List of California Breweries

San Diego, CA - 7 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 285aAztec Brewing Co.19331948
CA 285bAltes Brewing Co.19481953
CA 285.1City Brewery & Saloon18801880
CA 286aBay City Brewing Co.19121912
CA 286bMission Brewing Co.19131914
CA 286cMission Brewing Co.19141916
CA 287San Diego Brewery18681882
CA 288aRitz Brewing Co.19331933
CA 288bBalboa Brewing Co.19331934
CA 289aSan Diego Brewing Co.18961907
CA 289bSan Diego Consolidated Brewing Co.19071920
CA 289cSan Diego Consolidated Brewing Co.19341934
CA 289dSan Diego Brewing Co.19351943
CA 290aCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18681870
CA 290bCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18701875
CA 290cCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18751877
CA 290dCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18771879
CA 290eCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18791882
CA 290fCity Brewery Saloon & Beer Garden18821888

San Francisco, CA - 83 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 291aAcme Brewing Co19071916
CA 291bCalifornia Brewing Association19161920
CA 291cCalifornia Bottlin Association Brewery19201933
CA 291dGlobe Brewing Co.Inc.19331938
CA 292James Albrecht Brewery18781879
CA 293James Armstrong Brewery18741875
CA 294John Bauer Brewery18781884
CA 295aBay Brewery18681880
CA 295bMilwaukee Brewery18801891
CA 295cMilwaukee Brewery18911895
CA 295dMilwaukee Brewery of San Francisco18951902
CA 295eMilwaukee Brewery of San Francisco19021920
CA 295fMilwaukee Brewery of San Francisco19331935
CA 295gSan Francisco Brewing Corp.19351956
CA 295hBurgermeister Brewing Corp.19561961
CA 295iBurgermeister Brewing Co.19611964
CA 295jJos. Schlitz Brewing Co.19641969
CA 295kBurgermeister Brewing Corp.19691971
CA 295lFalstaff Brewing Corp.19711975
CA 295mFalstaff Brewing Corp.19751978
CA 296Frederick Breckle Brewery18961897
CA 297aGolden City Brewery18741884
CA 297bGolden City Brewery18841888
CA 297cGolden City Brewery18881891
CA 297dCo-operative Brewing Co.18911893
CA 297eF. A. Lux Brewery18931895
CA 297fAnchor Brewery18951906
CA 298aBroadway Brewery18741891
CA 298bBroadway Brewery18911895
CA 298cBroadway Brewery18951898
CA 298dBroadway Brewery18981905
CA 298eBroadway Brewing Co.19051916
CA 299Christian Brunig Brewery18901891
CA 299.1Empire Brewery1849Unknown
CA 299.2G. F. Burkhardt Brewery19061906
CA 300aAlbion Brewery18751881
CA 300bAlbion Brewery18811884
CA 300cAlbion Brewery18841893
CA 300dAlbion Brewery18931895
CA 300eAlbion Brewery18951908
CA 300fAlbion Ale and Porter Brewery19081911
CA 300gAlbion Ale and Porter Brewery19111920
CA 301Fred. Burns & Co. Brewery18751875
CA 302aBuss & Hensler Brewery18781879
CA 302bHensler & Fredericks Brewery18791884
CA 302cFredericks & Wack Brewery1884Unknown
CA 303California Brewing Co.18921915
CA 304aCalifornia Sake Brewery Co.19341935
CA 304bNippon Sake Brewery Co. Inc.19351937
CA 305aChicago Brewery18761882
CA 305bChicago Brewing Co.18821890
CA 305cChicago Brewing Co.18901893
CA 305dChicago Brewery18931906
CA 306John Christ Brewery18751884
CA 307Continental Brewing Co.19021902
CA 308aEagle Brewery18991901
CA 308bEagle Brewing Co.19011911
CA 308cEagle Brewing Co.19111920
CA 308dEl Rey Brewing Co. Inc.19331937
CA 308eAlbion Brewing Co. Inc.19371941
CA 308fEagle Brewing Co. Inc.19411942
CA 309Empire Brewery18761884
CA 310aFauss & Kleinclaus Brewery1874c1877
CA 310bWillows Breweryc18771890
CA 310cThe Willows Brewery18901906
CA 311aFortman & Graber Brewery1875c1877
CA 311bFortmann & Co. Breweryc18771890
CA 311cPacific Brewery18901891
CA 312aPhilip Frauenholz & Co. Brewery18521858
CA 312bBavarian Brewery18581884
CA 312cBavarian Brewery18841886
CA 312dBavarian Brewery18861896
CA 312eBavarian Brewery18961897
CA 312fBavaria Brewing Co.18971898
CA 312gWunder Brewing Co.18981909
CA 314aJackson Brewery18741884
CA 314bJackson Brewery18841897
CA 314cJackson Brewing Co.18971906
CA 314dJackson Brewing Co.19061920
CA 314eJackson Brewery19341934
CA 315aGeneral Brewing Corp.19341948
CA 315bLucky Lager Brewing Co.19481963
CA 315cGeneral Brewing Corp.19631969
CA 315dLucky Breweries Inc. Brewery19691972
CA 315eGeneral Brewing Co.19721975
CA 315fGeneral Brewing Co.19751978
CA 316Golden Gate Brewery19071908
CA 317aLafayette Brewery18751882
CA 317bLafayette Brewery18821888
CA 317cLafayette Brewery18881891
CA 317dLafayette Brewery18911895
CA 317eLafayette Brewery18951899
CA 318aEnterprise Brewery18731892
CA 318bEnterprise Brewery18921892
CA 318cEnterprise Brewing Co.18921914
CA 318dEnterprise Brewing Co.19141920
CA 319aUnion Brewery1875c1877
CA 319bUnion Breweryc18771880
CA 319cUnion Brewery18801884
CA 319dUnion Brewery18841886
CA 319eUnion Brewery18861896
CA 319.1Columbia Brewing Co.18971905
CA 320aSouth San Francisco Brewery18551879
CA 320bSouth San Francisco Brewery18791880
CA 320cSouth San Francisco Brewery18801884
CA 320dSouth San Francisco Brewery18841890
CA 320eSouth San Francisco Brewery18901899
CA 321Max Hornier Brewery18751875
CA 322Japan Brewing Co.c1904Unknown
CA 323aPhoenix Brewery18771904
CA 323bPhoenix Brewery19041906
CA 324aAlbert Koster Brewery1854Unknown
CA 324bUnion Brewing Co.18961902
CA 324cUnion Brewing and Malting Co.19021916
CA 325J. F. Lafrantz Brewery18741875
CA 326Lee & Perkins Brewery18821882
CA 327A. H. Lochbaum & Co. Brewery18931893
CA 328Lyon & Co. Brewery18741875
CA 329aAiji Matsuo Brewery19341937
CA 329bMatsuo Sake Brewing Co.19371941
CA 330Maehl & Weber Brewery18821882
CA 331aMarks Brewery18781879
CA 331bJohn C. Sauter Brewery18791884
CA 332Mrs. Lucy Marks Brewery18821882
CA 333aMason & Co. Brewery1874c1877
CA 333bMason's Breweryc18771884
CA 334Mehrer & Cruse Brewery18741875
CA 335aStar Brewery18751875
CA 335bRosener Bros. Brewery1877Unknown
CA 336Golden Gate Brewery18741884
CA 337aMission Brewery18971900
CA 337bMission Brewing Co.19001904
CA 338aNational Brewery18611877
CA 338bNational Brewery18771880
CA 338cNational Brewery18801884
CA 338dNational Brewing Co.18841916
CA 338eCalifornia Brewing Association19161920
CA 338fCereal Products Refining Corp. Brewery19231936
CA 338gAcme Breweries doing business as California Brewing Association19361943
CA 338hCalifornia Brewing Association19431954
CA 338iCalifornia Brewing Co.19541958
CA 339New York Brewery18781879
CA 340J. Nibbe & Co. Brewery18741875
CA 341aNoethig & Funk Brewery1875c1877
CA 341bHumboldt Breweryc18771880
CA 341cHumboldt Brewery18801884
CA 342aNorth Star Brewing Co.18971920
CA 342bNorth Star Brewery Inc19341935
CA 343Hibernia Brewery18741920
CA 344aPacific Brewing and Malting Co.19161920
CA 344bRegal Products Co. Brewery19331935
CA 344cRegal Amber Brewing Co.19351950
CA 344dRegal Amber Brewing Co.19501954
CA 344eRegal Pale Brewing Co.19541962
CA 345Pacific Syphon Beer. Co. Brewery19151915
CA 346aAmerican Railroad Brewery18581870
CA 346bAmerican Railroad Brewery18701899
CA 346cAmerican Railroad Brewery18991902
CA 346dUnion Brewing and Malting Co.19021904
CA 347aRainier Brewing Co.19161920
CA 347bRainier Brewing Co.19331953
CA 347cTheo Hamm Brewing Co.19531973
CA 347dBrewer's Unlimited Inc. Brewery19731975
CA 348Theo. N. Rantzau Brewery18741875
CA 349aSierra Nevada Brewery1882Unknown
CA 349bSierra Nevada Brewery18901891
CA 349cSierra Nevada Brewery18911893
CA 349dSierra Nevada Brewery18931895
CA 349eSaint Louis Brewery18951898
CA 349fSaint Louis Brewery18981904
CA 350aSchultz & Geitner Brewery18781882
CA 350bCalifornia Brewery18821888
CA 351A. Schuppert Brewery1849Unknown
CA 352aNorth Beach Brewery18741904
CA 352bJos. Schwartz Brewing Co.19041914
CA 352cDieter's Brewery19141916
CA 352dViking Brewery19161920
CA 353aJ. & S. Schweitzer Brewery1874c1877
CA 353bEureka Breweryc18771880
CA 353cEureka Brewery18801884
CA 354aKatsuzo Shioji Brewery19341934
CA 354bSan Francisco Sake Brewery19341935
CA 355Eagle Brewery18751882
CA 356aSouth San Francisco Stock Brewing Co.18761880
CA 356bSan Francisco Stock Brewery18801897
CA 356cSaint Louis Brewing Co.18971906
CA 357aAlbany Brewery18581870
CA 357bAlbany Brewery1870c1877
CA 357cAlbany Breweryc18771882
CA 357dAlbany Brewing Co.18821888
CA 357eHagemann Brewing Co.18881895
CA 357fHagemann Brewing Co.18951900
CA 357gAlbany Brewery19001920
CA 358aSwiss Brewery18751880
CA 358bStreuli Bros. Brewery18801884
CA 358cArnold & Hensler Brewery18841884
CA 359aStuber & Weikert Brewery18881897
CA 359bJacob Stuber Brewery18981899
CA 359cJacob Stuber & Co. Brewery18991903
CA 359dRed Lion Brewery19031907
CA 359eRed Lion Brewery19071908
CA 359fRed Lion Ale and Porter Brewing Co.19081911
CA 359gAugust Lang Brewing Association19111912
CA 360Swan Brewing Co.18781880
CA 361Tacoma Brewing Co.19341934
CA 362Consumers Brewery19051913
CA 363G. A. Trenschel Brewery18741875
CA 364aViking Brewing Co. of San Francisco18951897
CA 364bAnchor-Shasta Brewing Co.19071908
CA 364cAnchor Brewing Co.19081920
CA 364dAnchor Brewing Co.19331934
CA 364eAnchor Brewing Co.19341959
CA 364fAnchor Steam Beer aka Steam Beer Brewing Co.19611977
CA 364gAnchor Brewing Co.19771979
CA 364hAnchor Brewing Co.1979Unknown
CA 365aWahlmuth & Meyer Brewery1875c1877
CA 365bHayes Valley Breweryc18771882
CA 365cHayes Valley Brewery18821884
CA 365dHayes Valley Brewery18841903
CA 366aWanemacher & Kronenberg Brewery18751876
CA 366bUnited States Brewery18761884
CA 366cUnited States Brewery18841890
CA 366dUnited States Brewing Co.18901893
CA 366eUnited States Brewery18931906
CA 367aAlabama Brewery18981902
CA 367bAlabama Brewery19021905
CA 368Weyand & Kasche Brewery18741875
CA 369aPhiladelphia Brewery18551887
CA 369bJohn Wieland Brewing Co.18871890
CA 369cJohn Wieland Brewing Co.18901893
CA 369dJohn Wieland Brewery18931920
CA 369eWieland's Inc. BreweryUnknown1932
CA 369fJohn Wieland Brewery19341934
CA 370aCharles Wilmot Brewery18561870
CA 370bElliott Wilmot & Bugbee Brewery1870c1877
CA 370cWilmot Brewing Co.c18771879
CA 371aWashington Brewery18591870
CA 371bWashington Brewery18701899
CA 371cWashington Brewery18991916

San Jose, CA - 9 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 372aSan Jose Brewery18751880
CA 372bA. W. Bode Brewery18801884
CA 372cPhilip Doerr Brewery18841888
CA 372dGeoffroy Bros. Brewery18921903
CA 372eGarden City Brewing Co.19031906
CA 372fGarden City Brewing Co.19061920
CA 372gGarden City Brewing Co.19341934
CA 373aEagle Brewery18511879
CA 373bGeo. Scherrer Brewery18791897
CA 373cL. H. Hartmann & Mrs. George Scherrer Brewery18971906
CA 373dEagle Brewery, Inc.19061920
CA 374Sake Brewery19161916
CA 375A. Herman Brewery18781890
CA 376aFredericksburg Brewery18561872
CA 376bFredericksburg Brewery18721877
CA 376cFredericksburg Brewery18771880
CA 376dFredericksburg Brewery18801889
CA 376eFredericksburg Brewing Co.18891893
CA 376fFredericksburg Brewery18931920
CA 376gPacific Brewing and Malting Co.19331951
CA 376hWieland's Brewing Co.19511952
CA 376iFalstaff Brewing Corp.19521963
CA 376jFalstaff Brewing Corp.19631973
CA 377aLouis Krumb Brewery1874c1877
CA 377bKrumbs' Breweryc18771880
CA 377cLouis Krumb Brewery18801888
CA 378St.Claire Brewing Co.19331935
CA 379aSan Jose Sake Brewery19341935
CA 379bThe Nippon Sake BreweryInc.19351940
CA 380aSugita Bros. Brewery19051906
CA 380bJ. Sugita Brewery19061908
CA 380cRice Beer Brewery19081909
CA 380dRice Beer Brewery1909c1915

San Juan, CA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 381aSan Juan Brewery18741884
CA 381bAlbert Bentler Brewery18841888
CA 381cWisser & Sanders Brewery18881890
CA 381dTaixe & Abbe Brewery18901892

San Leandro, CA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 382aRailroad Brewery1875c1877
CA 382bColumbia Breweryc18771880
CA 382cColumbia Brewery18801891

San Luis Obispo, CA - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 383aSan Luis Brewery18781879
CA 383bE. Fink Brewery18791882
CA 383cMichael Wurch Brewery18821884
CA 383dOtto Tullman Brewery18841888
CA 384aJulius Lindenmeyer Brewery18741879
CA 384bWeigand & Keller Brewery18791909

San Rafael, CA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 385aBayen & Co. Brewery1871c1877
CA 385bBayen & Goerl Breweryc18771884
CA 385cFritz Goerl Brewery18841898
CA 385dFritz Goerl & Co. Brewery18981899
CA 385eSan Rafael Brewery18991900
CA 385fSan Rafael Brewery19001905
CA 385gSan Rafael Brewery19051907
CA 385hSan Rafael Brewery Inc.19071920
CA 385iSan Rafael Beverage Co.19341934

Santa Ana, CA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 387aReuter & Goldkaefer Brewery18841884
CA 387bJos. Fox Brewery18861886

Santa Barbara, CA - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 388aH. Mueller & Bro. Brewery18751884
CA 388bH. Mueller & Co. Brewery18841888
CA 388cMax Hoefle Brewery18881893
CA 388dH. R. Mueller Brewery18931897
CA 388eCity Brewing and Bottling Works18971899
CA 388fSanta Barbara City Brewery18991901
CA 388.4Santa Barbara Brewery18751875

Santa Clara, CA - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
CA 389aGottfried Fred Krahenberg BreweryUnknown1870
CA 389bSanta Clara Brewery18701880
CA 389cGeo. Lauck Brewery18801897
CA 389dSanta Clara Brewery18971913
CA 389eSanta Clara Brewery19131920