Leman & Leivermann Brewery – MN 23b

Leman & Leivermann Brewery opened in 1875 and closed in 1875 it was open for 0 years. As a Pre-Prohibition Brewery, any advertising items or collectibles are likely to be valuable and desirable to collectors as they tend to be hard to find. Leman & Leivermann Brewery was located in Chaska, MN, which only had 4 breweries, so there are not many that that were producing breweriana items. Local collectors may pay a small premium over national or general collectors because of a lack of local items.

  • Other Notes: also spelled Liverman

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Breweries listed under Chaska, MN 23

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 23aGeorge Ulmer Brewery18751875
MN 23bLeman & Leivermann Brewery18751875
MN 23cB. Leivermann Brewery18751884
MN 23dMrs. B. Leivermann Brewery18841899
MN 23eAugust Leivermann Brewery18991905
MN 23fAugust Leivermann & Bro. Brewery19051920

Breweries listed under Chaska, MN

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MN 20aFred Beyrer Brewery19071920
MN 21Peter Ittis Brewery18741880
MN 22aGeorge Karcher Brewery18791882
MN 23aGeorge Ulmer Brewery18751875