List of Tennessee Breweries

Chattanooga, TN - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
TN 1Charles A. Bohr Brewery18741875

Knoxville, TN - 5 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
TN 3.2Cumberland Brewing Co.19341934
TN 4Knoxville Brewing Coc18691869
TN 5Knoxville Brewing Coc18781879
TN 5.3East Tennessee Brewing & Malting Co.18961894
TN 6Union Breweryc18691869

Memphis, TN - 24 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
TN 7aP. Brady & Co Brewery18701870
TN 7bP. Brady & Co Brewery18711871
TN 8Patrick Gatens Brewery18701870
TN 9aSebastian Kaufman Brewery18701873
TN 9bCity Brewery18731874
TN 10Legler Bros. Brewery18711871
TN 11Memphis Ale Brewery18661866
TN 12aMemphis Brewing Co.1877Unknown
TN 12bMemphis Brewing CoUnknown1884
TN 12cTennessee Brewing Co.18851916
TN 12dTennessee Brewing Co.19331955
TN 13aMemphis Brewing and Malting Co.19051908
TN 13bMemphis Brewing Co.19081910
TN 13.1Memphis Brewing Co.19331933
TN 14City Brewery18661868
TN 15Joseph Sails & Co. Brewery18641871
TN 17aLouis Schnepel Brewery18661867
TN 17bShelby Lager Beer Brewery18671868
TN 17cLouis Schnepel Brewery18691871
TN 17dLouis Schnepel & Co. Brewery18721874
TN 18Francis Schulz Brewery18741875
TN 19Star Brewery18661866
TN 20Patrick Twohig Brewery18721873
TN 21aWachter & Zweifel Brewery18661867
TN 21bEagle Brewery18671868
TN 22Washington Brewery18601860
TN 23W. Beaty Brewery18681875
TN 23.2Boscos Pizza Kitchen & Brewery1995Unknown
TN 24aTennessee Brewery18591861
TN 24bM. J. Drucker Brewery18651865
TN 24cSpring Water Brewery18651875
TN 25City Brewery18591859
TN 26City Brewery18661866
TN 27Henry Metz Brewery18741875
TN 28aNashville Brewery18591863
TN 28bSouth Nashville Brewery1863Unknown
TN 28cJacob Stiefel Brewery18741876
TN 28dNashville Brewery18761878
TN 28eNashville Brewery18781880
TN 28fNashville Brewing Co.18801882
TN 28gNashville Brewing Co.18821890
TN 28hGerst Brewing Co18901893
TN 28iWm. Gerst Brewing Co.18931915
TN 28jThe William Gerst Brewing Co. Inc.19331954
TN 29Union Brewery18681875