Henry Ferris’ Son Brewery – NY b

Henry Ferris' Son Brewery opened in 1884 and closed in 1901 it was open for 17 years. Items from breweries of this age tend to be more common and less valuable than some breweries. Early items can still be valuable as can rarer types of items. As a Pre-Prohibition Brewery, any advertising items or collectibles are likely to be valuable and desirable to collectors as they tend to be hard to find. Henry Ferris' Son Brewery was in an active brewing city. New York City, NY was listed as having 220 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

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    Breweries listed under New York City, NY

    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    NY 346aJacob Ahles Brewery18501853
    NY 346bJohn Kress & Christian Schaefer Brewery18531855
    NY 346cKress & Schaefer Brewery18551863
    NY 346dJohn Kress Brewery18631879
    NY 346eMrs. Susanna Kress John Kress Brewing Co.18791884
    NY 346fJetter Brewing Co.18841904
    NY 346gJetter Brewing Co.19041911
    NY 347aJacob Ahles Brewery18541887
    NY 347bJacob Ahles Brewing Co18871899
    NY 348aJacob & Peter Ahles Brewery18791850
    NY 348bJacob & Peter Ahles Brewery1851Unknown
    NY 348cPeter Ahles Brewery18611875
    NY 348dPeter Ahles Jr. Brewery18751878
    NY 349aAktien Brauerei BreweryUnknown1850
    NY 349bTurtle Bay Brewery18501869
    NY 349cTurtle Bay Brewery18691874
    NY 349.1Matthew Allen Brewing & Malting1850sc1863
    NY 350Peter Anderson Breweryc16451670
    NY 351aAtlantic Brewery18781879
    NY 351bAtlantic Brewery18791880
    NY 351cJohn Scheufele Brewery18801884
    NY 351dJohn Scheufele Brewery18841906
    NY 352Richard Auldrick Breweryc1762Unknown
    NY 352.1George Bahr's Weissbier BreweryUnknown1874
    NY 352.2aJohn S. Baker BreweryUnknown1845
    NY 352.2bJohn S. Baker BreweryUnknown1851
    NY 353aThomas Barry Brewery18741874
    NY 353bT. Barry & Bro. John Brewery18751879
    NY 353cBarry Bros. Brewery18801881
    NY 354Bayard Nicholas & Balthazar Breweryc1665Unknown
    NY 355R. & W. Bender Brewery18741884
    NY 356aCharles Beutel BreweryUnknown1872
    NY 356bCharles Beutel Brewery18741880
    NY 357aConstanz Brewery18501856
    NY 357bConstanz Brewery18561862
    NY 357cConstanz Brewery18621862
    NY 358Melrose Breweryc1860Unknown
    NY 359South Rondout Breweryc1860
    NY 360aBertina Weiss Beer Co. Brewery1884Unknown
    NY 360bFrank Martens BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 360.1Clausen & Betz BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 361aEagle Brewery18531880
    NY 361bEagle Brewery18801888
    NY 361cRoemer Brewing Co.18881890
    NY 361dEagle Brewing Co.18901892
    NY 361.1Thomas Black Brewery1850sUnknown
    NY 361.2Adrian Block & Hans Christiansen Brewery16121632
    NY 362Gustav Boemer Brewery18741875
    NY 363Jacobus Bomper Breweryc1727Unknown
    NY 363.1Phillip Bopp BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 364Philip Brecher Brewery18751884
    NY 364.1Henry Brenner Brewery1860sUnknown
    NY 364.2Henry Brinkmann BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 364.3Moritz Brockmann BreweryUnknown1870
    NY 364.4aWilliam Brockway Brewery18541864
    NY 364.4bSpa Brewery18641872
    NY 364.4cC. Whittemore Brewery18721874
    NY 364.4dG. S. Twitchell Brewery18741875
    NY 364.5Daniel Brooks BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 364.6Bruckner Bros. BreweryUnknown1869
    NY 364.8John Brudy BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 364.8Banner Buechelberger BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 364.9Matthew Buhleier BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 364.1Francis Burkhardt BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 364.11Francis Busam Brewery1850sUnknown
    NY 365Jaxsen Calder Breweryc16451670
    NY 366Albert Camack Breweryc16451670
    NY 366.1Pantaleon Candidus Brewery18611869
    NY 366.2aGeorge Carl BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 366.3Daniel Carle BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 367Central Brewing Co.18991920
    NY 367.1L. Chatham Brewery18691875
    NY 367.2Stadt Harberg Brewery1643Unknown
    NY 368aClausen & Bauer Brewery18711874
    NY 368bCharles C. Clausen Brewery18741877
    NY 368cClausen & Walter J. Price Brewery18771884
    NY 368dClausen & Price Brewing Co.18841899
    NY 368eClausen & Price Brewing Co.18991910
    NY 369aPhoenix Steam Brewery18551866
    NY 369bPhoenix Steam Brewery18661882
    NY 369cH. Clausen & Son Brewing Co.18821888
    NY 369dH. Clausen & Son Brewing Co.18881909
    NY 369eClausen-Flanagan Brewery19091910
    NY 370aColeman Brewing Co.18901893
    NY 370bGlobe Brewing Co.18931895
    NY 371aConsumers Brewing Co.18891893
    NY 371bConsumers Brewing Co. of New York Ltd.18931928
    NY 372Consumers Brewing Co. of Brooklyn18931912
    NY 373Thomas Conville Brewery18851892
    NY 373.1aWilliam Coolidge BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 373.1bCoolidge, Pratt & Co. BreweryUnknown1876
    NY 374Coulter's Old Brewery17921837
    NY 374.1aJan Damen Breweryc1655Unknown
    NY 374.1bJan Vinje BreweryUnknownUnknown
    NY 375Richard Davis Breweryc1702Unknown
    NY 376aPhilip Decker Brewery18751877
    NY 376bHenry Loehr Brewery18771884
    NY 377aRed Lion Breweryc16451675
    NY 378William DePue Breweryc1758Unknown
    NY 379Catherine Diehl Brewery18741878
    NY 379.1Lager Beer BreweryUnknown1864
    NY 380aPeter Doelger Brewery18591863
    NY 380bNew York Brewery18631912
    NY 380cPeter Doelger Brewing Co.19121928
    NY 380dPeter Doelger Brewing Co.19331937
    NY 381aJulius Doemich & Nicholas Schnell Brewery18671871
    NY 381bDoemich & Schnell Brewery18721884
    NY 382aJohn H. Doerrbecker Brewery18661883
    NY 382bMary Doerrbecker Brewery18831885
    NY 382.1aA. A. Dunlop Brewery18641866
    NY 382.1bWilliam Marr Brewery1866Unknown
    NY 383aRobert Bilsborrow BreweryUnknown1850
    NY 383bRobert Bilsborrow BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 383cRobert Bilsborrow BreweryUnknown1870
    NY 383dWilliam R. Dunton Brewery18701880
    NY 384aPhilip Ebling & Bro. Wm. Brewery18681874
    NY 384bPhilip & William Ebling Brewery18741889
    NY 384cPh. & Wm. Ebling Brewing Co.18891901
    NY 384dEbling Brewing Co.19011920
    NY 384eThe Ebling Brewing Co. Inc.19331950
    NY 385aEckert & Winter Breweryc18681880
    NY 385bGeorge Winter Brewery18801882
    NY 385cGeorge Winter Brewing Co.18821888
    NY 386aHell Gate Brewery18661927
    NY 386bEstate of George Ehret Brewery19341934
    NY 387aJohn Eichler BreweryUnknown1859
    NY 387bJohn Eichler & M. Solmon BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 387cJohn Eichler Brewery18611865
    NY 388aHenry Elias Breweryc18531855
    NY 388bHenry Elias Brewery1855Unknown
    NY 388cHenry Elias BreweryUnknown1865
    NY 388dCentral Park Brewery18651868
    NY 388eHenry Elias & George Schmitt Brewery18681881
    NY 388fCentral Park Brewery18851892
    NY 388gCentral Park Brewery18921906
    NY 389aHenry Elias & Frederick W. Betz BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 389bElias & Betz Brewery18741880
    NY 389cHenry Elias Brewery18801888
    NY 389dHenry Elias Brewing Co.18841920
    NY 390aHenry Elias Brewery18681872
    NY 390bGeorge Ringler & Christian Hagemeister Brewery18721874
    NY 390cGeo. Ringler & Co. Brewery18741920
    NY 391aJacob Engelhardt Brewery18751884
    NY 391bLouis Frieman Brewery18841888
    NY 391cWellmann & Holste Brewery18881891
    NY 391dStapff Bros. Brewery18911893
    NY 392Ernst & Reimsland Brewery18741875
    NY 393aJames Everard Brewery18851893
    NY 393bJames Everard's Breweries Brewery18931926
    NY 394aJames Everard Brewery19041912
    NY 394bJames Everard's Breweries Brewery19121920
    NY 394cEberhart Brewing Co. Inc.19341934
    NY 395H. Evers & Co. Brewery18721898
    NY 396Wessel & Cornelius Evertsen Breweryc16451670
    NY 397Nicholas Eyre Breweryc1721Unknown
    NY 398Charles Fassert Brewery18741875
    NY 398.1William D. Faulkner Brewery1771c1781
    NY 399aH. Ferris & Sons Brewery18741884
    NY 400Adrian Feyh's Weiss Beer Brewery18501893
    NY 401Edward Fossdick Brewery18741875
    NY 402Peter Frasier Breweryc1760Unknown
    NY 403Junius A. Fuller Breweryc1835Unknown
    NY 404Peter Gardner Breweryc16451670
    NY 404.1Joseph Doelger Brewery18461853
    NY 405aGeorge Gillig Brewery18401842
    NY 405bGeorge Gillig Brewery18421843
    NY 405cGeorge Gillig Brewery18431853
    NY 405dJoseph Doelger Brewery1853c1863
    NY 405eJoseph Doelger Breweryc18631882
    NY 405fJoseph Doelger's Sons Brewery18821913
    NY 406aGeorge Gillig Brewery18531862
    NY 406bGeorge Gillig's Estate Brewery18621865
    NY 406cJohn G. Gillig & Frederick Oppermann Brewery18651873
    NY 406dGillig Oppermann & Co. Brewery18731875
    NY 406eTurtle Bay Lager Beer Brewery18751884
    NY 406fFrederick Oppermann Jr. Brewery18841886
    NY 406gThomas Conville Brewing Co.18921911
    NY 407J. George Gottsberger Brewery18721875
    NY 408aXavier Gnant Brewery18571863
    NY 408bXavier Gnant Brewery18631873
    NY 408cA. Hupfel's Sons Brewery18731883
    NY 408dA. Hupfel's Son Brewery18831889
    NY 408eUnited States Brewing Co.18891904
    NY 408fHupfel's Sons Brewery19041920
    NY 408gAllied Brewing and Distilling Co. Inc.19331934
    NY 408hPilser Brewing Co. Inc.19341920
    NY 408.1H. Grass & Toerge BreweryUnknown1862
    NY 409William Grinding Breweryc1786Unknown
    NY 410aMichael Groh Brewery18741875
    NY 410bLager Brewery18751880
    NY 410cMrs. Julia Groh Brewery18801882
    NY 410dPeter L. Biegen Brewery18821884
    NY 410.1Grunewald BreweryUnknown1846
    NY 411aRead & Co. Brewery18751877
    NY 411bHaddock & Langdon Brewery18771884
    NY 411cLangdon & Granger Brewing Co.18841893
    NY 412aMathias Haffen Brewery18561871
    NY 412bJ. & M. Haffen Brewery18711899
    NY 412cJ. & M. Haffen Brewing Co.18991908
    NY 412dJ. & M. Haffen Brewing Co.19081913
    NY 413aAndreas Andrew Hafner Brewery18561859
    NY 413bAndreas Hafner Brewery18601861
    NY 413cAndreas Hafner Brewery18621867
    NY 413dAndreas Hafner Brewery18721881
    NY 414aThomas Hall Breweryc16541670
    NY 414bWilliam Beekman Brewery16701707
    NY 414.1aHarrison's BreweryUnknown1774
    NY 414.1bSamual Atlee Porter Brewery1774Unknown
    NY 415aCharles P. Hawkins Brewery18741880
    NY 415bC. P. Hawkins & Co. Brewery18801882
    NY 415cC. P. Hawkins' Sons Brewery18821893
    NY 415dC. P. Hawkins' Sons Brewing Co.18931895
    NY 416aManhattan Brewery18651870
    NY 416bManhattan Brewery18701875
    NY 416cManhattan Brewery18751880
    NY 416dJr. Manhattan Brewery18801884
    NY 416eD. G. Yuengling Brewing Co.18841897
    NY 416fManhattan Brewery18971901
    NY 416gManhattan Brewery19011903
    NY 416hPilsener Brewing Co19031920
    NY 416iHorton Pilsener Brewing Co. Inc.19331941
    NY 417Richard Heins Brewery19011901
    NY 418aGustavius C. Hertel Brewery18701871
    NY 418bGus C. Hertel Brewery18721888
    NY 418cJohn Scheufele Brewery18931895
    NY 419aOriental Brewery18671871
    NY 419bOriental Brewery18711876
    NY 419cOriental Brewery18761884
    NY 419dOriental Brewery18841920
    NY 420Thomas Horsfield Breweryc1769Unknown
    NY 421aJessup & Cole Brewery1860Unknown
    NY 421bColumbian Brewery18741881
    NY 421cFlanagan James Nay & Co. Brewery18811888
    NY 421dNew York Breweries Co. Brewery18881908
    NY 421eClausen-Flanagan Brewery19081915
    NY 421fPhoenix Cereal Beverage Co.UnknownUnknown
    NY 421gFlanagan-Nay Brewing Corp19331937
    NY 422aDavid Jones Brewing & Malting18601880
    NY 422bJohn J. Jones Brewery18801882
    NY 422cEstate of David Jones Brewery18821884
    NY 422dDavid Jones Co. Brewery18841898
    NY 422.1Robert Kennedy Brewery18611862
    NY 423aKerr & Parr Brewery18741875
    NY 423bH. R. Kerr Brewery18751877
    NY 423cKerr & Smith Brewery18771882
    NY 423dGermania Brewing Co.18821884
    NY 423eEmpire State Brewing Co.18841893
    NY 424Jacobus Kip Breweryc1655Unknown
    NY 425Frederick Kleinschroth Brewery18741880
    NY 426aAndrew Koch Brewery18611864
    NY 426bAndrew Koch Brewery18651867
    NY 426cAndrew Koch Brewery18741891
    NY 426dAndrew Koch & Sons Brewery18911898
    NY 426eAndrew Koch's Son Brewery18991903
    NY 427aAlexander Gregory & Philip Harmon Brewery18441850
    NY 427bHarmon & Co. Brewery18531862
    NY 427cHermann Koehler Brewery18621865
    NY 427dKoehler Bros. Brewery18651866
    NY 427eKoehler Bros. Brewery18671870
    NY 427fHerman Koehler Brewery18711886
    NY 427gHermann Koehler & Co. Brewery18861902
    NY 427hH. Koehler & Co. Inc. Brewery19021917
    NY 427iFidelio Brewing Co. Inc.19171920
    NY 427jFidelio BreweryUnknownUnknown
    NY 427kFidelio Brewery Inc.19331940
    NY 427lThe Greater New York Brewery Inc.19401942
    NY 427mMetropolis Brewery Inc.19451950
    NY 428Koenig & Heindl Breweryc18601868
    NY 429aKolb's Brewery18621865
    NY 429bJohn Eichler Brewery18651888
    NY 429cJohn Eichler Brewing Co.18881920
    NY 429dThe John Eichler Brewing Co.19331938
    NY 429eThe John Eichler Brewing Co.19381947
    NY 429fLiebmann Breweries Inc. Brewery19471961
    NY 430aJ. & L. F. Kuntz Brewery18621865
    NY 430bJoseph Kuntz Brewery18651888
    NY 430cJoseph Kuntz Brewing Co.18881920
    NY 430dAmerican Brewing Co.19331938
    NY 430eNorth Side Brewing Co.19381947
    NY 430fNational Brewing Co.19471961
    NY 431Matthew Lawrence Breweryc1761Unknown
    NY 432Leonard Lipenard BreweryUnknown1804
    NY 433aValentine Loewer & Jacob Josy Brewery18681870
    NY 433bValentine Loewer Brewery18701871
    NY 433cVal. Loewer Brewery18711883
    NY 433dV. Loewer's Gambrinus Brewery Co.18831920
    NY 433eV. Loewer's Gambrinus Brewery Co.19331943
    NY 433fBrewery Management Corp.19431943
    NY 433gLoewer's Brewery Co.19441948
    NY 434aHenry Howard BreweryUnknown1874
    NY 434bHoward Brewery18741880
    NY 434cHenry Howard & Co. Brewery18821884
    NY 434dHoward & Childs Brewery18841907
    NY 434eHoward & Childs Co. Brewery19071910
    NY 435aEmerald Brewery18801889
    NY 435bEmerald and Phoenix Brewing Co.18891902
    NY 436Charles Mansfield Breweryc1702Unknown
    NY 436.1Alexander McLachlan BreweryUnknown1860
    NY 437aJohn Harrison BreweryUnknown1862
    NY 437bHarrison BreweryUnknown1865
    NY 437cMrs. S. M. McKnight Brewery18781882
    NY 437dW. G. McKnight Brewery18821884
    NY 437eR. & W. Bender Brewery18841885
    NY 438aBoyd & Kirk BreweryUnknown1851
    NY 438bBoyd Brothers & Co. BreweryUnknown1857
    NY 438.1aNew York Steam BreweryUnknown1860
    NY 438.1bBoyd & Kirk's BreweryUnknown1867
    NY 438.1cJ. McKnight's Sons BreweryUnknown1867
    NY 438.1dWilliam G. McKnight BreweryUnknown1877
    NY 438.1eWilliam Kirk Brewery18771884
    NY 438.1fKirk & Kelly Brewery18841888
    NY 438.1gChampion Brewing Co.18881890
    NY 439Cornelius Melyn Breweryc16451670
    NY 440aJ. J. Mentges BreweryUnknown1866
    NY 440bJ. J. Mentges BreweryUnknown1877
    NY 440cWheatcroft & Rintoul Brewery18771880
    NY 440dJohn Rintoul Brewery18801884
    NY 441Peter Mesier Breweryc1724Unknown
    NY 442aCroton Brewery18231827
    NY 442bMiles' Croton Brewery18271835
    NY 442cMiles' Croton Brewery18351855
    NY 442dWm. B. Miles Miles' Croton Brewery18551870
    NY 442e Croton Brewery18701909
    NY 443aJohn Murry Jr. Breweryc17701840
    NY 443bMilbank BreweryUnknownc1852
    NY 443cMilbank Brewery18531860
    NY 443dMilbank Brewery1861Unknown
    NY 443eMilbank BreweryUnknownc1870
    NY 443fMilbank Breweryc18701876
    NY 443gJames Wallace Brewery18761886
    NY 443hJames Wallace & Son Brewery18861899
    NY 443iSalvator Brewing Co.18991907
    NY 443jWm. A. Miles & Co. Brewery19091920
    NY 444Peter Minuit Brewery16331638
    NY 445Henry Moll Brewery18741875
    NY 446aMichael E. Moore Brewery18701873
    NY 446bMoore & James Vincent Brewery18741876
    NY 446cMichael E. Moore Brewery18761898
    NY 447Francis Munch Brewery18741884
    NY 448aJacob Marquardt Brewery18651870
    NY 448bMarquardt Bros. Brewery18701879
    NY 448cG. Marquardt Brewery18791888
    NY 448dFeigenspan Brewing Co.18881892
    NY 448eWilliam H. Frank Brewing Co.18921898
    NY 448fThe Frank Brewery18981916
    NY 448gEnterprise Brewery Inc.19161920
    NY 448hCity Brewing Corp19331941
    NY 448iThe Greater New York Brewery Inc.19411945
    NY 448jThe Greater New York Industries Inc. Brewery19451946
    NY 448kThe Greater New York Brewery Inc.19461950
    NY 449Harman Myndartsen Breweryc16451670
    NY 450Rynier Nack Breweryc1733Unknown
    NY 451aEmpire Brewery18461856
    NY 451bEmpire Brewery18561860
    NY 451cEmpire Brewery18601865
    NY 451dEmpire Brewery18651877
    NY 451eEmpire Brewery18771920
    NY 452aF. A. Neuman Brewery18741880
    NY 452bHermann Schalk Brewery18801882
    NY 452cNew York Brewing Co.18821884
    NY 453aJohn Noller Brewery1848Unknown
    NY 453bCharles Rivinius Brewery18741882
    NY 453cDavid Mayer Brewery18821891
    NY 453dDavid Mayer & Sons Brewery18911892
    NY 453eDavid Mayer Brewing Co.18921920
    NY 453.1Alexander Norris BreweryUnknown1860
    NY 454John Oothout Breweryc1732Unknown
    NY 455Gysbert Opdyke Breweryc16451670
    NY 456aTurtle Bay Brewery18781896
    NY 456bEstate of Frederick Oppermann Jr. Brewery18961897
    NY 456cFrederick Oppermann Jr. Brewing Co.18971910
    NY 457aCentennial Brewery18761890
    NY 457bCentennial Brewery18901899
    NY 457.1aDorman L. Ormsby Brewery18531854
    NY 457.1bDorman L. Ormsby Brewery18661873
    NY 457.1cDorman L. Ormsby Brewery18731875
    NY 458aFranz Otto Berliner Weissbier Brauerei Brewery18751890
    NY 458bFranz Otto Brewery18901905
    NY 458cH. M. Otto BreweryUnknown1849
    NY 458.1Chelsea BreweryUnknown1863
    NY 458.2G. Paulus Brewery1875Unknown
    NY 459Jacob Peters Brewery1875Unknown
    NY 459.1Bull's Head Steam Brewery1861Unknown
    NY 460Matthew Read's Patent Steam Brewery18581866
    NY 461Valentine Rehberger Brewery18721884
    NY 462Abret Rittenhouse Breweryc16451670
    NY 463William Robertson Breweryc1700Unknown
    NY 464John Roe Breweryc1761Unknown
    NY 465aJohn Roemmelt & Co. Brewery18541858
    NY 465bAndrew Leicht & Anton Hupfel Brewery1858c1860
    NY 465cRobert Clarke Breweryc1860Unknown
    NY 465dAnton Hupfel Brewery18611873
    NY 465eA. Hupfel's Sons Brewery18731883
    NY 465fJ. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewery18831887
    NY 465gJ. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewing Co.18871898
    NY 465hJ. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewing Co.18981920
    NY 465iJ. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewing Corp.19341938
    NY 465.1Wendel Roos Brewery18631874
    NY 466aRottman & Eckhoff BreweryUnknown1873
    NY 466bJohn F. Rottmann Brewery18741879
    NY 466cJohn F. Rottman Brewery18791884
    NY 466dJohn F. Rottman & Sons Brewery18841901
    NY 467aJacob Ruppert Brewery18671920
    NY 467bJacob Ruppert Inc Brewery19331940
    NY 467cJacob Ruppert Brewery19401965
    NY 468John Russel Breweryc1698Unknown
    NY 469Anthony Rugers Brewery17171732
    NY 470Jean Rutgers Brewery17531755
    NY 471aHarman Rutgers II Brewery1755Unknown
    NY 471bMrs. Harman Rugers III Brewery17531755
    NY 471cRobert Rutgers Brewery1755Unknown
    NY 472Peter Rutgers Breweryc17401783
    NY 473Petrus Rutgers Breweryc1724Unknown
    NY 474Rutgers Brothers Breweryc1783Unknown
    NY 475Harman Rutgerson Breweryc1695Unknown
    NY 476aPhilip Schaefer's Brewery18601880
    NY 476bF. Foehrenbach Brewery18801884
    NY 476cPhilip Schaefer & Son Brewery18841897
    NY 476dMount Vernon Consumers Brewing Co.18971900
    NY 476eManhattan Consumers' Brewing Co.19001904
    NY 477aAdolph H. Schmedtje Brewery19331936
    NY 477bYork Brewery Inc.19361937
    NY 478Schoenberger & Light Brewery18741875
    NY 479aJulius J. Schumann Brewery18741876
    NY 479bBauer & Betz Brewery18761882
    NY 479cJohn F. Betz Brewery18821884
    NY 479dStar Brewery18841891
    NY 480Schwaner & Paul Amend Brewery18701880
    NY 481aMichael C. Schweyer Brewery18571870
    NY 481bA. Finck & Son Brewery18701911
    NY 482aWestside Brewery18781883
    NY 482bMrs. Julia A. Groh Brewery18831884
    NY 482cWest Side Brewery18841897
    NY 482dWest Side Brewery18971916
    NY 483Patrick Sexton Brewery1875Unknown
    NY 484Julius Seyffert's Weissbier Brauerei Brewery18741875
    NY 485Morris Shieman Brewery19101911
    NY 486aPatrick Skelly Brewery18941895
    NY 486bKips Bay Brewing Co.18951903
    NY 486cKips Bay Brewing and Malting Co.19041910
    NY 486dKips Bay Brewing Co.19101913
    NY 486eKips Bay Brewing and Malting Co.19131920
    NY 486fKips Bay Brewing Co. Inc19341947
    NY 487aSamuel Smith Brewery18471848
    NY 487bColonial Brewery18521884
    NY 487cKnickerbocker Brewing Co.18841891
    NY 487dColonial Brewery18911901
    NY 487eColonial Brewery19011902
    NY 488George W. Smith Brewery18251835
    NY 489aSebastian Sommers Breweryc1852c1870
    NY 489bSebastian Sommers Breweryc18701876
    NY 489cHermann Lager Beer Brewery18761882
    NY 489dBurr Son & Co. Brewery18821884
    NY 489eBurr Brewing Co.18841891
    NY 490aSebastian Sommers Brewery18381842
    NY 490bF. & M. Schaefer Brewery18421845
    NY 490cF. & M. Schaefer Brewery18451849
    NY 490dF. & M. Schaefer Brewery18491878
    NY 490eF. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.18781880
    NY 490fF. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.18801911
    NY 490gF. & M. Schaefer Brewing Co.19111916
    NY 491George Sorg White Beer Brewery18751879
    NY 492aLion Brewery18521860
    NY 492bLion Brewery18601862
    NY 492cLion Brewery18621890
    NY 492dBernheimer & Schmid Brewery18901903
    NY 492eLion Brewery of New York City19031920
    NY 492fLion Brewery of New York City19331941
    NY 492gLion Brewery of New York City19411942
    NY 493A. Spiegel's White Beer Brewery18721875
    NY 493.1aHerman Spoehrer Brewery18661872
    NY 493.1bWhite Beer Brewery1872Unknown
    NY 494aWilliam Stengel Brewery18641865
    NY 494bWhite Beer Brewery18651874
    NY 494cHerman Spoehrer Brewery18751886
    NY 494dHerman Spoehrer Brewery18861898
    NY 494eChas. L. Spoehrer Brewery18981901
    NY 494fHerman Spoehrer Brewery19011905
    NY 494gFrances Spoehrer Brewery19051908
    NY 494hFranz Otto Brewing Co.19081909
    NY 494iBerliner Weiss Beer Brewing Co.19091911
    NY 495aE. Springmeyer Brewery18781884
    NY 495bE. Springmeyer Brewery18841890
    NY 495cEdw. Springmeyer Brewery18901899
    NY 495dMrs. E. Springmeyer Brewery18991901
    NY 495eJulian Horowitz Brewery19011901
    NY 495fElizabeth Urbach Brewery19011903
    NY 496Staeheli & Freimann Brewery18821882
    NY 496.1Bennett Braun & Esselbarn BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 497aConrad Stein & Philip Schaefer Brewery18641866
    NY 497bBrown & Esselborn Brewery18751877
    NY 497cGeo. Esselborn Brewery18771879
    NY 497dGeorge Esselborn Brewery18791884
    NY 497eGeorge Esselborn's Sons Brewery18841900
    NY 497fGeorge Esselborn Brewery19001907
    NY 498aStein & Schaefer Brewery18661867
    NY 498bConrad Stein Brewery18671900
    NY 498cConrad Stein's Sons Brewery19001903
    NY 499Frederick Stengel's White Beer Steam Brewery18741880
    NY 500aDavid Stevenson Brewery18511874
    NY 500bDavid Stevenson Jr. Brewery18741884
    NY 500cDavid Stevenson Brewery18841891
    NY 500dEstate of David Stevenson Brewery18911894
    NY 500eDavid Stevenson Brewing Co.18941920
    NY 500.1Thomas Childs Brewery1850sUnknown
    NY 500.2Union BreweryUnknown1862
    NY 501John Townsend Breweryc1759Unknown
    NY 502aContinental Brewery18641891
    NY 502bContinental Brewery18911903
    NY 503aOlaff Stevensen Van Cortlandt Brewery16481684
    NY 503bAnthony Lispenard Brewery1684Unknown
    NY 504aPeter Van Couwenhoven Breweryc16451670
    NY 504bIsaac Van Vleck Breweryc16701695
    NY 505aJacob Van Couwenhoven Breweryc16451670
    NY 505bJohn Van Couwenhoven Breweryc1670Unknown
    NY 506Jan Jansen Van Steenwyck Breweryc16451670
    NY 507Jean Vigne Breweryc1633Unknown
    NY 507.1Charles Wannemacher BreweryUnknown1865
    NY 508Anthony Wear Breweryc1761Unknown
    NY 508.1R. B. Webster BreweryUnknown1865
    NY 509Adam Werner Brewery18751882
    NY 510aGeorge Werner Brewery18741882
    NY 510bA. G. Werner Brewery18821884
    NY 510cA. G. Werner Brewery18841904
    NY 511Jacob Wernz White Beer Brewery & Saloon18651878
    NY 512Dutch West India Co. Brewery1632c1664
    NY 513aFrancis Morgan Brewery18621863
    NY 513bThomas Bohan BreweryUnknown1870
    NY 513cThomas B. Whitney Brewery18711876
    NY 513dShook & Everard Brewery18761891
    NY 513eJames Everard Brewery18911893
    NY 514aAndrew Natter Brewery18681874
    NY 514bOctavius Wieland Brewery18751890
    NY 515Winderberger & Hartman Brewery18911891
    NY 515.1Winckens BreweryUnknown1863
    NY 516aYuengling & Co. Brewery18711873
    NY 516bRyerson & Yuengling Brewery18731877
    NY 516cYuengling & Co. Brewery18771880
    NY 516dD. G. Yuengling Jr. Brewery18801882
    NY 517aHenry Zeltner Brewery18601888
    NY 517bHenry Zeltner Brewing Co.18881904
    NY 517cZeltner Brewing Co.19041909
    NY 517dLiberty Brewing Co.19091911
    NY 518aZinser & Friedrich Brewery19121915
    NY 518bEugene Zinser Brewery19151920

    Breweries listed under New York City, NY

    220 breweries were found for New York City, NY, showing 10 listings nearest to Eugene Zinser Brewery
    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    NY 364.11Francis Busam Brewery1850sUnknown
    NY 365Jaxsen Calder Breweryc16451670
    NY 366Albert Camack Breweryc16451670
    NY 366.1Pantaleon Candidus Brewery18611869
    NY 366.2aGeorge Carl BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 346aJacob Ahles Brewery18501853
    NY 366.3Daniel Carle BreweryUnknown1861
    NY 367Central Brewing Co.18991920
    NY 367.1L. Chatham Brewery18691875
    NY 367.2Stadt Harberg Brewery1643Unknown