Operated as Malt House Only Brewery – MI

Operated as Malt House Only Brewery opened in 1885 and closed in 1890 it was open for 5 years. Breweries that are only open for a couple of years like this did not have a long time to produce advertising and collectibles so they tend to be more scarce than breweries with more longevity. As a Pre-Prohibition Brewery, any advertising items or collectibles are likely to be valuable and desirable to collectors as they tend to be hard to find. Operated as Malt House Only Brewery was in an active brewing city. Detroit, MI was listed as having 110 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

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    Breweries listed under Detroit, MI

    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    MI 53aHenry Arndt Brewery18621866
    MI 53bHenry Arndt Brewery18671884
    MI 53cCharles Zigave Brewery18841890
    MI 53dToelle Brewing Co.18901891
    MI 53eEmil Honer Brewery18911897
    MI 53fRoyal Brewing Co.18971897
    MI 53.1Nicholas Ameis Brewery18621863
    MI 53.2Frederick Ams Brewery18481865
    MI 54aAuto City Brewing Co.19111919
    MI 54bAuto City Brewing Co.19331942
    MI 54.1aWm. Beal & Sam. Richardson Brewery18641868
    MI 54.1bSamuel Richardson Brewery18691870
    MI 55Paul Beider Brewery18821884
    MI 55.1Orlando Bellows Brewery18641869
    MI 56Berlin Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18901893
    MI 56.1aWilliam Bonninghausen & Son Brewery18641865
    MI 56.1bHugo & William Bonninghausen Brewery18661869
    MI 56.2aJohn Buehringer Brewery18641864
    MI 56.2bJohn Buehringer Brewery18661871
    MI 56.3aDetroit Brewery18451845
    MI 56.3bDetroit Brewery18461848
    MI 56.3cDetroit Brewery18491861
    MI 57aC. & K. Brewing Co.19331935
    MI 57bThe Wagner Brewing Co.19351937
    MI 57.1City BreweryUnknown>1837
    MI 58aAnton Kuhl Brewery18711874
    MI 58bAnna Kuhl Brewery18741884
    MI 58cCity Brewing Co.18841887
    MI 58dWestphalia Brewing Co.18871895
    MI 58.1aClemens Bros. Brewery18801882
    MI 58.1bJohn Clemens Brewery18861891
    MI 59aClemens Bros. Brewery18821885
    MI 59bExcelsior Brewery18861888
    MI 59cJ. F. Clemens & Co. Brewery18881893
    MI 59dEast Side Brewing Co.18931904
    MI 60aJacob Darmstaetter Brewery18651886
    MI 60bChicago Brewery18861893
    MI 60cWest Side Brewery Co.18931902
    MI 60dWest Side Brewery Co. Ltd.19021919
    MI 60eMundus Products Co. Brewery19201933
    MI 60fMundus Brewing Co. Inc.19331935
    MI 60gAlbert Brewing Co.19351938
    MI 61aMichael Darmstaetter Brewery18521856
    MI 61bJacob & William Darmstaetter Brewery18561865
    MI 61cWilliam Darmstaetter Brewery18651885
    MI 61dColumbia Brewing Co.18901917
    MI 61.1aJohn Dash Brewery18501863
    MI 61.1bJohn Dash Brewery18641864
    MI 61.2aT. H. Dash Brewery18601863
    MI 61.2bT. H. Dash Brewery18631869
    MI 62aWestern Brewery18601864
    MI 62bWestern Brewery18651868
    MI 62cAlonzo Davis & Henry Newberry Brewery18691876
    MI 62dEast India Brewing co.18771882
    MI 62eUnion Brewing Co.18831890
    MI 62.1Creamee Brewing Co.19341934
    MI 63aFrank Bilz Brewery18741874
    MI 63bBrewery & Summer Garden18751876
    MI 63cWolverine Brewery18771884
    MI 63dFred Dittmer Brewing Co.18841888
    MI 63eMillenbach Brewing Co.18881890
    MI 63fPhoenix Brewing Co.18901897
    MI 63gEndriss Brewing Co.18981899
    MI 63.1Detroit BreweryUnknown1837
    MI 63.3John & Nickolas Deville Brewery18621882
    MI 63.4Jacob Dorner Brewery18641866
    MI 64Dennis Dullea Brewery18721875
    MI 65Theo. Elspass Brewery18941894
    MI 66aCharles Endriss Brewery18651889
    MI 66bCharles Endriss Brewery18891904
    MI 67see MI 52 BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 68Charles I. Farrell Brewery18741875
    MI 69Daniel Fahsnacht Brewery18741879
    MI 69.1Louis Farkel Brewery18771878
    MI 69.2A. Fuller Brewery18771878
    MI 70aFrederick Grieser Brewery18711873
    MI 70bEliza Grieser Brewery18741880
    MI 70cGermania Brewery18801884
    MI 70dGermania Brewing Co.18841900
    MI 71aCincinnati Brewery18731889
    MI 71bA. Goebel Brewery18891919
    MI 71cThe Goebel Brewing Co. Inc.19341936
    MI 71dGoebel Brewing Co.19361964
    MI 72.1aFrederick Grosshans Brewery18621867
    MI 72.1bJacob F. Grosshans Brewery18681873
    MI 72See MI 70 BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 73Otto T. Haefele Brewery18991901
    MI 74.1S. G. Hammond Brewery18621863
    MI 74.2aHamtramck Brewery18451851
    MI 74.2bGeorge W. Carne Brewery18511855
    MI 74.2cGeorge W. Carne Brewery18561866
    MI 74.2dGeorge W. Carne Brewery18661869
    MI 74.3Charles Hartung Brewery18621862
    MI 75aGeorge Hauck Brewery18721873
    MI 75bGeorge Hauck & Christian Bauer Brewery18741882
    MI 75cGeorge Hauck & Peter Kaiser Brewery18821883
    MI 75dHauck Brewing Co.18831892
    MI 75eEdward 0. Reuter & Kaiser Brewery18921895
    MI 75fChampion Brewery18951919
    MI 75gSchmidt Products Co. Brewery19201933
    MI 75hThe Schmidt Brewing Co. Inc.19331951
    MI 75.1aRichard Hawley Brewery18451845
    MI 75.1bRichard Hawley Brewery18461858
    MI 77Independent Brewing Co.19071919
    MI 77.1aIndependent Brewing Co.19341935
    MI 77.1bREX Brewing Co.19351935
    MI 78aJ. Mason Brewery18521858
    MI 78bPeter J. Bowker & John W. Blackmur Brewery18621866
    MI 78cEdward Johnson & Son Brewery18721877
    MI 78dEdw. Johnson Jr. Brewery18771888
    MI 78.1aJefferson Brewing Co.19341934
    MI 78.1bJefferson Brewing Co.19371937
    MI 78.2Adam Kaiser Brewery18661871
    MI 78.3Karl Kimze Brewery18641864
    MI 78.4C. King Brewery18601861
    MI 79aPeninsular Brewery18631871
    MI 79bPhilip Kling & Co. Brewery18711884
    MI 79cPh. Kling Brewing Co.18841919
    MI 81aUlmer Brewery18711883
    MI 81bMichigan Brewery18831883
    MI 81cMichigan Brewery18831891
    MI 82aKoppitz-Melchers Brewing Co.18911919
    MI 82bKoppitz-Melchers Inc. Brewery19341947
    MI 82cGoebel Brewing Co.19471958
    MI 83.1aCarl Kunze Brewery18621863
    MI 83.1bCarl Kunze Brewery18641869
    MI 84aFrederick Langston Brewery18941894
    MI 84bFrederick Langston Jr. Brewery18951895
    MI 85John D. Mackay Brewery18621876
    MI 85.1aWilliam E. Moloney & Co. Brewery18771879
    MI 85.1bVienna Brewery18791891
    MI 85.1cVienna Brewing Co.18911896
    MI 85.1dMoloney Brewing Co.18961898
    MI 86aChristian Mann Brewery18721880
    MI 86bFt. Gratiot Brewery18801880
    MI 86cDaniel Valz Brewery18801882
    MI 86dMrs. Daniel Valz Brewery18821884
    MI 86eGeorge Bloss Brewery18841897
    MI 87aJacob Mann & Gottlieb F. Endriss Brewery18661871
    MI 87bJacob Mann Brewery18721889
    MI 87cJacob Mann Brewing Co.18891889
    MI 87.1Lewis Mann Brewery18741874
    MI 88aRobert J. Marsh Brewery18621865
    MI 88bR. Marsh & Son Brewery18651868
    MI 88cR. Marsh & Son Brewery18681877
    MI 88dGeorge Seeger Brewery18771880
    MI 88eClemens Bros. Brewery18801884
    MI 88fNaecker & Clemens Brewery18841888
    MI 88gJohn Clemens Brewery18881891
    MI 88hKellar & Schulz Brewery18911893
    MI 88iFrederick Schulz & Frederick Frey Brewery18931897
    MI 88jFrederick V. Frey Brewery18971904
    MI 89aContinental Brewery18681874
    MI 89bF. Martz & Bros. Brewery18741877
    MI 89cMartz Brothers Brewery18771886
    MI 89dDetroit Brewing Co.18861919
    MI 89eDetroit Brewing Co. Inc.19331949
    MI 90Deleted for lack of evidence BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 91aThomas McGrath Brewery18691880
    MI 91bThomas McGrath Brewery18801893
    MI 91cSt. Louis Brewing Co. Ltd.18931899
    MI 91.2Daniel McRoy Brewery18631869
    MI 92aAnton Michenfelder Brewery18741882
    MI 92bMichenfelder & Co. Brewery18821884
    MI 92cBavarian Brewing Co.18841889
    MI 92dBavarian Brewery18891890
    MI 93Michigan Brewery19121920
    MI 94Henry Miller Brewery18571879
    MI 94.1Charles W. Minard Brewery18611875
    MI 95aPhillip Nagel Brewery18871891
    MI 95bPhillip Nagel Estate Brewery18911893
    MI 95cP. Nagel Brewing Co.18931899
    MI 96Fred Nothnagel Brewery18741877
    MI 97see MI 114 BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 98aVollger Chas. V. & Ochsenhirt Adam O. Brewery18711871
    MI 98bAdam Ochsenhirt Brewery18721882
    MI 98cA. Ochsenhirt & Co. Brewery18821890
    MI 98dHome Brewing Co.18901897
    MI 99Old Holland Brewing Co.19351939
    MI 100aConrad Pfeiffer Brewery18891902
    MI 100bPfeiffer Brewing Co.19021919
    MI 100cPfeiffer Brewing Co.19341962
    MI 100dAssociated Brewing Co.19621966
    MI 100.1aAdam or Andrew Phohmann Brewery18621863
    MI 100.1bAdam or Andrew Phohmann Brewery18641869
    MI 100.2John Phiringer Brewery18621863
    MI 101aPros't Brewing Co.19331934
    MI 101bPros't Brewing Co. Inc.19341936
    MI 101cVoight-Prost Brewing Co.19361938
    MI 102aRegal Brewing Co.18681869
    MI 102bEkhardt & Becker Brewing Co.18521856
    MI 102.1New York Brewery18681869
    MI 102.2aElias Ruebelmann Brewery18521856
    MI 102.2bElias Ruebelmann Brewery18601869
    MI 103aAugustus Ruoff Brewery18641884
    MI 103bA. Ruoff Brewing Co.18841904
    MI 104John Scheu Brewery18771911
    MI 105aJohn Steiner Brewery18771884
    MI 105bFulda Frederick & Bommer John Brewery18851891
    MI 105cEkhardt & Becker Brewing Co.18911919
    MI 105dEkhardt & Becker Brewing Co.19351944
    MI 105eE & B Brewing Co. Inc.19441962
    MI 105.1Franz Stegmeyer Brewery18641869
    MI 106see MI 63b BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 107107 Straits Brewing Co.19341934
    MI 108aJulian Strelinger Brewery18651873
    MI 108bJulian Strelinger Brewery18741884
    MI 108cJulian Strelinger Brewery18851890
    MI 108dJulian Strelinger Brewery18911893
    MI 108eMutual Brewing Co.18931915
    MI 109aBernard Bernhardt Stroh Brewery18501864
    MI 109bLion Brewing Co.18641882
    MI 109cB. Stroh Brewing Co.18821902
    MI 109dThe Stroh Brewery Co.19021919
    MI 109eThe Stroh Products Co. Brewery19201933
    MI 109fThe Stroh Brewery Co.19331978
    MI 109gThe Stroh Brewery Co.19781985
    MI 110aTivoli Brewing Co.18981919
    MI 110bTivoli Brewing Co.19331948
    MI 110cAltes Brewing Co.19481954
    MI 110dThe National Brewing Co. of Michigan19541967
    MI 110eThe National Brewing Co.19671973
    MI 110.1P. Patrick Tregent & Co. Brewery18531854
    MI 111see MI 62 BreweryUnknownUnknown
    MI 112aUnion Brewing Co.18981919
    MI 112bUnion Beverage Co.19191933
    MI 112cUnion Products Co. Brewery19331934
    MI 112dCadillac Brewing Co. Inc.19341936
    MI 112eUnion Brewing Co. Inc.19361937
    MI 112.1aJoseph Voelkel Brewery18641869
    MI 112.1bGottlieb Frederick Endriss Brewery18741891
    MI 113aVoigt-Pros't Brewing Co.19371937
    MI 113bOakman Brewing Co.19371939
    MI 114aWilliam Voigt Brewery18661872
    MI 114bMilwaukee Brewery18721888
    MI 114cVoigt Brewing Co. Ltd.18881919
    MI 114dE. W. Voigt Brewing Co.19341934
    MI 115aVon Brewing Co. Inc.19331935
    MI 115bKraft Brewing Co.19351937
    MI 115.1C. F. Waltensperger Brewery18621863
    MI 116aWayne Products & Brewing Co.19331936
    MI 116bThe Wayne Brewing Co.19361937
    MI 117Anthony Wegener Brewery18881897
    MI 117.1William C. Duncan & George C. Rickman Brewery18501851
    MI 118aWilliam C. Duncan Brewery18521862
    MI 118bDuncan Central Brewery18621865
    MI 118cGeorge Langdon & Co. Brewery18651872
    MI 118dDuncan's Central Brewery18721882
    MI 118.1Henry Werner Brewery18621874
    MI 118.2Theodore Williams Brewery18611863
    MI 118.3Paul Wolf Brewery18621864
    MI 118.4Ziegler-Hutter Breweries Inc. Brewery19341934
    MI 119Thomas Zoltowski Brewery18911919
    MI 120aJoseph A. Kurtz Brewery18771884
    MI 120bWhite Eagle Brewery18861891
    MI 120cWhite Eagle Brewery18911919
    MI 120dJohn Zynda & Sons Brewery19191933
    MI 120eZynda Brewing Co.19331948

    Breweries listed under Detroit, MI

    110 breweries were found for Detroit, MI, showing 10 listings nearest to Zynda Brewing Co.
    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    MI 58aAnton Kuhl Brewery18711874
    MI 58.1aClemens Bros. Brewery18801882
    MI 59aClemens Bros. Brewery18821885
    MI 60aJacob Darmstaetter Brewery18651886
    MI 61aMichael Darmstaetter Brewery18521856
    MI 53aHenry Arndt Brewery18621866
    MI 61.1aJohn Dash Brewery18501863
    MI 61.2aT. H. Dash Brewery18601863
    MI 62aWestern Brewery18601864
    MI 62.1Creamee Brewing Co.19341934