Minnesota Brewing Co. – MN 175j

The Minnesota Brewing Co. opened in 1991, we do not have records that show when the brewery closed so we can only guess. Breweries doing business after 1960 tended to produced advertising items and breweriana that would not be considered by collectors to be very valuable. In most cases items from this period were mass produced and rather cheap compared to older items. In addition, they are often still very common so they do not tend to have a ton of value. Minnesota Brewing Co. was in an active brewing city. St. Paul, MN was listed as having 23 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.

  • Other Names Used by this Brewery: aka: Pete's Brewing Co. 1993- Brewing under contract for Dakota Brewing Co.; Black Mountain B. C. AZ Pride Brewing Co.

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Breweries listed under St. Paul, MN 175

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 175aChr. Stahlmann Brewery18541882
MN 175bChr. Stahlmann Brewing Co.18821898
MN 175cSt. Paul Brewing Co.18981900
MN 175dJacob Schmidt Brewing Co.19001920
MN 175eJacob Schmidt Brewing Co.
MN 175fJacob Schmidt Brewing Co.19331954
MN 175gPfeiffer Brewing Co.19541962
MN 175hAssociated Brewing Co.19621972
MN 175iG. Heileman Brewing Co. Inc.19721990
MN 175jMinnesota Brewing Co.1991Unknown

Breweries listed under St. Paul, MN

23 breweries were found for St. Paul, MN, showing 10 listings nearest to Minnesota Brewing Co.
Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 171aMilwaukee Brewing Co.18841884
MN 172aPutnam & Dexter Brewery18611862
MN 172.1aDrewry & Scotten Brewery18601864
MN 173H. W. Reichow Brewery18851886
MN 174Roelke Brothers Brewery18741875
MN 175aChr. Stahlmann Brewery18541882
MN 175.2Mathias Tschirgi Brewery1848c1852
MN 176aCity Brewery18551860
MN 177aA. L. Upham Brewery18741877
MN 178aConrad Wurm Brewery18631877