Franklin Brewery – OH 53a

Franklin Brewery started doing business circa 1844 and was in production until 1845 which means they operated for around 1 years. Since it was only open for a short period of time items for this brewery can be accurately dated and are likely to be rarer than normal As a Pre-Prohibition Brewery, any advertising items or collectibles are likely to be valuable and desirable to collectors as they tend to be hard to find. Franklin Brewery was in an active brewing city. Cincinnati, OH was listed as having 84 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

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    Breweries listed under Cincinnati, OH 53

    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    OH 53aFranklin Breweryc18441845
    OH 53bVine Street Breweryc18461856
    OH 53cJohn Kaufman Rudolph Rheinboldt Brewery18561859
    OH 53dJohn Kaufman & Co. Brewery18591877
    OH 53eJohn Kauffman Brewery18771882
    OH 53fJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.18821893
    OH 53gJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.18931919
    OH 53hJohn Kauffman Brewing Co.19331933

    Breweries listed under Cincinnati, OH

    84 breweries were found for Cincinnati, OH, showing 10 listings nearest to John Kauffman Brewing Co.
    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    OH 49aLouisa Brueck Brewery18651866
    OH 50.1aHenry Conradi & Co. Brewery18581858
    OH 51aLackman & Sandman Brewery18601868
    OH 52aCanal Brewery18481859
    OH 52.1Edgecliff Brewing Co.19361936
    OH 53aFranklin Breweryc18441845
    OH 54Isaac Strauss & Co. Breweryc1867c1868
    OH 55Davis Embree Brewery18111825
    OH 55.1aPaul Endress Breweryc1854c1858
    OH 56aBavarian Brewery18361844