Hampden-Harvard Breweries Inc. Brewery – MA 88h

Hampden-Harvard Breweries Inc. Brewery opened in 1957 and closed in 1961 it was open for 4 years. Breweries that are only open for a couple of years like this did not have a long time to produce advertising and collectibles so they tend to be more scarce than breweries with more longevity. Breweries that started up right after Prohibition was repealed, up to around the 1950s are the last group that represent highly collectible and valuable Breweriana for the most part. The period after Prohibition was when cans became popular so some of the rarest and most desirable cans come from this period. For cans to be very valuable they need to be rare, and in very good condition in most cases. Our information indicates that Hampden-Harvard Breweries Inc. Brewery was the only brewery that was located in Willimansett, MA sometimes this means that items from a brewery will have extra value in the area it comes from because there are not other sources for local breweriana.

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    Breweries listed under Willimansett, MA 88

    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    MA 88aWilliam Brierly Brewery18781878
    MA 88bThomas McNirney & John Coyne Brewery18781887
    MA 88cHolyoke Brewing Co.18871890
    MA 88dHampden Brewing Co.18901899
    MA 88eSpringfield Breweries Co. Brewery18991918
    MA 88fHampden Extract Co. BreweryUnknown1933
    MA 88gHampden Brewing Co.19331957
    MA 88hHampden-Harvard Breweries Inc. Brewery19571961
    MA 88iHampden-Harvard Breweries Brewery19611962
    MA 88jPiel Bros. Inc. Brewery19621975

    Breweries listed under Willimansett, MA

    Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
    MA 88aWilliam Brierly Brewery18781878