Premier Brewing Co. Inc. – MN 48k

Premier Brewing Co. Inc. opened in 1933 and closed in 1935 it was open for 2 years. Breweries that are only open for a couple of years like this did not have a long time to produce advertising and collectibles so they tend to be more scarce than breweries with more longevity. This listing was active during Prohibition which makes it an oddity. Some breweries were able to stay in business by producing "near-beer" which was very low alcohol, some switched over to bottling sodas or other beverages, some became Ice-houses or other related businesses. Premier Brewing Co. Inc. was located in Fergus Falls, MN, which only had 4 breweries, so there are not many that that were producing breweriana items. Local collectors may pay a small premium over national or general collectors because of a lack of local items.

  • Address Information: 121 North Peck St

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Breweries listed under Fergus Falls, MN 48

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 48aJ. K. O'Brien Brewery18821883
MN 48bAberle & Ahrentz Brewery18831884
MN 48cAndreas Aberle Brewery18841893
MN 48dC. J. Bender Brewery18931896
MN 48eAndreas Aberle Brewery18961900
MN 48fAnton Meyer Brewery19011901
MN 48gAberle & Bauer Brewery19011903
MN 48hJohn Bauer Brewery19031907
MN 48iTheodore Hubner Brewery19071908
MN 48jFergus Falls Brewing Co.19081920
MN 48kPremier Brewing Co. Inc.19331935
MN 48lFergus Brewing Co. Inc.19351937
MN 48mFergus Breweries Inc. Brewery19371948
MN 48nFalls Breweries Brewery19481952

Breweries listed under Fergus Falls, MN

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 46aCharles Brown & Co. Brewery18781879
MN 47aF. Judwitsch Brewery18821883
MN 48aJ. K. O'Brien Brewery18821883
MN 49Peter Oehlschlager Brewery18791884