List of New York Breweries

Addison, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 1aJohn Schmid Brewery18931894
NY 1bAddison Brewing Co.18941896

Albany, NY - 80 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 1.1aWilliam Amsdell Brewery18301841
NY 1.1bGuilderland Brewery18411856
NY 2aGeorge I Amsdell Brewery18541856
NY 2bAmsdell Bros. Brewery18571892
NY 2cGeo. I. Amsdell Brewery18921897
NY 2dAmsdell Brewing and Malting Co.18971911
NY 2eAmsdell Brewing Co.19111912
NY 2fAmsdell-Kirchner Brewing-Co.19121916
NY 2gCitizens' Brewing Corp.19161920
NY 2.1aMichael Auel Brewery18631872
NY 2.1bMichael Auel Brewery18821883
NY 3Hendrick Andriessen Breweryc1650Unknown
NY 3.1D. B. Anderson & Co. Brewery18621872
NY 3.2John Artcher Brewery18611863
NY 3.3Bamberg & Sinshimer's Brewery18541855
NY 3.4Gregory BeBee Brewery18761876
NY 3.5Becker & Pomeron Brewery18621864
NY 3.6John Bennet Brewery18691869
NY 3.7Thomas Black Brewery18371847
NY 4aBeverwyck Brewing Co.18781919
NY 4bBeverwyck Co. Inc. Brewery19201932
NY 4cBeverwyck Breweries Inc. Brewery19331950
NY 4dThe F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.19501972
NY 5aJames Boyd Brewery17961800
NY 5bRobert Boyd Brewery18001808
NY 5cRobert Boyd & Hawthorn McCulloch Brewery18081828
NY 5dRobert Boyd Brewery18281852
NY 5eBoyd & Brother Brewery18531856
NY 5fBoyd Bros. & Co. Brewery18571863
NY 5gCoolidge Pratt & Co. Brewery18631872
NY 5hAlbany Brewing Co.18721896
NY 5iUnited States Brewing Co. Ltd.18961904
NY 5jConsumers' Albany Brewing Co.19041915
NY 5kAlbany Brewing Corp.19151916
NY 6William Brouwer Breweryc1650Unknown
NY 7aUri Burt Brewery18191836
NY 7bUri Burt & Son Brewery18361847
NY 7cBurt & Son Brewery18471865
NY 7.1James Burt Brewery18441851
NY 8.1Patrick Carley Brewery18541855
NY 8.2Edward Carroll Ale Brewery18681868
NY 8.3James Chester Brewery18521859
NY 8.4Charles Clapp Ale Brewery18641867
NY 8.5aJacob Cole Brewery18171826
NY 8.5bJacob Cole Brewery18261829
NY 9T. D. Coleman & Bros. Brewery18691896
NY 9.1Richard Comfort Brewery18451846
NY 9.2Ben C. Corlaer & Albert Ryckmann Breweryc1659Unknown
NY 9.3James Coyle Brewery18601862
NY 10aPatrick Cuddy Brewery18801882
NY 10bCook & Meutch Weiss Beer Brewery18821887
NY 10.1W. J. Dickson Brewery18691876
NY 10.2Patrick Dillon Brewery18601863
NY 11Fred Dietz Brewery18741882
NY 12aRobert Dunlop Brewery18061810
NY 12bRobert Dunlop Brewery18101834
NY 12cPeter Ballantine & Co Brewery1834Unknown
NY 12dPeter Ballantine & Co. BreweryUnknown1839
NY 12ePeter Ballantine & Co. Brewery18391840
NY 12.1A. A. Dunlop Brewery18521856
NY 13M. H. Farren Brewery18781880
NY 14aLancelot Fiddler Brewery18201824
NY 14aLancelot Fiddler & John Taylor Brewery18241833
NY 14bJohn Taylor Brewery18331844
NY 14cJohn Taylor & Sons Brewery18441851
NY 14dJohn Taylor & Sons Brewery18511863
NY 14eJohn Taylor's Sons Brewery18631873
NY 14fTaylor & Son Brewery18731887
NY 14gTaylor Brewing and Malting Co.18871905
NY 14.1Fiddler & Ryckman Brewery18331837
NY 14.2James Forrest BreweryUnknown1820
NY 14.3Harme Gansevoort Brewery1790sUnknown
NY 14.4John Gardiner Breweryc1830Unknown
NY 14.5William Gill Brewery18001824
NY 15Alexander Gregory Brewery18721882
NY 15.1Charles Healy BreweryUnknown1855
NY 16aJohn F. Hedrick Brewery18521891
NY 16bHedrick Brewing Co.18911920
NY 16cHedrick Brewing Co. Inc.19331965
NY 17Hoerl & Trawd Brewery18781879
NY 18aHoward & Ryckmann Brewery18401841
NY 18bJ. H. & J. Howard Brewery18411842
NY 18.1G. W. Hoxsie Brewery18611867
NY 18.2Stephan Humphries Brewery18251826
NY 18.3Joseph Ketcham Breweryc1817Unknown
NY 19aKirchner & Co. Brewery18691877
NY 19bJ. Kirchner Brewery18771882
NY 19cJ. Kirchner Brewery18821884
NY 19dEstate of Jacob Kirchner Brewery18841905
NY 19eKirchner Brewing Co.19051912
NY 20aKirk & Outwin Brewery18321834
NY 20bAndrew Kirk Brewery18341858
NY 20cPatrick McQuade & Kearney Brewery18581860
NY 20dAnthony McQuade Brewery18611867
NY 20eWilson & Co. Brewery18671870
NY 20fSmyth & Walker Brewery18701877
NY 20gJames Walker Brewery18771879
NY 21Jean Labadie Breweryc1647Unknown
NY 21.1A. S. Long Brewery18781880
NY 21.2Peter Mansfield Brewery18521857
NY 21.3Hawthorne McCullock Brewery18291829
NY 22aJohn McKnight Brewery1840Unknown
NY 22bJohn McKnight BreweryUnknown1860
NY 22cWilliam G. McKnight Brewery18601875
NY 22.1aMcLeish & Birrell Brewery18161820
NY 22.1bHenry Birrell Brewery18201826
NY 23aMcNamara & McLaughlin Brewery18741877
NY 23bA. S. Long Brewery18771880
NY 23cFleming & Paris Brewery18801882
NY 23dGeorge F. Granger Brewery18821884
NY 23eGranger & Story Brewery18841891
NY 23fGeo. F. Story Brewery18911893
NY 24aMarshall & Rapp Brewery18741875
NY 24bWm. Fullgraff Brewery18751877
NY 24cEstate of Wm. Fullgraff Brewery18771882
NY 24dFort Orange Brewing Co. Ltd.18821888
NY 24eMunicipal Brewing Co.18881891
NY 24fCapital Brewing Co.18911898
NY 24gConsumers' Brewing Co.19031904
NY 24.1John Milliman BreweryUnknownUnknown
NY 24.2aMichael Mullany Brewery18541855
NY 24.2bNickolas Mullany Brewery18551857
NY 25Frans Barentse Pastoor Breweryc1650Unknown
NY 25.1Ruebin Pearl Breweryc1830Unknown
NY 26aAle Brewery18451866
NY 26bAle Brewery18661884
NY 26cQuinn & Nolan Ale Brewing Co.18841920
NY 26dQuinn & Nolan Ale Brewing Co.19341934
NY 26.1aJames Rockenstyre Brewery18341841
NY 26.1bJames Rockenstyre Brewery18411850
NY 26.2Sands & Penne Breweryc1852Unknown
NY 27aWilliam Schindler Brewery18741879
NY 27bMrs. Minna Schindler Brewery18791882
NY 28aSchinnerer & Hinckel Brewery18521867
NY 28bFred Hinckel Brewery18681884
NY 28cCataract Brewery18841903
NY 28dCataract Brewery19031920
NY 29aJ. G. Schneider Brewery18741880
NY 29bMrs. Margaret B. Schneider Brewery18801884
NY 29.1aS. Sinclair Brewery18271829
NY 29.1bSinclair & Walsh Brewery18301832
NY 29.1cSamual & James Sinclair Brewery18331834
NY 29.2Peter Snyder Brewery18201826
NY 30aJulius Szomaski Brewery18781882
NY 30bA. McQuade Brewery18821885
NY 30cMcQuade & Phillips Brewery18851886
NY 30dAnthony McQuade Brewery18861898
NY 30.1Si Fee Valentine Brewery18551855
NY 30.2Arent Van Corlear Breweryc1651Unknown
NY 31Jeremiah Van Rensselaer Brewery1600sUnknown
NY 31.1John Baptiste Van Rensselaer Breweryc1650Unknown
NY 32Rutgers Hendrickson Van Soest Breweryc1633Unknown
NY 32.1William Wake Breweryc1817Unknown
NY 32.2Peter Watson Brewery18531858
NY 33aGeorge Weber Brewery18581877
NY 33bG. Weber & Son Brewery18771879
NY 33cGeorge Weber Brewery18791906
NY 33dA. C. & G. F. Weber Brewery19061915
NY 33eWeber Brewing & Bottling Works19151920
NY 33.1aWilliam White Brewery18311831
NY 33.1bWilliam White Brewery18311832
NY 33.1cWilliam White & Co. Brewery18321834
NY 33.1dCharles Barker & Co. S. Pruyn Brewery18341835
NY 33.1eCharles Barker & Samual Pruyn & Co. Brewery18351842
NY 33.1fWilliam Eggleston & Putnam & Co. Brewery18421851
NY 33.1gEggleston & Mix Brewery18511854
NY 34aDarius S. Wood Brewery18651868
NY 34bJohn Dobler Brewery18681885
NY 34cA. F. Dobler Brewery18851891
NY 34dTheo. M. Amsdell Brewery18911893
NY 34eDobler Brewing Co.18931908
NY 34fDobler Brewing Co19081920
NY 34gDobler Brewing Co.19331943
NY 34hDobler Brewing Co. Inc.19431959
NY 35Cornelis Wyncoop Brewery1650

Allegany, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 37W. F. Zink Brewery18781879

Amsterdam, NY - 4 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 38aHarry F. Bowler Brewery18891916
NY 38bEstate of Harry F. Bowler Brewery19161920
NY 38cAmsterdam Brewing Co. Inc.19331940
NY 39John Brewer Breweryc1875
NY 40Charles Moat Brewery18741884
NY 41aJohn Windbiel Brewery18741875
NY 41bJohn F. Pabst Brewery18751879
NY 41cAnna S. Pabst Brewery18791880
NY 41dCharles Mattmann Brewery18801884

Attica, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 42aC. S. Thompson Brewery18791879
NY 42bHodecker & Brecheisen Brewery18791880
NY 42cB. Brecheisen Brewery18801882
NY 42dCharles Briem Brewery18821903

Auburn, NY - 6 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 43aBurtis Cary & Son Brewery18741877
NY 43bBurtis & Son Brewery18771888
NY 43cE. C. Burtis Brewery18881899
NY 43dBartels & Clifford Brewery18991899
NY 44G. S. Fanning Brewery18741898
NY 45aWilliam Koenig Brewery18681891
NY 45bC. Aug. Koenig Brewery18911898
NY 45cC. A. Koenig & Co. Brewery18981916
NY 45dIndependent Koenig Brewing Co.19161920
NY 45eIndependent Beverage co.19201933
NY 45fKoenig Brewing Corp.19341935
NY 46Lucas Bros. Brewery19071920
NY 47aWilliam Sutcliffe Brewery18581891
NY 47bSutcliffe Brewing Co.18911895
NY 47cAuburn Brewing Co.18951898
NY 47dEhrmann Brewing Co.18981902
NY 47eIndependent Brewing Co.19021916
NY 48aWilliam Sutcliffe Brewery18801895
NY 48bCold Spring Brewery18951899
NY 48cEstate of William Wildner Brewery18991904
NY 48dWildner & Co. Brewery19041920
NY 48eCold Springs Beverage Co. Inc.19331934

Augusta, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 49Risley & Smith Brewery18741875

Baldwinsville, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 50aJos. Schlitz Brewing Co.19771979
NY 50bAnheuser-Busch Inc. Brewery1983Unknown

Batavia, NY - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 51aBatavia Breweryc1845Unknown
NY 51bGenesee BreweryUnknown1887
NY 51cBatavia Brewing Co.18901891
NY 51dWilliam Gamble Brewery18911901
NY 51eEstate of William Gamble Brewery19011904
NY 51fWilliam Gamble Brewery E. H. Gamble19041920
NY 51gWilliam Gamble Brewery19341934
NY 52aJos. Winling & Co. Brewery18741875
NY 52bL. Millschauer Brewery18751878
NY 52cWm. Gamble Brewery18801884

Bedford, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 53W. N. Besant Brewery18981898