List of Maryland Breweries

Annapolis, MD - 6 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 1Patrick Creagh Breweryc17491759
MD 2Benjamin Fordham Brewery17031716
MD 2.1Fordham Brewing Co.1995Unknown
MD 3Mark Gibson Breweryc1746Unknown
MD 4John Jeudy Brewery17641765
MD 5aJames MacKubbin BreweryUnknown1772
MD 5bJohn Broderick Brewery1772Unknown

Baltimore, MD - 115 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 6John Albrecht Brewery18581859
MD 7aJohann Henry Altvater Brewery18081823
MD 7bAnn Altvater Brewery18231827
MD 7cElbert Michael Brewery1827Unknown
MD 8William Auer Brewery18671872
MD 9aJohann John Baier Brewery18501853
MD 9bJohann Baier Brewery18531866
MD 9cAnna Baier Brewery18661869
MD 9dAnna & Frederick Wunder Brewery18691871
MD 9eFrederick Wunder Brewery18721880
MD 9fMrs. Anna M. Wunder Brewery18811885
MD 9gNational Brewery18851889
MD 9hNational Brewing Co.18861899
MD 9iNational Brewery18991901
MD 9jNational Brewery19011920
MD 9kThe National Brewing Co.19341975
MD 9lCarling National Breweries Inc. Brewery19751979
MD 9mG. Heileman Brewing Co.19791980
MD 10Baltimore Berliner Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18951918
MD 11aJohn Leonard Barnitz & Elias Daniel Barnitz Brewery17481749
MD 11bElias Daniel Barnitz Brewery17491780
MD 11cJohn Hammond & Co. Brewery17801794
MD 11dJohn G. C. Barnitz Brewery17941795
MD 11eThomas Kerr Brewery17961809
MD 11fCaptain Joseph Leonard Brewery18091816
MD 11gCaptain Joseph Leonard & Co. Brewery18161822
MD 11hWashington Brewery18221827
MD 11iWashington Brewery18271829
MD 11jWashington Brewery18291831
MD 11kWashington Brewery18311832
MD 11lWashington Brewery18321856
MD 11mBaltimore Brewery18561871
MD 11nF. Dandelet & Co. Brewery18711875
MD 11oEnglish & Co. Brewery18751876
MD 11pJohn Butterfield & Co. Brewery18761880
MD 11qFrederick Gottleib & Herman Hobelmann Brewery18801881
MD 11rWehr-Hobelmann-Gottlieb & Co. Brewery18811888
MD 11sGlobe Brewery18881899
MD 11tGlobe Brewery18991901
MD 11uGlobe Brewery19011920
MD 11vGlobe Brewery19201935
MD 11wThe Globe Brewing Co.19351963
MD 12aGottlieb Bauer & Frederick Buechler Clinton & Lancaster Brewery18731874
MD 12bSebastian Helldorfer Brewery18741893
MD 12cS. Helldorfer's Sons Brewery18931899
MD 12dMaryland Brewing Co.18991899
MD 13aJohn Bauerfind Brewery18641880
MD 13bA. Dittmann Brewery18801882
MD 13cAdam Stier Brewery18821883
MD 13dEmpire Brewery18831886
MD 13eEmpire Brewing Co.18861891
MD 13fMary Miller Brewery18911892
MD 14aAmerican Brewery19001920
MD 14bFree State Brewery Corp.19331950
MD 14cThe Wiessner Brewing Co. Inc.19501952
MD 14.1George Frenie Breweryc1863Unknown
MD 15aGeorge & John Bauernschmidt Brewery18581864
MD 15bGreenwood Park Brewery18641887
MD 15cGeo. Bauernschmidt Brewing Co.18871899
MD 15dGeo. Bauernschmidt Brewery18991901
MD 15eGeorge Bauernschmidt Brewery19011915
MD 16aSpring Garden Brewery18641879
MD 16bBauernschmidt & Marr Brewery18791884
MD 16cBauernschmidt & Marr Brewing Co.18841889
MD 16dBaltimore United Breweries Brewery18891899
MD 16eSpring Garden Brewery18991901
MD 16fSpring Garden Brewery19011903
MD 16gConsumers Brewery19061909
MD 17aJohn J. Bauernschmidt Brewery18561857
MD 17bGeorge Rossdeutscher Brewery18571860
MD 18aBayview Brewery18661876
MD 18bHecht Miller & Co. Brewery18761887
MD 18cWilliam Miller & Co. Brewery18871889
MD 18dBay View Brewery18891899
MD 18eBay View Brewery18991901
MD 18fBay View Brewery19011902
MD 19aAugust Beck Brewery18651884
MD 19bAugust Beck Brewery18841898
MD 19cAugust Beck & Son Brewery18981899
MD 19dIndependent Brewery18991900
MD 19eFrank Steil Brewing Co.19001920
MD 20George Beck Brewery18651876
MD 21aCelebrated Weiss Beer Brewery18751884
MD 21bErnestine Beck Brewery18841912
MD 22aRock Spring Brewery18561873
MD 22bRock Spring Brewery18731882
MD 22cRock Spring Brewery18821884
MD 22dMaryland Brewery18841891
MD 22eDukehart Brewing Co.18911900
MD 22fDukehart Manufacturing Co. Brewery19001913
MD 23John C. Berger Brewery18881890
MD 24aJohn Bodenschatz Brewery18601873
MD 24bMount Brewery18731889
MD 24cMount Brewery18891899
MD 24dMount Brewery18991899
MD 25John G. Boehn Brewery18751876
MD 26aJohn Matthias Brandel Brewery18511858
MD 26bMt. Pleasant Brewery18581871
MD 26cS. & W. Straus Brewery18711875
MD 26dJoseph Raiber Brewery18751876
MD 26eCrystal Springs Brewery18761881
MD 26fEnterprise Brewery18811883
MD 26gElias E. Adler Brewery18831888
MD 26hElias E. Adler Brewery18881888
MD 27Cloverdale Brewery19341934
MD 28aViet Butschky Brewery18491860
MD 28bViet Butschky Brewery18631869
MD 28cChristopher Spengler Brewery18691871
MD 28dFrank Schlaffer Brewery18721881
MD 28eChas. Schlaffer Brewery18811882
MD 29aCarling Brewing Co.19611975
MD 29bCarling National Breweries Inc. Brewery19751979
MD 29cG. Heileman Brewing Co.1979Unknown
MD 30Carrollton Brewery18751886
MD 31Columbia Brewing and Ice Co.18991899
MD 32aTheo. Eichhorn Brewery18751877
MD 32bJohn M. Berger Brewery18771882
MD 32cMrs. Elizabeth Berger Brewery18821884
MD 33aEngel Breweryc1850Unknown
MD 33bOtto J. Engel Brewery18601865
MD 33cOtto J. Engel Brewery18661869
MD 33dAnna M. Engel Brewery18691870
MD 33eoseph Schreier Brewery18701884
MD 33fLeo Ewald & Henry Schuchmann Brewery1884Unknown
MD 34J. Ferdinand Brewery18741875
MD 35aBay View Brewery18761878
MD 35bBay View Brewery18781880
MD 35cBay View Brewery18801899
MD 35dMaryland Brewing Co.18991901
MD 35eGottlieb-Bauernschmidt-Straus Brewing Co.19011910
MD 36Francis Gortler Brewery18531853
MD 37Andreas Granshed Brewery17581783
MD 38aValentine Grimmer Brewery18601863
MD 38bValentine Grimmer Brewery18631878
MD 38cJohn G. Beh Brewery18781880
MD 38dAnton Boehn Brewery18801884
MD 38eOriental Brewery18841888
MD 38fOriental Brewing Co.18881899
MD 38gMaryland Brewing Co.18991899
MD 39aGeorge Guenther Jr. Brewing Co.19001920
MD 39bGeorge J. Gunther Mfg. Co. Brewery19201932
MD 39cGunther's Breweries Inc. Brewery19321935
MD 39dGunther Brewing Co. Inc.19351959
MD 39eTheo. Hamm Brewing Co.19591963
MD 39fThe F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.19631978
MD 40aJohn Hager Brewery18531854
MD 40bJohn Hager Brewery18561857
MD 41John Hague Brewery1802Unknown
MD 42aConrad Herzog Brewery18511853
MD 42bConrad Herzog Brewery18531864
MD 42cGeorge F. Wiessner & John Miller Brewery18641867
MD 42dGeorge F. Wiessner Brewery18671869
MD 42eWilliam Stab's Canton Lager Beer Brewery18701877
MD 42fLina Stab Brewery18771882
MD 42gGeorge Michael Roesch Brewery18821886
MD 43.1C. Hohnberger Breweryc1863Unknown
MD 43aChristopher Hitzrodt Brewery18531866
MD 43bJohn M. Berger Weiss Beer Brewery18661868
MD 43cBerger & Co. Brewery18681878
MD 44aConrad H. Hoburg Brewery17911792
MD 44bGorsuch's Brewery17921796
MD 45Andrew Hoffman Brewery18001810
MD 46aConrad Hoffman Brewery18471878
MD 46bConrad Hoffman Brewery18491860
MD 47Mt. Royal Brewery18601877
MD 48J. H. Hoffmann Brewery18741875
MD 49aJohn N. Huebner Brewery18521857
MD 49bGeorge Neisendorfer Brewery18571859
MD 49cGottfried C. Hertlein Brewery18661879
MD 49dOtto Woerner Brewery18791890
MD 50aFerdinand Joh Brewery18731876
MD 50bHenry Eigenbrot Brewery18761892
MD 50cEigenbrot Brewing Co.18921899
MD 50dEigenbrot Brewery18991901
MD 50eEigenbrot Brewery19011920
MD 51aJohn Kalb Brewery18691874
MD 51bFrank Aberhart Brewery18741875
MD 52Joseph M. Keller Brewery18581860
MD 53aJohn Kohles Brewery18591864
MD 53bJohn Bauerfeind Brewery18641875
MD 54aJohn Kohles Brewery1874Unknown
MD 54bJohn Kohles BreweryUnknown1884
MD 54cElizabeth Kohles Brewery18841888
MD 55Weiss Beer Brewery18781879
MD 56aMichael Krebs Brewery1875Unknown
MD 56bN. Extel BreweryUnknown1878
MD 56.1Peter Krieg Breweryc1863Unknown
MD 57John Laekauf Brewery18471848
MD 57.1aAdam Lurz Brewery18511852
MD 57.1bAdam Lurz Brewery18551856
MD 57.1cAdam Lurz Brewery18561857
MD 58aJohn Laekauf & John Ludwig Brewery18491851
MD 58bJohn Laekauf Brewery18511854
MD 59Liberty Brewing Co. Inc19341934
MD 60Peter Littig Brewery17791789
MD 61John Loehr Brewery18601860
MD 62aFrederick Ludwig Brewery18481858
MD 62bAlbion Brewery18581862
MD 62cAlbion Brewery18621865
MD 62dAlbion Brewery18651872
MD 62eSophia Green Brewery18731875
MD 62fAlbion Brewery Christian Schneider18761876
MD 62gBelvidere Brewery18761878
MD 62hAlbion Brewery Berger Brewery18781893
MD 62iBerger Brewery18931899
MD 62jBerger Brewery18991899
MD 63John Ludwig Brewery18531856
MD 64Charles Martz Brewery18871887
MD 65aMarcus McCausland & Co Brewery18001827
MD 65bSamuel Lucas Brewery18331835
MD 66aSaratoga Brewery18331841
MD 66bSaratoga Brewery18411847
MD 66cSaratoga Brewery18471857
MD 66dBayley & Wm. Blakey Brewery18571858
MD 66eWm. Bayley Brewery18581859
MD 67Ambrose Miller Brewery18671877
MD 68George Miller Brewery18731873
MD 69aGeorge Miller Brewery18681870
MD 69bConrad Siegmann Brewery18721873
MD 69cStraus Bros Brewery18741876
MD 69dDarley Park Brewery18761884
MD 69eDarley Park Brewery18841889
MD 69fDarley Park Brewery18891899
MD 69gDarley Park Brewery18991901
MD 69hDarley Park Brewery19011912
MD 70R. Mille Brewery18791879
MD 71aMoller & Paul Brewery18901890
MD 71bNicholas Moller Weiss Beer Brewery18911892
MD 72aMonarch Brewing Co.18991900
MD 72bMonumental Brewing Co.19001920
MD 73aJohn Mueller Brewery18691880
MD 73bMrs. John Mueller Catherine Brewery18801884
MD 73cCatherine Mueller & Robert Handloeser Brewery18841890
MD 73dWestern Maryland Brewery18901897
MD 74Valentine Mueller Brewery18671878
MD 75aLouis Muth Brewery18671880
MD 75bLouis Muth & Son Brewery18801888
MD 76aJohn Nagengast Brewery18671872
MD 76bJohn Nagengast & Bro Brewery18721878
MD 76cWerner & Honig Brewery18781879
MD 76dHenry Werner Brewery18791888
MD 76ePhoenix Brewery18881892
MD 76fChesapeake Brewing Co.19001920
MD 76gTheodore Reichhart Inc. Brewery19331936
MD 76hChesapeake Brewing Corp.19371938
MD 77aGeorge Neisendorfer Brewery18551857
MD 77bGeorge Neisendorfer Brewery18581866
MD 77cGeorge Brehm Brewery18661899
MD 77dGeorge Brehm Brewery18991901
MD 77eGeorge Brehm & Son Brewery19011911
MD 77fGeorge Brehm & Son Brewery19111920
MD 77gBrehm Beverage Co.19201923
MD 77hBaltimore Brewing Co. Inc.19271931
MD 77iBaltimore Brewing Co. Inc.19331935
MD 77jThe Bruton Brewing Co19351940
MD 78aMichael Nitzel Brewery18651867
MD 78bAlbert J. Wagner Brewery18671868
MD 78cSamuel Nitzel Brewery18681870
MD 79aPhilip Odenwald & Ferdinand Joh Brewery18621873
MD 79bSommerfeld & Co. Brewery18731875
MD 79cJohn Sommerfeld & Co. Brewery18751880
MD 79dJohn Sommerfeld Brewery18801891
MD 79eSommerfeld Brewing Co18911895
MD 79fLion Brewing Co.18951901
MD 79gLion Brewery19011901
MD 79hLion Brewery19011902
MD 80Daniel O'Neill & John Fitzgerald Brewery19021903
MD 81aGeorge Pabst Brewery18601874
MD 81bCatherine Pabst Brewery18741877
MD 81cJohn Trost Brewery18771880
MD 81dWilliam Kemper & John Trost Brewery18801884
MD 81eWilliam Trost Brewery18831883
MD 81fWilliam Miller Brewery18831883
MD 82aWeiss Beer Brewery18891909
MD 82bBarbara Pabst Brewery19091911
MD 83John M. Ramming Brewery18631882
MD 84.1Miss Sophie Rose Breweryc1876Unknown
MD 84George Rossdeutscher Brewery18531857
MD 85Christian Rossmarck Brewery18501864
MD 86aGeorge Rossmarck Brewery18461848
MD 86bJacob Wohlleber Brewery18491850
MD 86cJohn A. Auer Brewery18501850
MD 86dFrederick Auer & Lauer Brewery18511853
MD 87George Rossmarck Brewery18521862
MD 88aGeorge Rost Brewery18491853
MD 88bGeorge Rost Brewery18531871
MD 88cSophia Rost Brewery18711881
MD 88dMrs. M. E. Rost Brewery18811884
MD 88eLouis Muth Brewery18841886
MD 88fStandard Brewing Co18861888
MD 88gStandard Brewing Co.18881896
MD 88hStandard Brewery18961899
MD 88iStandard Brewery Co.18991920
MD 88jBis-Mac Co. Inc. Brewery19201922
MD 88ksubsidiary of Croft Brewing Co19341935
MD 88lBismarck Brewing Corp.19361937
MD 88mImperial Brewing Co19381940
MD 89John Rummelmann Brewery18671871
MD 90aWeiss Beer Brewery18731873
MD 90bWeiss Beer Brewery18741874
MD 91aFrank Sandkuhler Brewery18861895
MD 91bFrank Sandkuhler Brewery18951919
MD 92aJ. Henry Saumenig BreweryUnknown1804
MD 92bJ. Henry Saumenig & Co. Johann Altvater Brewery18041804
MD 92cJ. Henry Saumenig Brewery18041808
MD 92dJ. Henry Saumenig Brewery18081819
MD 92eJohn G. Freinscht Brewery18291831
MD 92fJohn G. Freinscht & Peter Gloninger Brewery18311835
MD 92gJohn G. Freinscht Brewery18351837
MD 92hCapt. Frederick H. Brandt Brewery18371847
MD 92iJohn A. Zwansger & Jesse L. Medtart Brewery18471851
MD 92jJohn A. Zwansger Brewery18511866
MD 93aGeorge L. Schemm Breweryc1853Unknown
MD 93bJohn Schemm Brewery18641866
MD 94Jacob Schierlitz Brewery18731881
MD 95aFritz Schneider Brewery18641866
MD 95bFritz Schneider Brewery18661889
MD 96John Schriner Brewery17961796
MD 97aJohn Schultheis Brewery18721877
MD 97bJohn Schultheis Brewery18771886
MD 97cUnion Brewing Co18861886
MD 97dJohn Schultheis & Oscar Teschner Co. Brewery18861889
MD 98aJohn Schwingler Brewery18531858
MD 98bJohn Schwingler Brewery18581874
MD 98cFrederick Striebel Brewery18751875
MD 98dJohn Beh Brewery18761878
MD 98eBerger & Co. Brewery18781878
MD 98fJohn M. Berger Brewery18781883
MD 98gMrs. Elizabeth Berger Brewery18831886
MD 98hMrs. Elizabeth Berger Brewery18861888
MD 99aJacob Seeger Brewery18541888
MD 99bBaltimore Brewing Co.18881899
MD 99cBaltimore Brewery18991901
MD 100Theodore Seeger Brewery18721873
MD 101aDaniel Shettle & Co. Brewery18641866
MD 101bMaryland Brewery18661872
MD 101cMedtart & Dukehart Brewery18721872
MD 101dMaryland Brewery18721876
MD 101eMaryland Brewery18771884
MD 102Christoph Spengler Brewery18731873
MD 103aJames Sterrett Brewery17611783
MD 103bThomas Peters & Co. Brewery17841787
MD 103cPeters & Co Brewery17871792
MD 103dPeters Johnson.& Co. Brewery17921796
MD 103ePeters & Co. Brewery17961807
MD 103fEdward Johnson & Co Brewery18071813
MD 103gEdward Johnson Brewery18131813
MD 103hGeorge I. Brown Brewery18131818
MD 103iEli Clagett Brewery18181848
MD 103jWilliam Clagett & Co Brewery18481849
MD 103kClagett & Dannels Brewery18491873
MD 103lEleanor Dannels Brewery18471877
MD 104James Sterrett Breweryc1779Unknown
MD 105aEdward W. Stiefel & Theodore Seeger Brewery18541856
MD 105bStiefel & Seeger Brewery18571872
MD 105cEdw. W. Stiefel Brewery18721892
MD 105dGermania Brewing Co.18921899
MD 105eGermania Brewery18991901
MD 105fGermania Brewery19011902
MD 106aGeo. F. Streib Brewery18751877
MD 106bSchultheis & Bros. Brewery18771878
MD 107aGeorge W. Vogt Brewery18761880
MD 107bWilliam Kemper Brewery18801884
MD 107cAnna M. Kemper Brewery18841885
MD 108aVan der Horst & Rupprecht Brewery18651866
MD 108bJohn H. Van der Horst Brewery18661880
MD 108cJohn H. Van der Horst & Son Brewery18801896
MD 108dVan der Horst Brewing Co18961899
MD 108eVan der Horst Brewery18991901
MD 108fVan der Horst Brewery19011912
MD 109Weiss Beer Brewery19111913
MD 110Fred Weber Brewery18621889
MD 111aFort Marshall Brewery18691872
MD 111bFort Marshall Brewery18721876
MD 111cFort Marshall Brewery18761888
MD 111dJohn F. Wiessner & Bro. Brewing Co.18881899
MD 111eWiessner Brewery18991899
MD 112aJohn F. Wiessner Brewery18631891
MD 112bJohn F. Wiessner & Sons Brewing Co.18911920
MD 112cAmerican Brewery Inc.19331967
MD 112dAmerican Brewery19671973
MD 113J. F. Wiessner & Son Brewing Co.19341934
MD 114aJacob Wohlleber Brewery18381849
MD 114bGeorge & Christopher Rossmarck Brewery1852Unknown
MD 114cGeorge Rossmarck BreweryUnknown1878
MD 114dJoseph Claus Brewery18781880
MD 115aAnnapolis Beer Brewery18681873
MD 115bJohn H. Zwansger Brewery18731881
MD 115cAdolph Beck Brewery18811882

Barton, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 116aHenry Creutzberg Breweryc18671868
MD 116bGeo. Schramm Brewery18741877
MD 116cKolberg & Co Brewery18771878

Beaver Heights, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 116.1Kenilworth Brewing Co19331933

Charlestown, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 117John Muschett Breweryc18451848

Clear Spring, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 118William Witzenbacher Brewery18401850

Cumberland, MD - 18 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 119aFrederick Beck Brewery18581861
MD 119bCommon Beer Brewery18611885
MD 119cJohn F. Beck Brewery18851886
MD 119dJulian Sibley Brewery18861888
MD 119e George F. Beck Brewery18881888
MD 119fJohn D. Beck Brewery18881911
MD 120M. S. Beck Brewery18741875
MD 121Beck Brothers Brewery18661892
MD 122aThe Cumberland Brewing Co.18901920
MD 122bCumberland Brewing Co.19331958
MD 122cCumberland Brewing Co.19581958
MD 123aC. Fesenmeier Brewery18771879
MD 123bMichael Fesenmeier Brewery18791889
MD 123cGeo. F. Beck Brewery18891891
MD 123.1Michael Fessenmeir & Sons Brewery1854Unknown
MD 124aGerman Brewing Co.19011917
MD 124bLiberty Brewing Co.19171920
MD 124cQueen Co. Inc. Brewery19201933
MD 124dThe German Brewing Co.19331941
MD 124eThe Queen City Brewing Co.19411974
MD 125aWm. & Michael Gessner Breweryc18421850
MD 125bWashington Brewery18591863
MD 125cWashington Brewery18631872
MD 125dPaul Ritter Brewery18721894
MD 126aBartholomew Himmler Brewery18521854
MD 126bJohn H. Zink Brewery18541858
MD 126cAnna Zink Brewery18581859
MD 126dCity Brewery18591872
MD 127Christ. Hartung & Co. Brewery18751875
MD 128aBatholomew Himmler Brewery18631865
MD 128b J. Himmler & Bro. George Brewery18651877
MD 128cGeorge Himmler Brewery18771884
MD 128dMrs. George Himmler Brewery18841891
MD 128eJohn H. Zink Brewery18911906
MD 128fNarrows Brewing Co.19061909
MD 129aNicholas Hodel Brewery18571861
MD 129bJohn G. Hodel Brewery1861Unknown
MD 129cJos. H. Hodel Brewery18741882
MD 130John A. Kolb Breweryc18801882
MD 131Wm. Leonard Brewery18781879
MD 132Thomas Martin Breweryc18801882
MD 133aGus Stucklauser Brewery18721888
MD 133bWm. Himmler Brewery18881891
MD 134Mrs. Anna Zink Brewery18591860
MD 135H. Zink Brewery18751875

Emmitsburg, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 136John Elour Breweryc18671868

Frederick, MD - 11 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 137John Grundel Breweryc1859Unknown
MD 138Balser Heck Breweryc17601790
MD 139John Charlton Brewery17461766
MD 140aJohn G. Lipps Breweryc18401880
MD 140bJ. Lipps' Sons Brewery18801884
MD 141aWilliam Small Brewery1846Unknown
MD 141bJacob Markell BreweryUnknown1858
MD 141cJohn Pete Baer Brewery18581873
MD 141dZ. G. Zimmerman Brewery18751875
MD 141ePaul Hauser Brewery18751888
MD 141fC. H. Eckstein Brewery18901890
MD 141gJohn Kuhn Brewery18911901
MD 142aFrederick Brewing CoUnknown1920
MD 142bPeoples Service Co. Inc. Brewery19341934
MD 143M. J. Biddington Brewery18751875
MD 144Thos. D. Davis Brewery18751875
MD 145G. H. Eisfelder Brewery18741875
MD 146Frostburg Brewing Co.19081917
MD 147aJohn Mayer Brewery18741888
MD 147bElizabeth Mayer Brewery18881893

Gardenville, MD - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MD 148Otto Werner Brewery18841888