Peter Barmann Brewing Co. – NY 298f

Peter Barmann Brewing Co. opened in 1920 and closed in 1934 it was open for 14 years. Items from breweries of this age tend to be more common and less valuable than some breweries. Early items can still be valuable as can rarer types of items. This listing was active during Prohibition which makes it an oddity. Some breweries were able to stay in business by producing "near-beer" which was very low alcohol, some switched over to bottling sodas or other beverages, some became Ice-houses or other related businesses. Peter Barmann Brewing Co. was in an active brewing city. Kingston, NY was listed as having 11 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

  • Address Information: 30 Barmann Ave

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Breweries listed under Kingston, NY 298

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 298aB. Schwalbach Brewery1852Unknown
NY 298bElizabeth Schwalbach Brewery18741878
NY 298cPeter Barmann Brewery18791901
NY 298dPeter Barmann Brewery19011908
NY 298ePeter Barmann Estate Brewery19081920
NY 298fPeter Barmann Brewing Co.19201934
NY 298gPeter Barmann Brewery Inc.19361939
NY 298hPeter Barmann Brewery Inc.19391941

Breweries listed under Kingston, NY

11 breweries were found for Kingston, NY, showing 10 listings nearest to Peter Barmann Brewery Inc.
Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
NY 292aGeo. Dressell & Co. Brewery18641884
NY 293aJames Hargraves Brewery18741877
NY 294aHeiselmann & Spinner Brewing Co.18971899
NY 295aPhilip Hoffmann Brewery18821884
NY 296aTheo Kiernan Brewery18751877
NY 297C. Schieck Brewery18791884
NY 298aB. Schwalbach Brewery1852Unknown
NY 299Chas. Staudaucher Brewery18741875
NY 300aF. Stephan & Co. Breweryc18681877
NY 301Gustave Teichler Breweryc1880Unknown