List of New York Breweries

Binghamton, NY - 6 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 54Binghamton Brewing Co.18821884
NY 55Parlor City Brewery18821920
NY 56Hait Bros. & Co. Brewery18821882
NY 57aLaurer Brewing Co.18921894
NY 57bJoseph Laurer Brewing Co.18941920
NY 57cLaurer Beverage Corp.19331936
NY 57dEvans Brewery Inc.19361937
NY 58aWest & Kress BreweryUnknown1875
NY 58bLewis West Brewery18751884
NY 59aWhite & Fuller Brewery18481884
NY 59bS. T. & F. L. White Brewery18841888
NY 59cF. L. White Brewery18881890
NY 59dColumbia Brewery18901891
NY 59eColumbia Brewing Co.18911905

Bleeker, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 60aReinhold Swartz Brewery18741875
NY 60bGotthard Lechner Brewery18751876
NY 60cRoman Ernst Brewery18761878

Booneville, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 61aCharles Kilkenny & Kitts Brewing Co.18891890
NY 61bBoonville Brewing Co.18901891

Breslau, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 62aFeller & Speiler Brewery18741877
NY 62bJohn Feller Brewery18771891

Brooklyn, NY - 106 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 63aRobert Allen Brewery18341835
NY 63bRobert Allen Brewery18361837
NY 64aA. Altenbrand & Co. Brewery18881890
NY 64bA. Altenbrand Brewery18901891
NY 65aJohn Atkinson Brewery18401841
NY 65bT. Haskins Brewery18461847
NY 66Black Malt Beer Co. Brewery19071907
NY 67Joseph Blankly Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 68Farmer Branch & Co. Brewery18401841
NY 69John Brooks Brewery18241826
NY 70aJoseph Burger Brewery1861Unknown
NY 70bMary A. Brown Brewery18741877
NY 70cJoseph Burger Brewery18771886
NY 70dJoseph Burger's Estate Brewery18861887
NY 70eBurger & Hower Brewing Co. Ltd.18871892
NY 70fBurger Brewing Co. Ltd.18921904
NY 71aHenry Claus Brewery18651870
NY 71bCatherine Lipsius Brewery18701876
NY 71cClaus-Lipsius Brewery18761889
NY 71dClaus-Lipsius Brewing Co.18891904
NY 71eHenry Claus Brewing Co.19041906
NY 72aConsumers Park Brewery Co.18971899
NY 72bConsumers Park Brewing Co.18991913
NY 72cInterboro Brewing Co.19131920
NY 73aDahlbender & Greener Brewery18751880
NY 73bPeter Greiner Brewery18801882
NY 74Charles Delavon Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 75Griswold Denison Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 76J. V. Devell Brewery18781882
NY 77aHenry Deventhal Brewery18741888
NY 77bDeventhal & Schalk Brewery18881904
NY 78aDiogenes Brewing Co.18981920
NY 78bMalt-Diastase Co Brewery19201932
NY 79Peter Doelger Brewing Corp.19291935
NY 80aLong Island Brewery18541872
NY 80bLong Island Brewery18721877
NY 80cLong Island Brewing Co.18771896
NY 80dLong Island Brewer Brewery18961902
NY 80eFederal Brewing Co.19021907
NY 81Empire City Brewing Co. Inc.19931937
NY 82aJoseph Eppig & Frank Ibert Brewery18881889
NY 82bJoseph Eppig Brewery18891907
NY 82cJoseph Eppig Estate Brewery19071915
NY 83aJoseph Fallert Brewery18781884
NY 83Joseph Fallert Brewing Co. Ltd.18841920
NY 84Farrell & Co. Brewery18741875
NY 85aHubert Fischer & Leonhard Eppig Brewery18661876
NY 85bGermania Brewery18761884
NY 85cLeonard Eppig & Sons Brewery18841888
NY 85dLeonard Eppig Brewery18881893
NY 85eEstate of Leonard Eppig Brewery18931904
NY 85fGermania Brewery19041920
NY 85gInterboro Cereal Beverage Co.19201932
NY 85hInterboro Beverage Corp.19321935
NY 85iGeorge Ehret Brewery Inc.19351939
NY 85jJos. Schlitz Brewing Co.19491973
NY 86aWilliam Forster Brewery18701874
NY 86bWm. Behr Brewery18741875
NY 86cWilliam Raether Brewery18751880
NY 86dJohn Reimers Brewery18901897
NY 87aF. Fries Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 87bLukas Marquardt Brewery18741884
NY 87cJ. Marquardt Brewery18841891
NY 88aJunius A. Fuller Brewery18351854
NY 88bWilliam Howard & Junius A. Fuller Brewery18541888
NY 88cHoward & Fuller Brewing Co.18881914
NY 89Garser & Steinhauser Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 90Balthasar Gehrhardt Brewery18701875
NY 91aGeo. Gillig Breweryc1844Unknown
NY 91bHamm Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 92aCharles Gluck & Hermann B. Scharmann Brewery18731882
NY 92bH. B. Scharmann Brewery18821888
NY 92cH. B. Scharmann & Sons Brewery18791880
NY 93aCharles Gluck & Herman B. Scharmann Brewery18691873
NY 93bHenry A. Urban Brewery18731879
NY 93cUrban & Abbott Brewery18791880
NY 93dWarren G. Abbott Brewery18801882
NY 93eW. G. Abbott Brewing Co.18821893
NY 93fAbbott-Katz Brewing Co.18931896
NY 93gEastern Brewing Co.18961915
NY 94aRidgewood Park Brewery18911907
NY 94bJohn George Grauer Estate Brewery19071910
NY 95James J. Gray Brewery18741875
NY 97Thomas Harkins Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 98Albert H. Harris Brewery18951895
NY 99Henry Hecht Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 100aHenry Herrmann Brewery18741880
NY 100bHerrmann & Mannell Brewery18801882
NY 100cAnton Mannell Brewery18821901
NY 100dGeorge Ehret's Weiss Beer Brewery19011902
NY 100eAnton Mannell Brewery19021911
NY 100fStrasser & Schwing Brewery19111916
NY 101Hower & Urban Brewing Co.18981899
NY 102aFred'k Hower Brewing Co.18901896
NY 102bThe Excelsior Brewery Inc. L-12218961932
NY 102cKings Brewery Inc.19321938
NY 103aHughes & Grass Brewery1870Unknown
NY 103bHenry Grass BreweryUnknown1877
NY 103cGrass & Co. Brewery18771884
NY 104aFrank Ibert Brewery18911894
NY 104bFrank Ibert Brewing Co.18941914
NY 105Illig & Kraus Breweryc1857Unknown
NY 106aCasper Illig Brewery18701877
NY 106bJohn Raber Brewery18771882
NY 106cNew York and Brooklyn Brewing Co.18821915
NY 107aHenry Immen Brewery18741888
NY 107bHenry Immen's Sons Brewery18881895
NY 107cChristopher Immen Brewery18951901
NY 107dHenry Immen's Son Brewery19011912
NY 108aIndia Wharf Brewing Co.18891920
NY 108bIndia Wharf Brewery Inc.19331934
NY 109aJohn Joerger BreweryUnknown1866
NY 109bOtto Huber Brewery18661868
NY 109cOtto Huber Brewery18681889
NY 109dOtto Huber Brewery18891920
NY 109eMunch Brewery Inc.19201934
NY 109fHittleman-Goldenrod Brewery Inc.19341937
NY 109gEdelbrau Brewery Inc.19371945
NY 109hEdelbrew Brewery Inc.19451851
NY 110aJohn Johnson Brewery18301870
NY 110bLeavy & Keany Brewery18701872
NY 110cLeavy & Keany Brewing Co.18721877
NY 110dLeavy & Britton Brewing Co.18771911
NY 111aWilliam Johnson Brewery18201823
NY 111bWilliam Johnson & Son Brewery18231825
NY 111cWilliam Johnson & Son Brewery18251830
NY 111dWilliam Johnson Brewery18301834
NY 112aThomas Kiefer Brewery18751876
NY 112bHenry Kiefer Brewery18761884
NY 112cMetropolitan Brewing Co.18841890
NY 113John Keenan Brewery18451846
NY 114aKings County Brewing Co.18931897
NY 114bGeorge Apfel Brewery18971898
NY 114cApfel-Klueg Golden Horn Brewing Co.18981903
NY 114dGolden Horn Brewing Co.19031906
NY 114eConrad Eurich's Fort Hamilton Brewery19061907
NY 115aJohn Kissel & Son Brewery18931904
NY 115bJohn Kissel & Son Brewery19121913
NY 116aJacob Klein Brewery18751875
NY 116bGoliath & Klein Brewery18751876
NY 116cDaniel McGoldrich Brewery18761879
NY 117aCharles Kolb Brewery18701880
NY 117bFerdinand Munch Brewery18801888
NY 117cFerd. Munch Brewery Inc.18881920
NY 118aPhilip Leibinger & Henry Oehm Brewing Co.18871895
NY 118bLeibinger Brewing Co.18951899
NY 118cConrad Eurich's Brewery18991903
NY 118dElm Brewing Co.19031907
NY 119aSamuel Liebmann Brewery18541855
NY 119bS. Liebmann Brewery18551870
NY 119cS. Liebmann's Sons Brewery18701884
NY 119dS. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co.18841920
NY 119eLiebmann Breweries Inc. Brewery19201964
NY 119fRheingold Breweries Brewery19641976
NY 120aLimburger & Walter Brewery18491866
NY 120bGoetz & Muench Brewery18661876
NY 120cBedford Brewery18761884
NY 120dBudweiser Brewing Co.18841898
NY 120eNassau Brewing Co.18981916
NY 121H. H. Linnerman Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 122Henry Lott Breweryc1840Unknown
NY 123Nicholas Ludewig Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 124aGeorge Malcom's Wallabaut Brewery18691891
NY 124bMalcom Brewing Co.18911903
NY 124cFranklin Brewing Co.19031917
NY 125aJ. G. & F. Mark Brewery18741877
NY 125bJohn G. Mark Brewery18771879
NY 126aLouise Markgraf Brewery18741877
NY 126bWeber & Amthor Brewery18771880
NY 127Klaus Martens Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 128Edward L. Martin Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 129William Maupai Brewery18781884
NY 130aJohn Meninger Brewery18791884
NY 130bRobert Schleicher Brewery18841897
NY 130cJohn Meninger Brewery18971902
NY 131aMeltzer Bros. Brewery19071920
NY 131bMeltzer Bros. Brewery19201927
NY 131cMeltzer Bros. Brewing Co.19271937
NY 132aLeonard Michel Brewing Co.19071920
NY 132bRubel Ice Co. Brewery19201927
NY 132cThe Ebling Brewing Co. Inc.19271937
NY 133aWashington Brewery18981900
NY 133bF. Moesmer's Brewery Inc.19001902
NY 133cConsumers Star Brewing Co.19021904
NY 133dGeisler & Kramm Brewery19041905
NY 133eMuenchner Brewery19051907
NY 133fPark Brewery19071908
NY 133gBeck Bros. Brewing Co.19081911
NY 134aJoseph Nickel Brewery18741877
NY 134bL. Schmidt Brewery18771879
NY 135aNorth American Brewing Co.18921933
NY 135bNorth American Brewing Co.19331946
NY 135cChas. Schaefer Corp. Brewery19461948
NY 136aHavana Brewery18681924
NY 136bS. Liebmann's Sons Brewery19241933
NY 137Old Dutch Brewers Inc. Brewery19341948
NY 137John A. Oxley & Co. Brewery19341948
NY 139aLandzer BreweryUnknown1883
NY 139bPiel Bros. Inc. Brewery18831933
NY 139cPiel Bros. Inc. Brewery19331973
NY 140aProspect Park Brewing Co.18981900
NY 140bPark Circle Brewing Co.19001905
NY 141aRunge & Seidler Brewery18741877
NY 141bA. Seidler Brewery18771879
NY 142Elizabeth Sander Brewery1875Unknown
NY 143John Saunders Brewery18451850
NY 144aPeter Scharnagle Brewery1865Unknown
NY 144bScharnagle & Reitzner BreweryUnknownUnknown
NY 144cEdward Reitzner Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 144dReitzner & Lutz Breweryc18701875
NY 144eBoulevard Garden Brewery18751880
NY 144fBoulevard Garden Brewery18801884
NY 144gBoulevard Garden Brewery18841902
NY 145The F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.19161976
NY 146Schnaderbeck & Co. Brewery18621870
NY 147aJohn Schneider Brewery18551856
NY 147bJohn Schneider Brewery18561876
NY 147cJacob Bossert Brewery18761876
NY 147dWilliamsburgh Brewing Co. Ltd.18761894
NY 147eCongress Brewing Co. Ltd.18941917
NY 148aJ. P. Schoenewald Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 148bJ. P. Schoenewald Brewery18741878
NY 149Charles Scofield Brewery18401842
NY 150aNicholas Seitz Brewery18461847
NY 150bNicholas Seitz Brewery18471871
NY 150cMichael & Joseph Seitz & Francis X. Bill Brewery18711873
NY 150dN. Seitz & Sons Brewery18731878
NY 150eN. Seitz's Son Brewery18781909
NY 150fSeitz Brewing Co.19091911
NY 151aRobert Selg Brewery18601870
NY 151bMargaretha Selg Brewery18701875
NY 151cHubert Fischer & Charles Frese BreweryUnknown1884
NY 151dChas. Frese Brewery18841893
NY 151eEstate of Chas. Frese Brewery18931901
NY 151fFrese's Consumers Brewery19011904
NY 151gFrese & Urff Brewery19041907
NY 152Thomas H. Smith Brewery18371841
NY 153Smith & Fuller Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 154aStaats Bros. Brewery18551875
NY 154bWilliam Markgraf Brewery18751876
NY 154cErnest Ochs Brewery18761877
NY 154dOchs & Lehnert Brewery18781884
NY 154eErnest Ochs Brewery18841893
NY 154fErnest Ochs Inc. Brewery18931905
NY 154gNew York and Brooklyn Brewery Ochs Brewery19051906
NY 155aStar Excelsior Brewing Co18751877
NY 155bH. C. Foster Jr. Brewery18771878
NY 156aJosep Breitkopf Brewery1899Unknown
NY 156bJoseph Breitkopf BrewingUnknown1903
NY 156cAdolf Schmidt's Kloster Brewery19031908
NY 156dBushwick Brewery19081909
NY 157Stilwell & Co. Brewery18701875
NY 158aWilliam Stratton Brewery18461847
NY 158bWilliam Stratton Brewery18471847
NY 159aStreeter & Denison Brewery18701899
NY 159bStreeter & Denison Brewery18991920
NY 160aJoseph Stehlin & Joseph Breitkopf Brewery18951897
NY 160bJ. F. Trommer's Evergreen Brewery18971902
NY 160cJohn F. Trommer Evergreen Brewery19021920
NY 160dJohn F. Trommer Inc. Brewery19201951
NY 160ePiel Bros. Inc. Brewery19511955
NY 161Twenty-Sixth Ward Brewing Co18991899
NY 162aAnton Vigelius & Wm. Ulmer Brewery18711877
NY 162bWilliam Ulmer Brewery18771899
NY 162cWilliam Ulmer Brewery Inc.18991920
NY 163Anton Von Fricken Brewery18741875
NY 164Jacob Weber Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 165aPaul Weidmann Brewery18901892
NY 165bPaul Weidmann Brewing Co.18921906
NY 166aJohn Welz Brewery18571861
NY 166bJohn Welz Brewery18611883
NY 166cHigh Ground Brewery18831920
NY 167aFrederick W. Witte Brewery18741877
NY 167bWhite Beer Brewery18771903
NY 168aWoodside Brewing Co.c1891Unknown
NY 168bRheinhold Grunberg Brewery18961900
NY 168cR. & A. Gruenberg Brewery19001903
NY 168dAdolph Gruenberg Brewery19031904
NY 169Saunders Worthschaft Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 170Frederick Wunchenmeyer Brewery18521880

Buffalo, NY - 50 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 171aAlbert Albrecht Brewery18521880
NY 171bJulius Binz Brewery18801887
NY 171cBroadway Brewing and Malting Co18871920
NY 171dBroadway Brewing Co. Inc.19331934
NY 171eGeorge F. Stein Brewery Inc.19351958
NY 172aPhillip Born Brewery18401862
NY 172bMrs. Phillip Born & Gerhard Lang Brewery18621876
NY 172cPark Brewery18761897
NY 172dGerhard Lang Brewery18971933
NY 172eGerhard Lang Brewery19331949
NY 173aBuffalo Co-operative Brewing Co.18801920
NY 173bMohawk Products Co. Inc Brewery19331934
NY 173cIroquois Beverage Corp.19341937
NY 174Buffalo Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18911891
NY 175Channsley's Cold Springs Brewery18401855
NY 176aChristian Dier Brewery18741877
NY 176bJohn Karn Brewery18771879
NY 177aMrs. Fred. Driskel Brewery18741880
NY 177bBurton Co-operative Brewing Co.18801882
NY 177cAndrew Driskel Brewery18821884
NY 178aJoseph Friedmann Brewery18401855
NY 178b461/475 North Division St Brewery18551860
NY 178cMagnus Beck Brewery18601865
NY 178dMagnus Beck Brewery18651883
NY 178eMagnus Beck's Estate Brewery18831886
NY 178fMagnus Beck Brewing Co.18861920
NY 178gMagnus Beck Brewing Co. Inc.19331955
NY 179aGecman & Schroeter Brewery18791880
NY 179bAnna Gecman Brewery18801880
NY 180aCharles Gerber Brewery18741884
NY 180bEmpire Brewing Co.18841891
NY 180cBusch Brewing Co.18911893
NY 181Great Lakes Brewery Inc.19331934
NY 182aStar Brewery18731884
NY 182bStar Brewery18841901
NY 183aConrad Hammer Brewery18931894
NY 183bGermania Brewing Co.18941912
NY 184M. Heinold Brewery18791882
NY 185aHeiser Bros. Brewery18451850
NY 185bGottfried Heiser Brewery18771879
NY 186aNicholas Hiemenz Brewery18741877
NY 186bGeorge Reis Brewery18771879
NY 186.1Hydaulic BreweryUnknown1876
NY 187Hydraulic Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18901890
NY 188aFrancis J. Jost Jr Brewery18741877
NY 188bJost Brewing Co.18771882
NY 189aKaltenbach Hofflin & Costello Brewery18501874
NY 189bF. X. Kaltenbach Brewery18741876
NY 189cF. X. Kaltenbach Brewery18761886
NY 189dExcelsior Brewing Co.18861887
NY 189eExcelsior Brewery18871906
NY 189fBuffalo Brewing Co.19101920
NY 190aJacob F. Kuhn Brewery18741884
NY 190bJacob F. Kuhn & Sons Brewery18841891
NY 190cGambrinus Brewing Co.18911904
NY 191Gambrinus Brewing Co.18741875
NY 192aJ. M. Luippold & Wm. Voetsch Brewery1869Unknown
NY 192bJohn M. Luippold Brewery18741887
NY 192cEast Buffalo Brewing Co.18871920
NY 192dPhoenix Brewery Corp.1934957
NY 192ePhoenix Brewery Corp19571959
NY 193August Moeller Brewery18741879
NY 194aJames Moffat Brewery1860Unknown
NY 194bMoffat & Service Brewery18781890
NY 194cHenry C. Moffat Brewery18901920
NY 194dMoffat's Ale Brewery19341934
NY 195aMuehlbauer & Co. Brewery1893Unknown
NY 195bBerliner White Beer Brewing Co.18971905
NY 196Alois Muehlbauer Brewery19101912
NY 197 People's Brewing Co.18991899
NY 198aFred. Phillipbar Brewery1875Unknown
NY 198bF. W. Phillipbar BreweryUnknown1888
NY 199aLion Brewery18561892
NY 199bLion Brewing Co18921904
NY 199cConsumers Brewery19041920
NY 200aJohn G. Rohrer Brewery18741877
NY 200bMargaret Rohrer Brewery18771879
NY 201aJacob Roos Brewery1830Unknown
NY 201bGeorge Roos Brewery18741887
NY 201cRoos Co-operative Brewing Co.18871892
NY 201dIroquois Brewing Co.18921920
NY 201eIroquois Beverage Corp.19331955
NY 201fInternational Breweries Inc Brewery19551967
NY 201gIroquois Brewing Co19671971
NY 202aAlois Schaeffer Brewery18601885
NY 202bLake View Brewing Co.18851920
NY 203aJ. F. Schanzlin & Hoffman Brewery18401842
NY 203bHoffman Brewery1842Unknown
NY 204Jacob F. Schanzlin Brewery18421882
NY 205aJacob Scheu Brewery1885Unknown
NY 205bColumbia Brewing Co.18881890
NY 205cQueen City Brewing Co.18901891
NY 206aJacob Scheu Brewery18741884
NY 206bInternational Brewing Co.18841920
NY 207aPhilip Scheu Brewery18491859
NY 207bJoseph L. Haberstroh Brewery18591885
NY 207cGerman-American Brewing Co.18851920
NY 207dGerman-American Brewing Co.19341934
NY 208aConrad Schleucher Brewery18741875
NY 208bMrs. Eva Schleucher Brewery18751884
NY 209aSchreiber Brewing Co. Inc.18991920
NY 209bA. Schreiber Brewing Co.19331950
NY 210aJohn Schusler Brewery18591889
NY 210bJohn Schusler Brewing Co.18891900
NY 210cWilliam Simon Brewery19001920
NY 210dThe William Simon Brewery19331972
NY 211Francis X. Schwab Brewing Corp19331933
NY 212aShoemaker & Noble E. Brewery18751877
NY 212bD. Shoemaker Brewery18771879
NY 213W. W. Sloan Brewery18741880
NY 214aLouis Torge Brewery18741875
NY 214bGeorge Torge Brewery18751877
NY 214cScobell & Schub Brewery18771879
NY 215aFrederick & Mary Voetsch Brewery18741877
NY 215bScheufele & Co. Brewery18771878
NY 216aWilliam Voetsch Brewery18741881
NY 216bClinton Co-operative Brewing Co.18811902
NY 216cClinton-Star Brewery19021909
NY 216dJohn L. Schwartz Brewing Co.19091920
NY 216eDowns Brewing Co19391947
NY 216fIroquois Beverage Corp.19471950
NY 217aMargaret Welte Brewery18741877
NY 217bPhilip Schneider Brewery18771880
NY 217cFredk. Wilting Brewery18801882
NY 217dGeorge Zeiler Brewery18821884
NY 218aMain Street Brewery18661890
NY 218bChr. Weyand Brewing Co.18901920
NY 219aAlbert Ziegele Brewery18501855
NY 219bAlbert Ziegele Brewery18551880
NY 219cZ. Ziegele & Co. Brewery18801887
NY 219dPhoenix Brewery18871920

Caledonia, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 220H. M. Mather Brewery18751875

Canaan, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 221aPatrick Losty Brewery18561891
NY 221bJohn B. Losty Brewery18911899
NY 221cJohn B. Losty & Co. Brewery18991903

Canaioharie, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 222aLouis Bierbauer Brewery18601904
NY 222bBierbauer Brewing Co.19041920
NY 222cCanajoharie Brewing Co.19331934

Canandaigua, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 223aCanandaigua Brewery18431888
NY 223bMcKechnie Brewing Co.18881895
NY 223cJ. & A. McKechnie Brewing Co.18951913
NY 223dCanadaigua Brewery Inc.19131916
NY 223eJ. & A. McKechnie Brewing Co. Inc.19341934