Crystal Top Brewery Inc. – OH 339g

Crystal Top Brewery Inc. opened in 1947 and closed in 1948 it was open for 1 years. Since it was only open for a short period of time items for this brewery can be accurately dated and are likely to be rarer than normal Breweries that started up right after Prohibition was repealed, up to around the 1950s are the last group that represent highly collectible and valuable Breweriana for the most part. The period after Prohibition was when cans became popular so some of the rarest and most desirable cans come from this period. For cans to be very valuable they need to be rare, and in very good condition in most cases. Crystal Top Brewery Inc. was located in Youngstown, OH, which only had 4 breweries, so there are not many that that were producing breweriana items. Local collectors may pay a small premium over national or general collectors because of a lack of local items.

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    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    OH 339aJohn Smith Brewery18451874
    OH 339bJohn Smith & Son Brewery18741875
    OH 339cJohn Smith's Sons Brewery18751901
    OH 339dJohn Smith's Sons Brewing Co.19011904
    OH 339eSmith Brewing Co.19041919
    OH 339fYoungstown Brewing Co.19361947
    OH 339gCrystal Top Brewery Inc.19471948

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    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    OH 336.1Golden Age Brewing Co.19341935
    OH 337aMary Haid Brewery18741877
    OH 338aMathias Seeger Brewery18611885
    OH 339aJohn Smith Brewery18451874