List of Ohio Breweries

Xenia, OH - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 335aB. Hollencamp & Henry Ferneding Brewery1852Unknown
OH 335bHollencamp Bros. Brewery18741877
OH 335cFarrell & Co. Brewery18771884
OH 335dHollencamp & Co. Brewery18841886
OH 335eThe Hollencamp Co. Brewery18861891
OH 335fHollencamp & Weddle Brewery18911897
OH 335gHollencamp Brewing and Bottling Co.18971898
OH 335hXenia Brewing and Ice Co.18981899
OH 335iHollencamp & Co. Brewery18991901
OH 335jHollencamp Xenia Ale Brewing Co.19011903
OH 335kBrinkle & Reading Co. Brewery19031904
OH 336Jacob Klein Brewery18741875

Youngstown, OH - 4 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 336.1Golden Age Brewing Co.19341935
OH 337aMary Haid Brewery18741877
OH 337bKnott & Klas Brewery18771880
OH 337cJohn Bayer Brewery18801882
OH 337dJacob Knott Brewery18821891
OH 338aMathias Seeger Brewery18611885
OH 338bCity Brewery18851913
OH 338cRenner Brewing Co.19131919
OH 338dRenner Realty Co. Brewery19191933
OH 338eThe Renner Co. Brewery19331962
OH 339aJohn Smith Brewery18451874
OH 339bJohn Smith & Son Brewery18741875
OH 339cJohn Smith's Sons Brewery18751901
OH 339dJohn Smith's Sons Brewing Co.19011904
OH 339eSmith Brewing Co.19041919
OH 339fYoungstown Brewing Co.19361947
OH 339gCrystal Top Brewery Inc.19471948

Zanesville, OH - 8 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 340aChristian F. Achauer Brewery18461880
OH 340bHerman Achauer Brewery18801884
OH 340cZinsmeister & Linser Brewery18841891
OH 340dWashington Brewery18911901
OH 340eWashington Brewery19011919
OH 340fSimon Linser Brewing Co.19341934
OH 341aSebastian Bohn Brewery18601892
OH 341bAugust Bohn Brewery1892c1905
OH 341cAugust Bohn Breweryc19051919
OH 342aJohn A. Brenner & Co. Brewery18741890
OH 342bBrenner & Horn Brewery18901891
OH 342cFrank L. Normann Brewery18981900
OH 343aConrad Fisher Brewery18741875
OH 343bFisher Bros. Brewery18751883
OH 343cStar Brewing Co.18931893
OH 343dStar Brewery18931895
OH 343eStar Brewery18951900
OH 343fStar Brewery19001905
OH 344aMerkle Bros. Brewery18741880
OH 344bAdolph Merkle Brewery18801891
OH 344.1Muskingum Breweryc1866Unknown
OH 345Riverside Brewing Co.18931901
OH 345.1Bavarian Brewing Co.18991914

Zoar, OH - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
OH 346aZoar County Brewery18171819
OH 346bThe Zoar Community Brewery18191898
OH 346cZoar Brewery19341934