OH 53hJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.19331933
OH 54Isaac Strauss & Co. Breweryc1867c1868
OH 55Davis Embree Brewery18111825
OH 55.1aPaul Endress Breweryc1854c1858
OH 55.1bGeorge Schmeids Breweryc1858c1859
OH 56aBavarian Brewery18361844
OH 56bFleischman Brewery184c1846
OH 56cFortmann & Muenzenberger Brewery18461848
OH 56dF. Franz Fortmann Breweryc18491855
OH 56eBavarian Brewery18551859
OH 56fP. C. W. Hipp & Co. Breweryc1860c1861
OH 56gFrancis Fortman Breweryc18611865
OH 56.1Bernard Elith Brewery18621863
OH 57William Floyd Brewery1813c1817
OH 59aJacob Fuchs & Andrew Sommer Brewery1852c1859
OH 59bJohn L. Leonard Bauer Breweryc1865c1871
OH 59cGeorge Bach Breweryc18711875
OH 59dFred Schmidt & Henry Adam Brewery18751875
OH 59eFred Schmidt & Louis Prell Brewery18751876
OH 59fSchmidt & Bro. Brewery18761891
OH 59gSchmidt Bros. Brewing Co.18911904
OH 59hCrown Brewing Co.19041919
OH 60aGermania Brewing Co.18851891
OH 60.1aWeyand & Jung Brewery18541857
OH 60.1bGermania Brewing Co18911902
OH 60.1cWetterer Brewing Co.19021919
OH 61aCharles Glossner & Bro. Brewery18561863
OH 61bGlossner's Saloon & Brewery18641865
OH 61cBelz & Adam Noelp Brewery18661868
OH 62Ohio Brewery18561863
OH 62.1John Burkholtz Brewery18611861
OH 62.2aGeorge Eichenlaub & Matthias Firnkaes Walnut Hills Brewery18621865
OH 62.2bE. W. Firnkaes Brewery1865c1866
OH 63aWilliam Metcalf's Breweryc1829c1836
OH 63bMetcalf & Disney's Breweryc1836c1844
OH 63cDavid Harries & Co. Breweryc1847c1852
OH 63dDavid Harries Breweryc1852c1864
OH 63eJohn Harries Breweryc1864c1865
OH 63fS. S. Ashcraft & Co. Brewery18661867
OH 63gDyett & Thatcher Brewery18671870
OH 63hJ. H. Dyett Brewery18701872
OH 64aJohn Hauck & John Windisch Brewery18631879
OH 64bJohn Hauck Brewery18791881
OH 64cDayton Street Brewery18811896
OH 64dJohn Hauck Brewing Co.18961919
OH 64eJohn Hauck Co. Brewery19191933
OH 64fRed Top Brewing Co.19331956
OH 64.1aCharles Heintz Brewery1858c1861
OH 64.1bJefferson Breweryc1861c1862
OH 64.1cCharles Heintz Breweryc1862Unknown
OH 65aPhiladelphia Brewery18471881
OH 65bHerancourt Brewing Co.18811919
OH 65cHerancourt Brewing Co.19331933
OH 66aBox Brewery18541859
OH 66bVacant or leased Brewery18591864
OH 66cRothert & Groene Brewery18621864
OH 66dGeorge M. Herancourt Breweryc18641866
OH 66eJohn F. Frommeyer Brewery18661867
OH 66fH. Schmidt & Bro. Henry & Fred Breweryc18701876
OH 66.1Frank Rothert Brewery18641865
OH 67aBrighton Brewery18561859
OH 67bBrighton Brewery1859c1861
OH 67cBrighton Brewery18641866
OH 67dJos. Renner & Co. Brewery18661870
OH 68Jos. Hofflein Brewery18521853
OH 68.1William Hoffmeister Brewery18561873
OH 69Charles Holle & Co. Brewery18601861
OH 69.1Gustave A. Huser Brewery18611863
OH 69.2Independent Brewing Co.18811882
OH 70aSchmeltzer Breweryc1829Unknown
OH 70bAndrew Jackson Brewery18321855
OH 70cThe Jackson Brewery18551873
OH 70dJackson Brewery18731877
OH 70eJackson Brewery18771884
OH 70fGeorge Weber Brewing Co.18841887
OH 70gJackson Brewing Co.18871919
OH 70hSquibb-Pattison Breweries Inc Brewery19331934
OH 70iJackson Brewing Corp19341942
OH 71aPeter Jonte & Frederick Billiod Brewery18321835
OH 71bPeter Jonte Brewery18351855
OH 71cChristian Boss & David Ray Christian Boss Brewery18551858
OH 71dChristian Boss & Co. Brewery18581867
OH 71eChristian Boss & Co. Brewery18671876
OH 71fGambrinus Stock Co. Brewery18761919
OH 71gThe Vienna Brewing Co.19331940
OH 72aGeorge & Louis Klotter Brewery18691881
OH 72bChristian Kinsinger Brewery18821888
OH 72cBellevue Brewing Co.18881919
OH 73aGottfried & Henry Koehler Brewery1850c1870
OH 73bJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.18831885
OH 73cBuckeye Brewery18851899
OH 73dHudepohl Brewing Co.18991919
OH 73eThe Hudepohl Brewing Co.19331953
OH 73.1Henry Kaldenmorgen Brewery18641864
OH 73.2Richard Lampe & Ferd Hildebrandt Brewery18611861
OH 73.3aF. & J. A. Levick Brewery18571860
OH 73.3bLevick & Co. Brewery18601860
OH 73.4Main Street Brewery1994Unknown
OH 74Western Brewery18551856
OH 75aWestern Brewery18341843
OH 75bGeorge Middlewood Brewery18431846
OH 75cMiddlewood & Bro. Brewery18491852
OH 75dMiddlewood Bros. Brewery18531855
OH 75eBuckeye Brewery18571857
OH 75fBuckeye Breweryc18581860
OH 76aElm Street Brewery18531854
OH 76bElm Street Brewery18541866
OH 76cChristian Moerlein Brewery18661881
OH 76dChristian Moerlein Brewing Co.18811919
OH 76eThe Old Munich Brewing Co. Inc19331937
OH 76.1Louis Meier Brewery18701870
OH 76.2Henry Meyer Ale Brewery18591860
OH 76.3John Nicholson Brewery18451848
OH 76.4Capt. Henry Niehaus Brewery18611868
OH 77aCincinnati Brewery18491850
OH 77bCincinnati Breweryc1850c1852
OH 77.1Peter Noll Brewery18721873
OH 77.2Thomas Ogden Brewery18451848
OH 78aOhio Union Brewing Co.19051915
OH 78bCincinnati Home Brewing Co.19151919
OH 78cThe Bruckmann Beverage & Products Co.19191933
OH 78dThe Bruckmann Co Brewery19331949
OH 78.1Olliffrich Brewing Co.19381938
OH 78.2aAbraham Payne & William Gold Brewery18591862
OH 78.2bPayne & Gold Brewery18621862
OH 79Arnold Ordeng Brewery18711871
OH 80aMathias Hauser & Co. Brewery18581859
OH 80bPark Brewery18591861
OH 80cMathias Hauser & Co. Brewery18611861
OH 80dJos. Niehaus & George Bach Brewery18621872
OH 80eNiehaus & Klinckhammer Brewery18721884
OH 80fH. Klinckhammer & Son Brewery18841888
OH 80gPark Brewery18881890
OH 80hKlinckhammer Brewing Co.18901895
OH 81aPatrick Reilly Brewery18191825
OH 81bPerry & Reilly Brewery18251836
OH 81cPatrick 0. Reilly Breweryc1836c1939
OH 81dMrs. Mary Anne Reilly O'Reilly's Breweryc1839c1842
OH 81eWilliam & Francis Reilly Breweryc1842c1844
OH 81fFrancis Fortmann Breweryc1850c1855
OH 81gCongress Brewery18561857
OH 81hCongress Brewery18571874
OH 82aDavid Rohs & Co. Brewery18591862
OH 82bSarah Rohs Brewery18621862
OH 82cFrank Wetterer Brewery18661867
OH 82dClifton Breweryc1867c1868
OH 82eThamman & Meyer Breweryc1870c1871
OH 82fHenry Schwanke Breweryc1873Unknown
OH 82gRohs Hill Brewing Co.18851886
OH 84aJohn A. Schaffer Breweryc1851c1859
OH 84b C. Schafer Brewery18591859
OH 84cJohn A. Schaeffer Brewery1860c1869
OH 84dJohn Schneider & John Eisenheimer Brewery18691869
OH 84eJohn Schneider Brewery18691871
OH 84fSchneider & Mueller's Main Street Breweryc1871c1875
OH 84gMichael Mueller Breweryc1875c1880
OH 84hMueller & Froelking Breweryc18801882
OH 84iMain Street Brewery18821896
OH 84jSchaller Brewing Co.18961919
OH 84kSchaller Brewing Co.19331941
OH 84.1George Schmeid Brewery1859c1860
OH 84.2Bernard Shierberg Brewery18421845
OH 85aCity Brewery18531857
OH 85bCity Brewery18571860
OH 85cLouis Schneider Brewery18601867
OH 85dPeter Schneider & John Foss Brewery18671867
OH 85eFoss & John Brenner Brewery18671877
OH 85fFoss & Schneider Brewery18771884
OH 85gFoss-Schneider Brewing Co.18841893
OH 85hFoss-Schneider Brewing Co.18931919
OH 85iThe Foss-Schneider Co. Brewery19331939
OH 86aThe Schoenling Brewing & Malting Co. Inc.19341934
OH 86bThe Schoenling Brewing & Ice Co.19341937
OH 86cThe Schoenling Brewing Co.19371987
OH 86dThe Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.1987Unknown
OH 87aAdam Schultz Brewing Co.18881891
OH 87bBecker Brewing Co.18911899
OH 87cBartels Bros. Brewing Co.19001902
OH 87dFairmount Brewing Co.19021919
OH 87eFairmount Brewing Co.19341934
OH 88Washington Brewery18301865
OH 89aHamilton Brewery18461867
OH 89bSohn Edward Kistner & Co. Brewery18671870
OH 89cJ. G. Sohn & Co. Brewery18701900
OH 89dWilliam G. Sohn Brewing Co.19001907
OH 89eMohawk Brewing Co.19071925
OH 89fThe Clyffside Brewing Co.19331945
OH 89gRed Top Brewing Co.19451958
OH 90aMat. Spinner & Jos. Scott Brewery18521854
OH 90bJoseph Scott Brewery18571860
OH 91aJefferson Brewery18501857
OH 91bCharles Heintz Brewery1858c1861
OH 91cJefferson Breweryc1861c1862
OH 91dCharles Heintz Breweryc1862Unknown
OH 92Walker Bros. Brewery18791889
OH 93aJohn Walker Brewery1826c1836
OH 93bJohn Walker & Isaiah Blake Breweryc18361839
OH 93cJohn Walker & Co. Brewery18391878
OH 93dConrad Schultz & Peter Andrews Brewery18781885
OH 93eJ. Walker Brewing Co.18851912
OH 93.1Frank Weber Brewery18591860
OH 93.2West Hamilton Brewery18811882
OH 94aWestern Brewery18571879
OH 94bWeyand Jung & Heilman Brewery18791885
OH 94cJung Brewing Co.18851890
OH 94dJung Brewing Co.18901908
OH 94eWestern Brewery19081919
OH 95aLion Brewery18661882
OH 95bWindisch-Muhlauser Brewing Co18821919
OH 95cForrest City Brewery of Cincinnati19331933
OH 95dLion Brewery Inc.19331934
OH 95eThe Burger Brewing Co.19341973
OH 95.1Henry Wolff Brewery18421845
OH 96aThomas Wood Brewery18191825
OH 96bWood & Wm. Metcalf Brewery18251829
OH 96cWood & Wm Price Brewery1829c1830
OH 96dDr. Price's Breweryc1830c1834
OH 96eCincinnati Breweryc1834c1838
OH 97Stone Jug Brewery18681868
OH 97.1aKossuth Brewery18551858
OH 97.1bLouis Ziegler Brewery18601866

Circleville, OH - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 98Ebert & co. Brewery18741875
OH 99aKruemmel & Hoover Brewery18741882
OH 99bKruemmel & Mueller Brewery18821884

Cleveland, OH - 61 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 100aWilliam Aenis & Charles Metzger Brewery18771879
OH 100bWilliam Aenis & John F. Froelich Brewery18791880
OH 102aJacob Baehr Brewery18661873
OH 102bMrs. Magdalena Baehr Brewery18731898
OH 102cJacob Baehr Brewery18981901
OH 103Michael Basel Brewery18741875
OH 103.1Baver & Leisgang BreweryUnknown1874
OH 103.2Carl E. Beltz Weiss Beer Brewery19051914
OH 104aJoseph Beltz Brewery18761878
OH 104bJoseph Beltz & Michael Mueller Brewery18781881
OH 104cJoseph Beltz Brewery18811897
OH 104dJos. Beltz & Sons Brewery18971901
OH 104eBeltz Brewing Co.19011905
OH 104fBeltz Brewing Co.19051907
OH 104gCleveland Home Brewing Co.19061919
OH 104hThe Cleveland Home Brewing Co. Inc.19331952
OH 104.1aCleveland Brewery18321832
OH 104.1bCleveland Brewery18321834
OH 104.1cCleveland Brewery18341837
OH 104.1dCleveland Brewery18371840
OH 104.1eCleveland Brewery18401840
OH 104.1fCleveland Brewery18401843
OH 104.1gCleveland Brewery18431847
OH 104.1hCleveland Brewery18471856
OH 104.1iIves Cleveland Brewery18561862
OH 104.1jIves Cleveland Brewery18621865
OH 105aJohn A. Bishop Brewery18521868
OH 105bJohn A. Bishop Brewery18681882
OH 105cLouis Lezius & Christian Kaenzig Brewery18821882
OH 105dChristian Kaenzig Brewery18821884
OH 105eMrs. Elizabeth Kaenzig Brewery18841888
OH 105fLouis Lezius Brewery18881890
OH 105.1aCity Breweryc18411842
OH 105.1bCity Brewery18421847
OH 106aWilliam Aenis & Co. Brewery18801881
OH 106bWilliam Aenis & Martin Haller Brewery18811884
OH 106cMrs. Mary Angel Brewery18851886
OH 106dWenzl Medlin Brewery18861889
OH 106eBohemian Brewery Bohemian Brewing Co.18891898
OH 106fCleveland & Sandusky Brewing Co.18981898
OH 107aJoseph Zika Brewery18701872
OH 107bFrank Braun Brewery18721872
OH 107cFrank Braun & Christian Schneider Brewery18721878
OH 107dChristian Schneider Brewery18781880
OH 107eChristian Schneider & Son Brewery18801888
OH 107fJohn H. Schneider Brewery18881895
OH 107gUnion Brewing Co.18951898
OH 107hCleveland & Sandusky Brewing Co. Union Brewing Co.18981899
OH 108aBrewing Corp. of America19341953
OH 108bCarling Brewing Co.19531971
OH 108cC. Schmidt & Sons Inc. Brewery19711981
OH 108dChristian Schmidt Brewing Co.19811984
OH 109Buckeye Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18991899
OH 110aGeorge Wittlinger & William Weber Brewery18661867
OH 110bGeorge Wittlinger & Franz Fahle Brewery18671868
OH 110cGeorge Wittlinger Brewery18681871
OH 110dJohn Fox Brewery18711873
OH 110eAlexander Charters Brewery18731874
OH 110fCrump Porter & Bro. Brewery18741876
OH 110gA. Porter & Co. Brewery18761877
OH 110.1Cleveland Co-Operative Brewing Co.19011901
OH 110.2Cuyahoga Brewing Co.19051905
OH 110.3John Dangeleisen Breweryc18561867
OH 111aKress Weiss Beer Co. Brewery19021904
OH 111bStandard Brewing Co.19041905
OH 111cExcelsior Brewing Co.19051919
OH 111dEilert Beverage Co. Inc. L19191933
OH 111eEilert Brewing Co.19331940
OH 111fKings Brewery Inc.19401941
OH 112aFishel Brewing Co.19041905
OH 112bFishel Brewing Co.19051907
OH 112cFishel Brewery19071919
OH 112dCleveland & Sandusky Brewing Co. L19201937
OH 112eCleveland-Sandusky Brewing Corp.19371962
OH 113aCleveland-Sandusky Brewing Corp19041905
OH 113bForest City Brewing Co.19051919
OH 113cForest City New Process Co. L Brewery19191924
OH 113dForest City Brewery Inc.19331944
OH 113eCarling's Inc. Brewery1944946
OH 113fBrewing Corp. of America19461948
OH 114aForest City Brewery18501864
OH 114bForest City Brewery18641869
OH 114cThomas Newman & Daniel Fovargue Brewery18691872
OH 114dNewman Brewery18721874
OH 114eDaniel Fovargue Brewery18741881
OH 114fCreasey Fovargue & Thomas Newman Brewery18811883
OH 115aCharles E. Gehring Brewery18571891
OH 115bC. E. Gehring Brewing Co.18911898
OH 115cGehring Brewery18981905
OH 115dGehring Brewery19051919
OH 116Francis Geib Brewery18741875
OH 116.2Greater Cleveland Brewing Co19021902
OH 117aPhilip Griebel Brewery18681878
OH 117bAllen & Co. Brewery18781879
OH 117cPhilip Griebel Brewery18791879
OH 117dPhilip Griebel Brewery18791882
OH 177.1Rudolph Guentzler BreweryUnknownc1874
OH 177.2aEagle Brewery18451848
OH 177.2bEagle Brewery18481856
OH 177.2cJohn Tutbury & Co. Brewery18561856
OH 177.2dEagle Brewery18561863
OH 177.2eJohn Quinn & Hannibal E. Spear Brewery18631864
OH 177.2fEagle Brewery18641869
OH 118aJacob Mueller Brewery18581864
OH 118bFrederick Halthnorth Brewery18641873
OH 118cIsaac Leisy & Co. Brewery18731882
OH 118dIsaac Leisy Brewery18821893
OH 118eI. Leisy Brewing Co.18931905
OH 118fI. Leisy Brewing Co.19051919
OH 118gIsaac Leisy Co. Brewery19191923
OH 118hThe Leisy Brewing Co.19341959
OH 119aAugust Burckhardt Brewery18681876
OH 119bAnton Kopp & Co. Brewery18761877
OH 119cAnton Kopp & Rudolph Mueller Brewery18771878
OH 119dRudolph Mueller Brewery18781879
OH 119eWilliam Schneider & Co. Brewery18791880
OH 120aHenry Hoffmann & William Paschen Rhodes & Walton Brewery18711872
OH 120bWilliam Paschen & Henry Hoffman Brewery18721873
OH 120cHenry Hoffmann & Conrad Volkopf Brewery18731874
OH 120dHenry Hoffmann Brewery18741880
OH 120eHenry Hoffmann & Co. Brewery18801881
OH 121aSpring Street Brewery18461848
OH 121bSpring Street Brewery18481850
OH 121cSpring Street Brewery18501858
OH 121dJohn M. Hughes Brewery18581884
OH 121eHughes Brewery18841887
OH 121fHughes Brewing Co.18871895
OH 121gSpencer Brewing Co.18991900
OH 122H. H. Imbrey Brewery18871888
OH 123aMartin Stumpf Brewery18521859
OH 123bLion Brewery18591871
OH 123cLion Brewery18711873
OH 123dLion Brewery18731889
OH 123eJacob Mall Brewing Co.18891900
OH 123fGund Brewing Co.19001905
OH 123gGund Brewing Co.19051919
OH 123hSunset Brewing Co.19331933
OH 123iThe Sunrise Brewing Co.19331939
OH 123jThe Tip Top Brewing Co.19391944
OH 123.1Kloster Brewing Co.19331933
OH 124aJ. Koestle & Co. Brewery18671870
OH 124bJoseph Koestle Brewery18701877
OH 124cMrs. J. Koestle Brewery18771879
OH 124dMrs. Elizabeth Koestle Brewery18791881
OH 126aCleveland City Brewery18591870
OH 126bCleveland City Brewery18701895
OH 126cDaniel H. Keys Brewery18951905
OH 126dDaniel H. Keys Brewery19051909
OH 126.1Lauber Bock Beer Co. of Cleveland Brewery19341934
OH 126.2Michael Lucas Brewery18711872
OH 127aMatthias Mack Breweryc18521857
OH 127bMack Brothers Brewery18571875
OH 127cMrs. Matilda Mack Brewery18751876
OH 127dJ. M. Mack Brewery18761882
OH 128aMedlin Pilsener Brewing Co.18931894
OH 128bPilsener Brewing Co.18941905
OH 128cPilsener Brewing Co.19051919
OH 128dPilsener Ice Fuel & Beverage Co. L19191933
OH 128eThe Pilsener Brewing Co. Inc19331949
OH 128fThe Pilsener Brewing Co.19491959
OH 128gThe Pilsener Brewing Co.19591962
OH 129Wenzl Medlin Weiss Beer Brewery18991904
OH 130John Miller Brewery18801880
OH 131Michael Mueller Brewery18821882
OH 132aGottfried Reindl Brewery18671868
OH 132bMuth & Brothers Brewery18681871
OH 132cGeorge Muth & Brewery18711882
OH 132dStar Brewery18821896
OH 132eThe Star Brewing Co.18961898
OH 132fStar Brewery18981905
OH 132gStar Brewery19051913
OH 132.1National Brewing & Distributing Co.19171917
OH 132.2Old Holland Brewing Co.19361936
OH 132.3Old Holland Brewing Co.19341934
OH 133aAdam Schumann Brewery18671869
OH 133bAndrew W. Oppmann Brewery18721874
OH 133cAndrew Oppmann & Fritz Lehr Brewery18741876
OH 133dAndrew W. Oppmann Brewery18761882
OH 133eOppmann Brewing Co.18821891
OH 133fPhoenix Brewing Co.18911898
OH 133gPhoenix Brewery18981901
OH 133hBaehr-Phoenix Brewery19011905
OH 133iBaehr-Phoenix Brewery19051908
OH 134Real Brewery Inc.19351935
OH 135aForest City Brewery18391871
OH 135bForest City Brewery18711873
OH 135cForest City Brewery18731878
OH 135dForest City Brewery18781880
OH 135eCarling & Co. Brewery18801884
OH 135fCarling & Co. Brewery18841890
OH 135gCarling Brewing Co.18901891
OH 135hBarrett Brewing Co.18911898
OH 135iBarrett Brewery18981898
OH 135jBohemian Brewery18981905
OH 135kBohemian Brewery19051911
OH 136aBrewer Jones & Co. BreweryUnknown1856
OH 136bStar Brewery18561857
OH 136cJames Lloyd Pittsbugh cor Jackson Brewery18571858
OH 136dJames Lloyd & Robert Keenan Brewery1858Unknown
OH 136eJ. Gromlich Brewery18681868
OH 136fCharles Yahraus Brewery18681874
OH 136gCarl Seyler Brewery18741880
OH 136hLouis Chormann Brewery18801885
OH 136iLouis Lezius & August Uehlein Brewery18851888
OH 136jAnthony J. Diebolt & August Uehlein Brewery18881889
OH 136kAnthony J. Diebolt & Edward A. Ruble Brewery18891891
OH 136lDiebolt Brewing Co.18911905
OH 136mDiebolt Brewing Co.19051919
OH 136nThe Diebolt Co. Brewery19191923
OH 137aLeonard Schlather Brewery18571884
OH 137bL. Schlather Brewing Co.18841902
OH 137c Schlather Brewery19021905
OH 137dSchlather Brewery19051919
OH 137eCleveland-Sandusky Co. Brewery19191933
OH 139aC. W. Schmidt & Robert Hoffmann Brewery18521887
OH 139bCleveland Brewing Co.18871898
OH 139cCleveland Brewery18981905
OH 139dCleveland Brewery19051919
OH 142aStandard Brewing Co.19051905
OH 142bStandard Brewing Co.19051923
OH 142cStandard Food Products Co. L Brewery19231933
OH 142dThe Standard Food Products Co. Inc. Brewery19331933
OH 142eThe Standard Brewing Co. Inc.19331961
OH 142fSchaefer Brewing Co. of Ohio Inc.19611964
OH 142gC. Schmidt & Sons. Inc. Brewery19641971
OH 143aJ. Stoppel & Co. Brewery18581868
OH 143bBrown & Brothers Brewery18681869
OH 143cStoppel's Actien Brewery18691870
OH 143dJoseph Stoppel & Vincent Fox Brewery18701872
OH 143eJ. Kraus & Co. Brewery18721878
OH 143fJoseph Stoppel Brewery18781882
OH 143gStoppel's Sons & Co. Brewery18821887
OH 143hStoppel's Co-Operative Brewing Co.18871891
OH 143iColumbia Brewing Co.18911898
OH 143jColumbia Brewery18981905
OH 143kColumbia Brewery19051918
OH 145aMartin Stumpf & Joseph Kestla Brewery18631865
OH 145bMartin Stumpf Brewery18651866
OH 145cJohn Davies Brewery18661872
OH 145dJohn Davies & Venewel D. Hammond Brewery18721875
OH 145eBriggs Street Brewery18751876
OH 145fJohn Davies & Ernst Weisgerber Brewery18761877
OH 145gJohn Davies Brewery18771878
OH 145hClark R. Hodge Brewery18781880
OH 145iLakeside Brewery18801882
OH 145jPatrick Gavagan Brewery18821884
OH 145kGavagan & Son Brewery18841885
OH 145lPatrick Gavagan Brewery18851905
OH 145mPatrick Gavagan Brewery19051914
OH 145nPatrick Gavagan & Andrew Oppmann Brewery19141914
OH 145oJoseph Segal & Andrew Oppmann Brewery19141916
OH 146aM. Stumpf & Co. Breweryc18461850
OH 146bMichael Stumpf Brewery18501886
OH 147aMrs. Jacob Voelker Brewery18871891
OH 147bMrs. Catherine Voelker Brewery18911895
OH 147.1Jacob Wagner Brewery18641872
OH 147.2aFrederick Weidenkopf BreweryUnknown1859
OH 147.2bGeorge W. Hamilton & Frederick Weidenkopf Brewery18591859
OH 147.2cGeorge W. Hamilton Brewery18591864
OH 147.2dJohn Whitlock & Co. Brewery18641864
OH 147.2eJohn Whitlock & William Lowrie Brewery18641868
OH 147.2fCleveland Brewery18681873
OH 147.3Reverend Elijah F. Willey Breweryc1835Unknown

Columbus, OH - 18 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 149Anheuser-Busch Inc. Brewery1968Unknown
OH 149.1Barley's Brewpub Brewery1992Unknown
OH 150Bavarian Brewing co.19341934
OH 151aHenry Biehl & Co. Brewery18781879
OH 151bHenry Biehl Brewery1879188
OH 152aConrad Born Brewery18591860
OH 152bBorn & Silbernagel Brewery18601864
OH 152cCapital Brewery18641870
OH 152dCapital Brewery18701904
OH 152eBorn Brewery19041919
OH 153aColumbus Brewing Co.18981904
OH 154aFranklin Brewing Co.19041919
OH 154bRiverside Brewing Co.19331934
OH 154cThe Franklin Brewing Co.19341952
OH 154dThe Pilsener Brewing Co.19521954
OH 155Hannah Frieman Brewery18741875
OH 156aGambrinus Brewing & Bottling Co.19061919
OH 156bThe August Wagner & Sons Products Co. Inc. L-l Brewery19191933
OH 156cThe August Wagner & Sons Brewing Co.19331937
OH 156dAugust Wagner Breweries Inc. Brewery19371974
OH 156.2Eagle Brewing Co.c1905Unknown
OH 157aHome Brewing Co.19071908
OH 157bOhio Brewing Co19081919
OH 157cOhio Brewery Inc.19411948
OH 158aJacob Silbernagel & G. M. Herancourt Brewery18361840
OH 158bLouis Hoster Brewery18401870
OH 158cL. Hoster & Sons Brewery18701876
OH 158dL. Hoster Sons & Co. Brewery18761884
OH 158eL. Hoster Brewing Co.18841904
OH 158fHoster Brewery19041915
OH 158gColumbus Co. Brewery19151919
OH 159Hoster Brewing Co.19341934
OH 160aCharles Say Brewery18751877
OH 160bJoseph Say Brewery18771879
OH 161aBavarian Brewery18701888
OH 161bBavarian Brewery18881904
OH 161cSchlee Brewery19041915
OH 162aSchlegel & Co. Brewery18751877
OH 162bGeo. Schlegel & Bro. Brewery18771878
OH 163Erhard Stoker Brewery18741875
OH 164aWashington Brewing Co.19061919
OH 164bJoyce Products Co. BreweryUnknown1933
OH 164cWashington Breweries Inc. Brewery19331953

Coshocton, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 165Charles Boes Brewery18741875

Crestline, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 166C. Blocher & Bro Brewery1875Unknown