List of Illinois Breweries

Champaign, IL - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 34Louis Buschmann Brewery18741875

Chicago, IL - 166 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 35Home Brewery19011902
IL 36American Brewing Co.18901901
IL 36.1American Brewing Co.19331933
IL 36.2Anheuser-Busch Inc. Brewery19341935
IL 37Augsberg Brewing Co.19341934
IL 38Adam Baierle Brewery18631869
IL 39Banner Brewing Co.18961897
IL 40aBartholomae & Leicht Eagle Brewery18731877
IL 40bBartholomae & Leicht Brewing Co.18771889
IL 40cBartholomae & Leicht Brewing Co.18891890
IL 40dBartholomae & Leicht Brewing Co.18901911
IL 41John Behringer Brewery18611869
IL 42aBemis & Rindge Brewery18621864
IL 42bBemis & Co. Brewery18641866
IL 42cDowner Bemis & Co. Brewery18661869
IL 42dDowner & Bemis Brewing Co.18691882
IL 42eBemis & McAvoy Brewing Co.18821887
IL 42fMcAvoy Brewing Co.18871889
IL 42gMcAvoy Brewing Co.18891920
IL 42hMcAvoy Co. Brewery1920Unknown
IL 42.1John P. Bengston Brewery18951909
IL 43aBerliner Weiss Beer Brewery18741875
IL 43bBerliner Weiss Beer Brewery18751876
IL 44aMatthias Best Brewery18581863
IL 44bKillian or Christian Schott Brewery18631865
IL 44cMartin Best Brewery18651866
IL 45aM. Best Brewery18521854
IL 45bConrad Seipp Brewery18541855
IL 45cConrad Seipp Brewery18551858
IL 45dConrad Seipp & Co. Brewery18581860
IL 45eSeipp & Lehmann Brewery18601872
IL 45fConrad Seipp Brewery18721876
IL 45gConrad Seipp Brewing Co.18761890
IL 45hConrad Seipp Brewing Co.18901933
IL 46aF. Binz Brewery18661868
IL 46b Brewery18681878
IL 46cKeeley Brewing Co.18781920
IL 46dKeeley Brewing Co.19331953
IL 47aBlattner & Seidenschwanz Breweryc18501857
IL 47bSeidenschwanz & Wacker Brewery18571858
IL 47cWacker & Seidenschwanz Brewery18581865
IL 47dFrederick Wacker Brewery18651867
IL 47eF. Wacker Brewery18671882
IL 47fFrederick Wacker & Jacob Birk Brewing & Malting Co.18821889
IL 47gWacker & Birk Brewing & Malting Co.18891918
IL 47hWacker & Birk Co. Breweryc1920Unknown
IL 48aBohemian Brewing Co. of Chicago18911896
IL 48bAtlas Brewing Co.18961920
IL 48cAtlas Brewing Co.19201933
IL 48dAtlas Brewing Co.19331944
IL 48eAtlas Brewing Co.19441951
IL 48fAtlas Brewing Co.19511962
IL 49William Bohn Brewery18931893
IL 50aBrand Brewing Co.18991909
IL 50bBrand Brewing Co.19091922
IL 50caka Royal Brewing Co. 1934, aka Prima Products Co. 1932 19321935
IL 51aCharles Brand & Ernest Hummel Brewing Co.18801887
IL 51bSouth Chicago Brewing Co.18871895
IL 51cSouth Chicago Brewing Co.18951897
IL 51dSouth Chicago Brewing Co.18971922
IL 52aMichael Brand Brewery18781879
IL 52bMichael Brand & Co. Brewery18791886
IL 52cThe Michael Brand Brewing Co.18861889
IL 52dUnited States Brewing Co. of Chicago18891890
IL 52eUnited States Brewing Co. of Chicago18901927
IL 52fUnited States Brewing Co.19321955
IL 53aBrewer & Hofmann Brewing Co.18861902
IL 53bGeorge J. Cooke Co. Brewery19051910
IL 53cGeorge J. Cooke Co. Brewery19101922
IL 54aBrisach & Hessemer Brewery18581859
IL 54bJoseph Brisach Brewery18591860
IL 55Broadway Brewing Co.19341934
IL 56aBucher & Hiller Brewery18581866
IL 56bGeo. Hiller Brewery18661868
IL 57aGeorge Burroughs Breweryc1850Unknown
IL 57bFrederick Burroughs Breweryc18541862
IL 58aValentin Busch Brewery18511858
IL 58bBusch & Michael Brand Brewery18581873
IL 58cBusch & Brand Brewing Co18731879
IL 59aCalumet Brewing Co.19011909
IL 59bCalumet Brewing & Malting Co.19091911
IL 59cBessemer Brewing Co.19111913
IL 60aJames Carney Brewery18401855
IL 60bJohn O'Neill Brewery18551860
IL 61Castle Brewery Co.18961896
IL 62Chicago Ale and Malt Co. Brewery18611867
IL 63aChicago Brewing Co.18881898
IL 63bChicago Brewing Co.18981909
IL 63cChicago Brewery19091919
IL 64aChicago Union Brewing Co.18671885
IL 64bCooke & Stenson Brewery18851887
IL 64cCooke Brewing Co.18871910
IL 65aCitizens Brewing Co.18931898
IL 65bCitizens Brewing Co.18981920
IL 65cBismarck Brewing Co.19331941
IL 65dPrima-Bismarck Brewing Co.19411951
IL 66aColumbus Brewing Co.19021910
IL 66bLutz Brewing Co.19101910
IL 66cAtlantic Brewing Co.19101912
IL 67aCorper & Nocklin Brewery18861891
IL 67bBirk Bros. Brewing Co.18911909
IL 67cBirk Bros. Brewing Co.19091923
IL 67dBirk Bros. Brewing Co.19231936
IL 67eBirk Bros. Brewing Co.19361950
IL 68aCarl Corper Brewing Co.19031904
IL 68bGlobe Brewing Co.19041910
IL 68cBrand Brewing Co.19101913
IL 69aCarl Corper Brewing and Malting Co.18931898
IL 69bCarl Corper Brewing and Malting Co.18981900
IL 70Matthew Cziner Brewery18741875
IL 71aFrancis J. Dewes Brewery18821885
IL 71bF. J. Dewes Brewery Co.18851890
IL 71cF. J. Dewes Brewery Co.18901898
IL 71dCity Brewery Co.18981906
IL 72aNorth Star Brewery18581859
IL 72bNorth Star Brewery18591860
IL 72cNorth Star Brewery18601864
IL 73Thomas Donovan Breweryc1860Unknown
IL 74Downer, Bemis, & Co. Ale & Porter Brewery18601864
IL 75aMorgan Doyle Brewery18631864
IL 75bDoyle & Brother Brewery18641866
IL 75cDoyle & Brother Brewery18661878
IL 75dJohn Devereaux Brewery18781879
IL 76aEagle Brewing Co.19011909
IL 76bEagle Brewing Co.19091927
IL 77Simon Eichenseher Brewery18581866
IL 78aEndlich & Saladin Brewery18581860
IL 78bWilliam Saladin Brewery18601870
IL 78cMatheus Gottfried Brewery18701882
IL 78dGottfried Brewing Co.18821924
IL 79aErnst Bros. Brewing Co.18841889
IL 79bErnst Bros. Brewery18891900
IL 80Errickson & Berquist Brewery18741875
IL 81Julius Fahrenbach Brewery18981902
IL 82aErnst Fecker Jr. Brewery18941895
IL 82bGeorge J. Stadler Brewing Co.18951899
IL 82cStenson Brewing Co.18991909
IL 82dStenson Brewing Co.19091923
IL 82eStenson Brewing Co.19331943
IL 83aThe Fecker Brewing Co.18901895
IL 83bThe Fecker Brewing Co.18951898
IL 83cThe Fecker Brewing Co.18981901
IL 84F. C. Feigel Brewery18751876
IL 85August Fischer Brewery18831888
IL 86William Fleming Brewery18581876
IL 87aWilliam Fleming & Co. Brewery18611863
IL 87bExcelsior Brewery18631868
IL 88aFortune & Co. Brewery18641865
IL 88bSchmidt & Katz Brewery18651866
IL 88cSchmidt Katz & Leverens Brewery18661867
IL 88dSchmidt Katz & Co. Brewery18671869
IL 89aFortune Bros. Brewery18571881
IL 89bFortune Brothers Brewing Co.18811920
IL 89cFortune Bros. Brewing Co.19361948
IL 90aE. Funk & Co. Brewery18741877
IL 90bErnst Funk Brewery18771884
IL 90cErnst Funk Brewery18841891
IL 90dErnst Funk Brewery18911909
IL 90e90e Ernst Funk Brewery19091911
IL 91aGambrinus Brewing Co.19001909
IL 91bGambrinus Brewing Co.19091922
IL 91cGambrinus Brewing Co.19331935
IL 91dGambrinus Co. Inc. Brewery19351936
IL 91ePatrick Henry Brewing Co. Inc.19361939
IL 92Garden City Brewing Co.18901890
IL 93aGarden City Brewing Co.19011902
IL 93bGarden City Brewery19021925
IL 93cGarden City Brewery19331951
IL 94Jacob Gauch Breweryc1845Unknown
IL 95Gauch & Brahm Brewery18551856
IL 97Joseph Geeman Brewery18621865
IL 97.1Germania Brewing Co.19331933
IL 98aGillen Schmidt & Co. Brewery18781880
IL 98bBavarian Brewing Co.18801884
IL 98cBavarian Brewing Co.18841891
IL 98dCantwell & Ryan Eagle Brewing Co.18911893
IL 98eCantwell Eagle Brewing Co.18931897
IL 99aMatheus Gottfried & Peter Schoenhofen Brewery18601864
IL 99bGottfried & Schoenhofen Brewery18641867
IL 99cPeter Schoenhofen Brewery18671879
IL 99dPeter Schoenhofen Brewing Co.18791925
IL 99.1Greenlee Breweries Ltd. Brewery19341934
IL 100Gutsch Brothers Brewery18591865
IL 101Haas & Powell Brewery18701871
IL 102aPeter Hand Brewery Co.18911909
IL 102bPeter Hand Brewery Co.19091920
IL 102cPeter Hand Brewery Co.19331967
IL 102dMeister Brau Inc. Brewery19671972
IL 102ePeter Hand Brewing Co.19731978
IL 103Thomas G. Hanson Brewery18621867
IL 104Healy & Regitz Brewery18871888
IL 105aHenn & Gabler Brewing Co.18921895
IL 105bHenn & Gabler Brewing Co.18951898
IL 105cHenn & Gabler Brewery18981901
IL 105dNorthwestern Brewery No. 219011908
IL 105eFrank McDermott Brewing Co.19251937
IL 106Matthew Hitz Brewery18551862
IL 107aJos. Hladovec Brewing Co.18901892
IL 107bMonarch Brewing Co.18921898
IL 107cMonarch Brewing Co.18981909
IL 107dMonarch Brewery19091922
IL 107eMonarch Beverage Co.19231932
IL 107fMonarch Brewing Co. Inc.19321936
IL 107gMonarch Brewing Co.19361958
IL 107hVan Merritt Brewing Co.19581967
IL 108aJohn L. Hoerber Brewery18641882
IL 108bBartholomay & Burgweger Brewing Co.18821887
IL 108cWilliam Ruehl Brewing Co.18871898
IL 108dWilliam Ruehl Brewing Co.18981907
IL 109aJohn L. Hoerber Brewery18581864
IL 109bHoerber & Gastreich Brewery18641865
IL 109cJohn L. Hoerber Brewery18651865
IL 109dMichael Sieben Brewery18651876
IL 110aJohn L. Hoerber Brewery18821885
IL 110bJohn L. Hoerber Brewing Co.18851909
IL 110cJohn L. Hoerber Brewing Co.19091927
IL 110dThe Hoerber Brewing Co.19341941
IL 111aHofmann Bros Brewing Co.18961909
IL 111bHofmann Bros. Brewing Co.19091925
IL 111cPeter Fox Brewing Co.19331955
IL 112Home Brewery19101920
IL 113Home Brewing Co.18951895
IL 114Home Weiss Beer Brewery19131916
IL 115aJohn Huck & John Schneider Brewery18471855
IL 115bEagle Brewery18551860
IL 115cHuck's Chicago Brewing Co.18601869
IL 115dJohn A. Huck Brewing Co.18691871
IL 116aIllinois Brewing and Malting Co.19011910
IL 116bWhite Eagle Brewing Co.19101913
IL 116cWhite Eagle Brewing Co.19131925
IL 116dMid-West Products Co. Brewery19251932
IL 116eWhite Eagle Brewing Co.19321950
IL 117aIndependent Brewing Association18901909
IL 117bIndependent Brewing Association19091915
IL 117cIndependent Brewing Association19151920
IL 117dPrimalt Products Co. Brewery19201925
IL 117eThe Prima Co. Brewery19251938
IL 118aJoseph Jerusalem Brewery18681871
IL 118bJoseph Jerusalem Brewery18721887
IL 118cUlrike Jerusalem Brewery18881891
IL 118dGustav Eberlein Brewery18911903
IL 118eEberlein Weiss Beer Brewery19031908
IL 119aJoseph Junk Brewery18831887
IL 119bJunk's Brewery18871904
IL 119cJos. Junk Brewing Co.19041909
IL 119dSouth Side Brewing Co.19091921
IL 119eSouth Side Ice & Beverage Co.19221926
IL 119fSouth Side Brewing Co.19341937
IL 119gAmbrosia Brewing Co.19371959
IL 119hAtlantic Brewing Co.19591965
IL 120Henry Kassens Brewery18841884
IL 121Goerge Keller Brewery18671869
IL 122aKerber & Stege Brewery18641866
IL 122bHerman Spanknebel Brewery18661867
IL 122cEdward Stege Brewery18671868
IL 123aKlockgeter & Co. Brewery18851886
IL 123bLakeviev Brewery18861889
IL 123cAlvin Greiner Brewery18891891
IL 123dBest Brewing Co. of Chicago18911915
IL 123eBest Brewing Co. of Chicago19151928
IL 123fBest Brewing Co. of Chicago19321951
IL 123gBest Brewing Corp19511961
IL 124William Knight Brewery18611863
IL 125Koch & Poggensee Brewery19051906
IL 126aKoch & Reyber Brewery1888Unknown
IL 126bLouis Wagner BreweryUnknown1891
IL 127Koller Brewing Co. Inc.19331953
IL 128A. G. Kurth Brewery18881888
IL 129aLouis Lamm Brewery18971898
IL 129bGermania Brewing Co.18981899
IL 129cGermania Brewing Co.18991900
IL 130aWilliam Lill & Co. Brewery18331839
IL 130bWilliam Lill & Co. Brewery18391842
IL 130cChicago Brewery18421871
IL 131Joseph or James Ludwick & Co. Brewery18581863
IL 132aCharles B. Mader Brewery18841888
IL 132bMader & Bartelme Brewery18881890
IL 132cCharles B. Mader Brewery18901893
IL 132dC. B. Mader & Co. Brewery18931895
IL 132eSiegler & Schiemann Brewing Co.18951897
IL 132fImperial Brewing and Bottling Co.18971898
IL 132gGlobe Brewing Co.18981901
IL 132hCharles B. Mader Brewery19011902
IL 132iChicago Consolidated Bottling Co. Brewery19021904
IL 132jKoch & Poggensee Brewery19041907
IL 133aManhattan Brewing Co.18931933
IL 133bManhattan Brewing Co.19331947
IL 133cCanadian Ace Brewing Co19471968
IL 136Metropolitan Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18981898
IL 137aMette & Vogt Brewery18881889
IL 137bJohn Vogt Brewery18891892
IL 137cVogt & Sweeney Brewing Co.18921895
IL 137dMullen Brewing Co.18951906
IL 138aUnion Breweryc18501869
IL 138bUnion Brewery18691875
IL 138cGeorge Metz Jr. Brewery18751877
IL 139aMiller & Son Brewery18631870
IL 139bSeipp & Lehmann Brewery18701871
IL 140aH. B. Miller & Son Brewery18651865
IL 140bH. B. Miller & Son Brewery18661868
IL 141John B. Miller Brewery18591862
IL 142Timothy Mitchell Brewery18821884
IL 142.1Morand Bros. Beverage Co.19331934
IL 143Moser Bros. Brewery18661868
IL 144Star Brewery18671871
IL 145aMueller Bros. Brewery18871890
IL 145bThe Star Brewery Co.18901898
IL 145cThe Star Brewery18981902
IL 146aMueller Brothers Brewery18841888
IL 146bMueller Brothers' Brewing Co.18881890
IL 147aA. & G. H. Mueller Brewery18591862
IL 147bMueller Bros. Brewery18621865
IL 147.1Munich Bavarian Brewing & Distilling Co.19331933
IL 148aSimon Munger Brewery1888Unknown
IL 148bHenry P. Caldwell BreweryUnknown1891
IL 149aJohn Nangle Brewery18611864
IL 149bJohn Nangle Brewery18641868
IL 150aNational Brewing Co.18901909
IL 150bNational Brewing Co.19091925
IL 150cNational Brewing Co.19251933
IL 150dSchoenhofen Edelweiss Co. Brewery19331951
IL 150eDrewry's Ltd. Brewery19511972
IL 151aMutual Brewing Co.19081924
IL 151bMutual Ice & Beverage Co.19331933
IL 152Non-Alcoholic Beer Co. Brewery18931893
IL 153aNorthwestern Brewing Co.18881898
IL 153bNorthwestern Brewing Co.18981909
IL 153cNorthwestern Brewery19091921
IL 154aBavarian Brewing Co.18921904
IL 154bMullen Brewing Co.19041917
IL 154cNational Brewing Co.19171918
IL 155aChas. F. Ogren Brewery18861888
IL 155bChas. F. Ogren Brewery18881892
IL 155cChas. F. Ogren Brewing Co.18921895
IL 155dChas. F. Ogren Brewing Co.18951909
IL 155eOgren Brewing Co.19091913
IL 156aOld Monk Brewery Corp.19341936
IL 156bOld Abbey Brewery Corp.19361941
IL 157aJohn O'Neill BreweryUnknown1860
IL 157bDickinson & Bemis Brewery18601862
IL 158Garden City Breweryc18541856
IL 159aWilliam Pfeifer Brewery18881891
IL 159bWilliam Pfeifer Brewery18921909
IL 159cWilliam Pfeifer Brewery19091918
IL 159dSuperior Brewing Co.19331941
IL 160aJohn Pforr Brewery18881892
IL 160bCatherine Pforr Brewery18921895
IL 160cCatherine Pforr Brewery18951897
IL 160dJohn Pforr Brewery18971908
IL 160eEdw. J. Birk & Bro. Brewery19101912
IL 161aPhoenix Brewing Co.18961898
IL 161bPhoenix Brewing Co.18981901
IL 162aPilsen Brewing Co.19031905
IL 162bPilsen Brewing Co.19051909
IL 162cPilsen Brewing Co.19091920
IL 162dPilsen Brewery Co.19331962
IL 163aPohl Bros. Brewery18811882
IL 163bPaul Pohl & Reinhold Henry Brewery18821884
IL 163cPaul Pohl Brewery18841905
IL 163dPaul Pohl Brewing Co.19051913
IL 163eTabor Brewing Co.19131915
IL 163fNorth American Brewing Co.19151932
IL 163gBosworth Products Co. Brewery19321933
IL 163hAtlantic Brewing Co.19331965
IL 164Quist & Carlson Brewery19081908
IL 165aJacob Rehm & Co. Brewery18651866
IL 165bRehm & Bartholomae Brewery18661868
IL 165cBartholomae & Co. Brewery18681873
IL 165dBartholomae & Roesing Brewery18731888
IL 165eBartholomae & Roesing Brewing & Malting Co.18881890
IL 165fBartholomae & Roesing Brewing & Malting Co.18901909
IL 165gUnited States Brewing Co.19091920
IL 166Joseph Reidelberger Brewery18641865
IL 167Reiser & Portmann Brewery18591860
IL 168Riverside Brewing Co.19381938
IL 169aHenry F. L. Rodemeyer Brewery18581859
IL 169bSchock Devry & Co. Brewery18591860
IL 170aCharles Rooth Brewery18591860
IL 170bThies & Bouland Brewery18601862
IL 171aRuehl Bros. Brewing Co.19011915
IL 171bRuehl Bros. Brewing Co.19151925
IL 171cRoosevelt Brewing Co.19331938
IL 172aNorth Star Brewery18541857
IL 172bNorth Star Brewery18571858
IL 172cJames McDonald Brewery18591860
IL 172dJ. S. Saberton Brewery18611864
IL 173aColumbia Brewery18551863
IL 173bColumbia Brewery18631871
IL 174aScanlon & Prinderville Brewery18621864
IL 174bJohn Scanlon Brewery18641867
IL 175Henry Scheffel & Co. Brewery18911899
IL 176Schmidt & Bender Brewery18661870
IL 177H. Schmidt & Co. Brewery18591860
IL 178Schoenhofen Edelweiss Co. Brewery19541962
IL 179Fred. Seibt Brewery18821884
IL 180aMichael Sieben Brewery18961898
IL 180bMichael Sieben Brewery18981905
IL 181aMichael Sieben Brewery18761895
IL 181bExcelsior Brewing Co.18951898
IL 181cM. Sieben's Brewery19111914
IL 181dSieben's Brewery Co.19141920
IL 181eMid-City Brewery Co.19201924
IL 181fSieben's Brewery Co.19331967
IL 182aWilliam Siebert & Kaspar Schmidt Brewery18601864
IL 182bSiebert & Schmidt Brewery18641866
IL 182cK. G. Schmidt Brewery18661871
IL 182dSchmidt & Glade Brewery18711882
IL 182eK. G. Schmidt Brewing Co.18821890
IL 182fK. G. Schmidt Brewing Co.18901909
IL 182gK. G. Schmidt Brewing Co.19091917
IL 183Siebert & Woelffer Brewery18661868
IL 184aThe Standard Brewery18921920
IL 184bThe Standard Products Co. Brewery19201923
IL 185aEdward R. Stege Brewery18901905
IL 185bEdward R. Stege Brewery19051923
IL 186John Stutz Brewery18651867
IL 187aN. P. Svenson Brewery18661867
IL 187bHenderson & Vedell Brewery18671868
IL 187.2Tap Brew Inc. Brewery19391939
IL 188Ernst Tosetti Brewing Co.18861915
IL 189aAdolph Wagner Brewery18861887
IL 189bKatherine Wagner Brewery18871888
IL 189cRobert Seyer Brewery18901890
IL 189dColumbia Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18931896
IL 189eColumbia Weiss Beer Brewing Co.18961905
IL 190E. A. Wagner & Co. Brewery18821882
IL 191Louis Wagner Brewery18951897
IL 192aLouis or Ludwig Wagner Brewery1867c1885
IL 192bCatherine Wagner Breweryc18851888
IL 193aFrank Walther Brewing Co.18781881
IL 193bEast Side Brewery Co.18811890
IL 193cWest Side Brewery Co.18901919
IL 194aWestminster Brewing Co.19351938
IL 194bPrima Brewing Co.19381941
IL 195aWhite Eagle Brewing Co.19001909
IL 195bWhite Eagle Brewing Co.19091910

Chicago Heights, IL - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 196aChicago Heights Brewing Co.19081912
IL 196bHome Brewery19121915
IL 196cChicago Heights Brewery19331934
IL 196dMacDonald Brewery19351935
IL 197King Cole BreweriesInc. Brewery19341947

Cicero, IL - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 198aAmerican Brewing Co.19331933
IL 198bLincoln Brewing Co.19331936
IL 198cBig Ben Brewing Corp.19381938
IL 198.1Hargarten Brewing Co.19331933

Colehour, IL - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 199Louis Wagner Brewery18931893

Columbia, IL - 3 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 200aMonroe Brewery18741884
IL 200bJohn Gundlach & Son Brewery18841895
IL 200cJohn Gundlach & Co. Brewery18951897
IL 200dLeonhard Schoppe & Son Brewery18971898
IL 200eLeonhard Schoppe Jr. Brewery18981900
IL 200fWeisenstein & Co. Brewery19001903
IL 200gEdward Herman Gundlach Brewery19031906
IL 200.1Klausmann Brewing Co.18801884
IL 201Old Monroe Brewing Association19331934

Danville, IL - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 202aDanville Brewing and Ice Co.18941906
IL 202bFecker Brewing Co.19061920
IL 202cFecker Brewing Co.19331939
IL 203John Stein Brewery18741899

De Kalb, IL - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 205Thos. Corkings Brewery18741884

Decatur, IL - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 203.1Consumers Ice & Brewing Co.19331933
IL 204aJohn Koehler & Adam Keck Brewery18551860
IL 204bEdward Harpstrite Brewery18601862
IL 204cHarpstrite & Shlaudeman Brewery18621884
IL 204dHenry Shlaudeman Brewery18841888
IL 204eDecatur Brewing Co.18881916
IL 204fMacon County Beverage Co.19341934

Dixon, IL - 4 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
IL 206Blackhawk Brewing Co.19341934
IL 207aBrady & Dee Brewery18671872
IL 207bClear's Dixon Brewery18721875
IL 207cJas. B. Clears Brewery18751888
IL 207dClears Brewing Co.18881900
IL 207eJ. B. Clears & Son Brewery19001905
IL 208aChristian Plein Brewery18741877
IL 208bNicholas Plein Brewery18771904
IL 208cThe Dixon Brewing Co.19041908
IL 208dLa Salle City Brewing Co.19081909
IL 208eDixon Brewing Co.19091911
IL 209William Thorp Brewery18741875