Kingsbury Breweries Co. Brewery – WI 458g

Kingsbury Breweries Co. Brewery opened in 1934 and closed in 1962 it was open for 28 years. Items from breweries of this age tend to be more common and less valuable than some breweries. Early items can still be valuable as can rarer types of items. Breweries that started up right after Prohibition was repealed, up to around the 1950s are the last group that represent highly collectible and valuable Breweriana for the most part. The period after Prohibition was when cans became popular so some of the rarest and most desirable cans come from this period. For cans to be very valuable they need to be rare, and in very good condition in most cases. Kingsbury Breweries Co. Brewery was in an active brewing city. Sheboygan, WI was listed as having 8 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

  • Other Names Used by this Brewery: aka: Heidel Brau Brewing Co. 1960-1962; Ace Brewing Co. 1960-1962; Weber-Waukesha Brewing Co. 1959-1962

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Breweries listed under Sheboygan, WI 458

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
WI 458aGutsch Bros. Brewery18471878
WI 458bLeopold Gutsch Brewery18781885
WI 458cAdolph F. Gutsch Brewery18851888
WI 458dGutsch Brewing Co.18881920
WI 458eGutsch Products Co. Brewery19201926
WI 458fGutsch Products Co Brewery19261933
WI 458gKingsbury Breweries Co. Brewery19341962
WI 458hG. Heileman Brewing Co. Inc19621974

Breweries listed under Sheboygan, WI

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
WI 458aGutsch Bros. Brewery18471878
WI 459aJacob Muth Brewery18481852
WI 460aCharles Osthelder Brewery1850sUnknown
WI 461aAugust Rentz Brewery1850sUnknown
WI 462aSchlicht & Schreier Brewery18541872
WI 463Weiss Beer Brewery & Saloon1870sUnknown
WI 464August Thamer Brewery1875Unknown
WI 465aKroos Brewery1870sUnknown