List of New York Breweries

Syracuse, NY - 21 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 651aHerman Ackermann Brewery18741877
NY 651bAckermann & Stuber Brewery18771882
NY 651cAckermann & Sons Brewery18821884
NY 651dSyracuse Brewing Co.18841893
NY 651eAckermann & Pfohl Breweryc1900Unknown
NY 652Paul Alpert Brewery19101911
NY 653aJacob Becker Brewery18791880
NY 653bFrank Klasi Brewery18801895
NY 654aBrewster Brothers BreweryUnknown1853
NY 654bGreenway Brothers Brewery18531867
NY 654cJohn Greenway Brewery18671877
NY 654dGreenway Brewing Co.18771888
NY 654eGreenway Brewing Co.18881906
NY 654fGreenway Brewery19061916
NY 654gGreenway Brewery19161920
NY 654hGreenway Brewery Co. Inc.19331939
NY 654iGreenway's Inc. Brewery19391952
NY 655aCrystal Spring Brewing Co.18871900
NY 655bCrystal Spring Brewery19001904
NY 655cNational Brewery19041920
NY 656Dalton & Fleming Brewery18741875
NY 657Easterly Breweryc1850Unknown
NY 658Great Northern Brewing Co.19051905
NY 659aJohn Greenway Brewery18781884
NY 659bMantel & Haas Brewery18841886
NY 659cGermania Brewing Co.18861893
NY 659dBartels Brewing Co.18931920
NY 659eBartels Brewing Co.19331942
NY 660aBenedict Haberle Brewery18571880
NY 660bHaberle Holweck & Co. Brewery18801882
NY 660cHaberle & Hoffmann Onondaga Brewery18821883
NY 660dRyan Hoffmann & Co. Brewery18831885
NY 660eRyan & Hoffmann Brewery18851887
NY 660fThomas Ryan Brewery18871900
NY 660gThomas Ryan's Consumers Brewing Co.19001924
NY 661aBenedict Haberle Brewery18651875
NY 661bB. Haberle & Son Brewery18751881
NY 661cHaberle Brewing Co.18811892
NY 661dHaberle Brewery18921920
NY 661eHaberle Beverage & Products Co. Inc.19201933
NY 661fHaberle Congress Brewing Co. Inc.19331962
NY 662aHenry Hartmann Brewery18841886
NY 662bLewis House Brewery18861893
NY 662cLewis House Brewery18931900
NY 662dLewis House Brewery19001913
NY 662eL. House & Sons Co. Brewery19131920
NY 663Prospect Hill Breweryc1870Unknown
NY 664aWilliam Kearney Brewery18691895
NY 664bWilliam Kearney's Sons Brewery18951900
NY 664cKearney Brewery19001904
NY 665Johann Mang Brewery18041810
NY 666aRock Spring Brewery18751879
NY 666bRock Spring Brewery18791888
NY 666cRock Spring Brewing Co.18881898
NY 667aFrank Moore Wm. Quinn & Co. Brewery18811888
NY 667bQuinn & Co. Brewery18881901
NY 667cMoore & Quinn Brewery19011920
NY 667dMoore & Quinn Inc. Brewery19331950
NY 668aMurphy Bros. Brewery18951896
NY 668bMurphy Bros. Brewery18971904
NY 668cJohn Murphy Brewery19041907
NY 668dFlanigan & Murphy Brewery19071910
NY 668eCornelius Murphy Brewery19101915
NY 668fCornelius Murphy Brewery19151916
NY 669aNational Brewing Co.18881900
NY 669bNational Brewery19001904
NY 670aJacob Pfohl Brewery18741884
NY 670bJohn F. Scanlan Brewery18931900
NY 671aXavier Zett Brewery18581877
NY 671bXavier Zett & Son Brewery18791882
NY 671cGeorge Zett Brewery18821895
NY 671dGeorge Zett Brewery18951898
NY 671eGeorge Zett Brewing Co.18981902
NY 671fGeorge Zett Brewery19021920
NY 671gGeorge Zett Brewery Inc.19331934
NY 671hSyracuse Brewery Inc.19341937

Tappan, NY - 3 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 672Edward Tracy Brewery19051906
NY 673aGeorge Zent Brewery18741882
NY 673bNiagara River Brewing Co.18821893
NY 673cBusch Brewing Co.18931898
NY 673dNiagara River Brewing Co18981899
NY 673eTonawanda Brewing Co.18991920
NY 673fTonawanda Brewing Corp.19331935
NY 673gFrontier Brewery Inc.19351948
NY 674Best Brewing Corp.19341934

Troy, NY - 34 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 674.1Sterling Armstrong Brewery1830Unknown
NY 674.2John Benham Brewery18301838
NY 675aSamuel Bolton Brewery18651877
NY 675bSamuel Bolton & Sons Brewery18771888
NY 675cS. Bolton's Sons Brewery18881920
NY 675.2Henry Bowler Brewery18681870
NY 676aD. P. Chesborough & Son Brewery18841888
NY 676bCold Spring Brewing Co.18881890
NY 676.1aKyran Cleary & Edward Murphy Brewery18441848
NY 676.1bCleary & Murphy Brewery18491851
NY 676.1cKyran Cleary Brewery18521863
NY 676.1dMrs. Kyran Cleary Brewery18641874
NY 677aConkey Bros. Brewery18531857
NY 677bEdward Murphy Brewery18581867
NY 677cHoelinger & O'Brian Brewery18701871
NY 677dJohn C. Hoelinger Brewery18721874
NY 677eTroy Brewing Co.18751878
NY 677fPhilip Conners & Sheedy Brewery18791881
NY 677gPhoenix Brewery18811887
NY 677hDonnahue Bros. Brewery18881891
NY 677.1Richard Creech small beer Brewery18701882
NY 678.1William J. Dickson Brewery18601862
NY 679aWm. J. Dickson Brewery18751877
NY 679bReilly & McGrath Brewery18771879
NY 679cT. H. McGrath Brewery18791880
NY 679dWinslow & Co. Brewery18801882
NY 679eMathew A. McGrath Brewery18821888
NY 680.1aA. A. Dunlop Brewery18531864
NY 680.1bBowler Herbert & Co. Brewery18651867
NY 680.2Daniel Dunn Brewery18551856
NY 681Evans & Booke Brewery18751875
NY 682aBrewery18521853
NY 682bLundy & Ingram Brewery18531855
NY 682cLundy & Kennedy Brewery18551857
NY 682dLundy Dunn & Co. Brewery18571859
NY 682eDunn & Kennedy Brewery18591866
NY 682fFitzgerald Bros. Brewery18661899
NY 682gFitzgerald Bros. Brewing Co.18991920
NY 682hFitzgerald Bros. Brewing Co.19331962
NY 682.1aJames Lundy Brewery18591862
NY 682.1bJames Lundy Brewery18531867
NY 682.1cJames Lundy Brewery18671869
NY 683aGaffigan & Myers Brewery18751877
NY 683bJulia Gaffigan Brewery18771884
NY 683cDennis J. Whelan Brewery18841908
NY 683dDennis J. Whelan Estate Brewery19081916
NY 683.1Thomas Hunter Brewery1856Unknown
NY 684aCharles Hurstfield & Thomas Trenor Brewery18091823
NY 684bRead & Armstrong Brewery18231832
NY 684cRead Armstrong & Co Brewery18321837
NY 684dRead & Son Brewery18371841
NY 684eM. P. Read & Brothers Brewery18411847
NY 684fRead & Brothers Brewery18471856
NY 684gArba Read Brewery18561857
NY 684hRead Brothers Brewery18571867
NY 684iDunn & Kennedy Brewery18671867
NY 684jKennedy & Murphy Brewery18671895
NY 684kKennedy & Murphy Brewing and Malting Co.18951916
NY 685aChristian Isengart Brewery18651870
NY 685bIsengart & Voigt Brewery18701887
NY 685cWm. Donohue Tierney & Gross Brewery18871888
NY 685dDonohue-Tierney-Isengart Brewing Co.18881901
NY 685eIsengart Brewing Co.19011915
NY 686aLeo Kirchner Brewery18591877
NY 686bAndrew & Adam Quandt Brewery18771884
NY 686cQuandt Brewing Co.18841920
NY 686dQuandt Brewing Co. Inc.19331942
NY 686eWilliam R. Lester Brewery1872Unknown
NY 687aAbraham Nash Brewery18171824
NY 687bNash & Adams Brewery18241831
NY 687cAbraham Nash Brewery18311836
NY 687dA. Nash & Son Brewery18361939
NY 687eNash Beadleston & Co. Brewery18391856
NY 687fA. B. Nash & Co. Brewery18561865
NY 687gDaley & Stanton Brewery18651880
NY 687hJohn Stanton Brewery18801895
NY 687iJohn Stanton Brewing and Malting Co.18951920
NY 687jThe Stanton Brewery Inc.19331950
NY 688Rutgers Jacobsen Van Schoenderwoerdt & Goosen Gerritsen Van Schakk Brewery16491660
NY 689Evert Pels Brewery16421647
NY 689.1Edward Pillsworth Brewery18431851
NY 689.2aRobinson & Rogers Brewery18681870
NY 689.2bEdwin T. Robinson Brewery1870Unknown
NY 689.3P. Rogers & Son Brewery18601862
NY 689.4Casper Rothermel Weiss Beer Brewery18731874
NY 690aA. Louis Ruscher Brewery18521882
NY 690bRuscher & Co. Brewery18821903
NY 690cRuscher Brewing Co.19031905
NY 690dThe Ruscher Co Brewery19051912
NY 691aSands Star Brewery18501853
NY 691bUriel Dexter Brewery18531856
NY 691cWilliam J. Sands Brewery18571869
NY 691dT. W. Sands Brewery18701874
NY 691eT. W. Sands & J. H. Potter Brewery18751878
NY 691fWilliam H. Potter Brewery18781880
NY 691gMrs. Margaret A. Potter Brewery18801883
NY 691hConway Bros. Brewery18831897
NY 691iConway Bros. & Kane Brewery18971903
NY 691jConway Bros. Brewing and Malting Co.19031916
NY 691.1Col. Stephen J. Schuyler Brewery1793Unknown
NY 692Jacob Stoll & A. L. Ruscher Brewery18551864
NY 693aGeorge Koob Brewery18551862
NY 693bJacob F. Stoll Brewery18631888
NY 693cThe Jacob Stoll Brewery18881895
NY 693dStoll Brewing Co.18951920
NY 693eStoll Brewing Co. Inc.19341934
NY 694Wm. H. Walter Brewery18821884
NY 695aAdam Weinbender Brewery18821883
NY 695bAdam Weinbender Brewery18831884
NY 695cAdam Weinbender Brewery18841890
NY 695dEstate of Adam Weinbender Brewery18901895

Utica, NY - 20 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 696aCharles Bierbauer Brewery18531885
NY 696bColumbia Brewing Co.18851887
NY 696cWest End Brewing Co.18881920
NY 696dSeneca Food Products Corp. Brewery19201933
NY 696eWest End Brewing Co. Inc.19331981
NY 696fF.X. Matt Brewing Co.19811982
NY 696gF. X. Matt Brewing Co.19821990
NY 696hMatt Brewing Co.1990Unknown
NY 696.1Edward Bright Brewery18281831
NY 697aBrown Failey & Co. Brewery18841886
NY 697bOld Fort Schuyler Brewery18861891
NY 697cFort Schuyler Brewing Co.18911901
NY 697dCallahan Brewery19011903
NY 697eFort Schuyler Brewing Co.19031920
NY 697fUtica Brewing Co. Inc.19331934
NY 697gThe Utica Brewing Co. Inc. of Utica19351937
NY 697.1William V. Collins Brewery18571858
NY 697.2Joseph Denk Brewery18611865
NY 698aEagle Brewing Co.18881913
NY 698bEagle Brewing Co.19131920
NY 698cThe Eagle Brewing Co.19331943
NY 698.1Empire Brewing Co.18821884
NY 698.2French Brewery18581868
NY 698.3Joseph Goodliff Brewery1828Unknown
NY 698.4Thomas Harden's Brewery1817Unknown
NY 698.5William Inman's Brewery18041813
NY 699aGulf Brewery18301877
NY 699bGulf Brewery18771882
NY 699cGulf Brewing Co.18821920
NY 699dGlobe Brewing Co. Inc19331937
NY 699eThe Utica Brewing Co. Inc. of Utica N.Y.19371959
NY 699.1Mohawk Valley Brewing Co18801882
NY 700Utica Star Brewery18751901
NY 701aGeorge Ralph Brewery18321855
NY 701bGeorge Ralph Brewery18551884
NY 701cOneida Brewing Co.18841920
NY 701dOneida Brewing Co. Inc.19331942
NY 701.1Michael Remmer Brewery18601865
NY 702Chas. W. Sharp & Co. Brewery18931893
NY 703aStrom Brewery18481850
NY 703bCharles Bierbauer Brewery18501852
NY 703cVidvard Brewery18521855
NY 703dCharles Hutton Brewery18551891
NY 703eBarnes & Metzger Brewery18911895
NY 703fBarnes Metzger & Doll Brewery18951896
NY 703gLaFayette Brewing Co.18961896
NY 703hConsumers Brewing Co.18961897
NY 703iAugust Mueller Brewery18971899
NY 703jConsumers Brewing Co. of Utica18991900
NY 703kConsumers Brewery19001902
NY 704aWinslow Moore & Co. Brewery18801882
NY 704bUtica Brewing Co.18821890
NY 704cNational Brewing Co.18901892
NY 704dUtica National Brewing Co.18921899
NY 705People's Brewing Co.18821899

Vienna, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 706Mrs. Mary C. Herder Brewery18841884

Wappinger's Falls, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 707Thomas Mather Brewery18741875

Waterloo, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 708Geneva Brewing Co19101910

Watertown, NY - 3 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 709aHenry M. Hind Brewery18741877
NY 709bAlonzo Kellogg Brewery18771878
NY 710Peter Seibert Brewery18741878
NY 711aWatertown Brewing Co.18931901
NY 711bWatertown Consumers Brewing Co.19011920
NY 711cThe Northern Brewing Co. Inc.19331943

Waterville, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 712E. S. Peck Brewery18741882

Watervliet, NY - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 713Adam Weinbender Brewery18741880