List of Iowa Breweries

Concord, IA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 55A. Sandler Jr. Brewery18781878

Council Bluffs, IA - 6 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 56Allerman & Bierworth Brewery18741875
IA 57Charles Bach Brewery18751875
IA 58Conrad Geise Brewery18631888
IA 59Hagg Brothers Brewery1857Unknown
IA 60aCity Brewery18571858
IA 60bCity Brewery18581865
IA 60.1M. Wicks Brewery18741875

Creston, IA - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 61aBollig & Co. Brewery18781879
IA 61bAlbert & Heinike Brewery18791880
IA 62aP. Bollig Brewery18781879
IA 62bJacob Bollig Brewery18791880
IA 62cMrs. Barbara Bollig Brewery18801884

Davenport, IA - 12 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 63aAle & Porter Brewery18571858
IA 63bSevern Ale Brewery18581862
IA 63cSevern & Son Ale Brewery18621863
IA 63dG. & H. Severn Brewery18631866
IA 63eH. Severn Brewery18661873
IA 63fWilliam Severn Brewery18731875
IA 63gHenry Severn Brewery18751875
IA 64aPacific Brewery18531870
IA 64bPacific Brewery18701879
IA 64cPacific Brewery18791881
IA 64dJohn G. Baumeier & Henn Brewery18821884
IA 65aCity Brewery18501884
IA 65bCity Brewery18841894
IA 65cDavenport Malting Co. Brewery18941895
IA 65.1Zoller Brewery1859Unknown
IA 66aIndependent Malting Co. Brewery18951906
IA 66bIndependent Brewing and Malting Co19061916
IA 66cThe Independent Brewing Co.19341935
IA 66dZoller Brewing Co.19351945
IA 66eBlackhawk Brewing Co.19441953
IA 66fUchtorff Brewing Co.19531956
IA 67aArsenal Brewery18581862
IA 67bArsenal Brewery18621869
IA 67cArsenal Brewery18691872
IA 67dArsenal Brewery18721894
IA 67eDavenport Malting Co. Brewery18941895
IA 68aThe Genuine Lager Breweryc18721878
IA 68bSecond Street Brewery18781895
IA 68cDavenport Malting Co. Brewery18951906
IA 68dDavenport Brewing Co.19061915
IA 68eRock Island Brewing Co. of Iowa19341934
IA 69aBlackhawk Brewery1865c1872
IA 69bBlackhawk Brewery18891894
IA 69cDavenport Malting Co. Brewery18941895
IA 70aEagle Brewery18551874
IA 70bEagle Brewery18741876
IA 70cEagle Brewery18761889
IA 70dEagle Brewery18891897
IA 70eDavenport Malting Co. Brewery18971898
IA 71Alfred J. Stege Brewery18841884
IA 72Henning J. Witt Brewery18901890
IA 73aHenning J. Witt Brewery18991905
IA 73bRhode & Vollstedt Brewery19061915

De Witt, IA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 84V. Yegge Brewery18591885

Decorah, IA - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 74aDiedrich David Addicken Brewery18651875
IA 74bGretchen Addicken Brewery18751884
IA 74cJohn Addicken & Co. Brewery18841888
IA 75Joseph Klein Brewery18741884

Des Moines, IA - 8 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 76aUnion Brewery18651866
IA 76bUnion Brewery18661868
IA 76cUnion Brewery1868c1874
IA 76dUnion Breweryc18741877
IA 76eUnion Brewery18771888
IA 76fHawkeye Beer Co. Brewery1905Unknown
IA 76gDes Moines Brewing Co.19081916
IA 78City Brewery1855Unknown
IA 79aGeorge Burgess Brewery1866c1871
IA 79bJoseph Kinsley Breweryc18711873
IA 79cKinsley & F. G. Luin Brewery18731876
IA 79dThe Des Moines Ale Brewery18761882
IA 79eThe Kinsley Brewery18821883
IA 79fThe Des Moines Brewing Co.18831886
IA 79gThe Des Moines Ale Brewery18861888
IA 80aCity Brewery18691871
IA 80bCity Brewery18711872
IA 80cCity Brewery18721879
IA 80dCity Brewery18791881
IA 80eJ. & A. Brewery18811886
IA 80fJ. & A. Brewery18861888
IA 81The Capital Brewery18671888
IA 81.1aKinsley & Luin Brewery18661869
IA 81.1bLuin Brewery18691871
IA 82aKappes & Reinig Brewery1858c1863
IA 82bMuenzenmeier & Co. Breweryc18631882
IA 82cWebi & Mongomeier Brewery18821887
IA 82dChristian Swadered Brewery18871888
IA 82.1aGeorge Worthington BreweryUnknownUnknown
IA 82.1bCroft & Duenfer Brewery1890Unknown

Dorchester, IA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 85aSchwartshoff & Peifer Co. BreweryUnknownUnknown
IA 85bJos. Tacke Brewery18781880

Douglas, IA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 86Phil. P. Rotherburger Brewery18821884

Dubuque, IA - 17 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IA 87W. R. Baird Excelsior Brewery18581858
IA 89Dubuque Ale Brewery18651871
IA 89.1aThe Dubuque Brewing Co.18451846
IA 89.1bThe Dubuque Brewing Co.18461892
IA 89.1cDubuque Brewing & Malting Co.18921896
IA 90aDubuque Brewing & Malting Co.18961897
IA 90bDubuque Brewing and Malting Co.18971916
IA 90cJulien Dubuque Brewing Co.19341934
IA 91aNorthern Brewery18651869
IA 91bNorthern Brewery18691874
IA 91cNorthern Brewery18741881
IA 91dNorthern Brewery18811884
IA 91eGlab Bros. Brewery18841892
IA 91fDubuque Brewing & Malting Co.18921896
IA 92Ferdinand Kempf's Brewery18651874
IA 93Key City Brewing Co. Inc.19341934
IA 95aMiners Brewery and Saloon18571859
IA 95bMiners Brewery and Saloon18591860
IA 96aPeaslee Ale Co. Brewery18661876
IA 96bPeaslee Ale Co. Brewery18761890
IA 96cPeaslee Ale Co. Brewery18901902
IA 96dPeaslee-Breda Co. Brewery19021905
IA 96eThe Peaslee Co. Brewery19051907
IA 98aIowa Brewery18551868
IA 98bIowa Brewery18681869
IA 98cIowa Brewery18691878
IA 98dIowa Brewery18781887
IA 98eIowa Brewery18871892
IA 98fDubuque Brewing & Malting Co.18921896
IA 98gDubuque Weiss Beer Co. Brewery18961912
IA 99West Dubuque Lager Brewery18571859
IA 100Standard Brewing and Malting Co. of Dubuque19081910
IA 101aThe Stone Brewery18521858
IA 101bCity Brewery18581870
IA 101cThe Dubuque Joint Stock Beer Brewing Co.18701873
IA 101dAmbrose Gleeb Brewery18731876
IA 101eJohn Pier Key City Brewery18801883
IA 102aStar Brewing Co.18981898
IA 102bDubuque Star Brewing Co.18981915
IA 102cDubuque Star Brewing Co.19331971
IA 102dPickett Brewing Co.19711980
IA 102ePickett Brewing Co.19801982
IA 102fDubuque Star Brewing Co.19821983
IA 102gDubuque Star Brewing Co.19831989
IA 102hZele Brewing Co.19891990
IA 102iZele Brewing Co.19901992
IA 102jDubuque Brewing and Bottling Company1992Unknown
IA 103aMathias Tschirgi Brewery18501854
IA 103bKurtz & Welder Brewery1854c1880
IA 104aWestern Brewery18541886
IA 104bWestern Brewery18861892
IA 104cDubuque Brewing & Malting Co.18921896
IA 105aEsch & Brothers Brewery18741888