List of Missouri Breweries

Hermann, MO - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 30Geo. Baumeister Brewery18751875
MO 31aJacob Strobel Brewery1869Unknown
MO 31bCharles C. Kropp Brewery18751877
MO 31cHermann Brewery18771905
MO 31dKropp Brewing Co.19051907
MO 31eHermann Brewing Co.19071910
MO 31fJ. M. Danzer's Brewery & Ice Co.19101916

Jefferson City, MO - 3 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 32Franz Brothers Brewery18741892
MO 32.1Paulus Wagner Breweryc18411870
MO 33aJoe Kessler Brewery18451847
MO 33bJohn C. Gundelfinger Brewery18471870
MO 33cGeorge Wagner Brewery18701874
MO 33dGeorge Wagner & Sons Brewery18741886
MO 33eC. & L. Wagner Brewery18861892
MO 33fCapitol Brewing Co.18921922
MO 33gMoerschel Products Co. Brewery19221933
MO 33hCapitol Brewery Co. Inc.19331947

Joplin, MO - 4 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 34Crescent Brewing Co.19341934
MO 35aGeorge Muennig & Nicholas Zentner Brewery18811888
MO 35bNicholas Zentner Brewery18881893
MO 35cJoplin Brewing Co.18931904
MO 35dMiddle West Brewing Co.19041905
MO 35eMiddle West Brewery Co.19051907
MO 35fHome Brewing and Ice Co.19071919
MO 36Abner Pierson Brewery18751875
MO 36.1Turkey Creek Breweryc1875Unknown

Kansas City, MO - 25 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 37Barrett & Barrett Brewing Co.19021902
MO 38aBremer & Thoma Brewery18981900
MO 38bLeo Thoma Brewery19001911
MO 38cLeo Thoma Brewery19111919
MO 38.1Geo. W. Deegan Brewery19371937
MO 39aGuttenberg Ale Brewing Co.19011902
MO 39bButler Ale Brewing Co.19021903
MO 40M. K. Goetz Brewing Co.19361956
MO 40.1Grand Avenue Brewery18691870
MO 41aFerdinand Heim Brewing Co.18921905
MO 41bFerdinand Heim Brewing19051919
MO 41.1aHenry Helmreich Breweryc18641868
MO 41.1bWestern Brewery18691870
MO 41.1cWestern Brewery18701871
MO 41.1dWestern Brewery18711872
MO 42aMain Street Brewery18661869
MO 42bJohn Hurd Brewery18691870
MO 42cMain Street Brewery18701874
MO 42dMain Street Brewery18751877
MO 42eMain Street Brewery18771881
MO 42fMain Street Brewery18811884
MO 42gMain Street Brewery18841890
MO 42hMain Street Brewery18901903
MO 42iGeorge Muehlebach Brewing Co.19031919
MO 42jGeorge Muehlebach Co. Brewery19191933
MO 42kGeo. Muehlebach Brewing Co.19341956
MO 42lJos. Schlitz Brewing Co.19561973
MO 43aRochester Brewery18871892
MO 43bRochester Brewery18921897
MO 43cRochester Brewery18971901
MO 43dRochester Brewery19011905
MO 43eRochester Brewery19051919
MO 44aImperial Brewing Co.19011905
MO 44b Imperial Brewery19051906
MO 44cRochester Brewery19061915
MO 44dImperial Brewing Co.19331938
MO 44.2Schiller Bros. Brewing Co.19101910
MO 45aKansas City Brewery18641866
MO 45bKansas City Brewery18661868
MO 45cThird Street Brewery18691870
MO 45dKansas City Brewery18701871
MO 45eKansas City Brewery18711872
MO 45fKansas City Brewery18721873
MO 45gKansas City Brewing Co.18751875
MO 45.1Kansas City Brewing Co.18911891
MO 47aStar Ale Brewery18691873
MO 47bF. H. Kump Brewery18731883
MO 47cHeim Brewing Co.18831886
MO 47dFerdinand Heim Brewing Co.18861892
MO 47eBavarian Brewing Co.18921893
MO 47.1Mason's Brewery18701872
MO 48Midwest Brewing Co.19341938
MO 48.1aMichael Muhlschuster Breweryc18641866
MO 48.1bMuelchester & Sons Brewery18661868
MO 49M. Schandler Bottling Co. Brewery18901891
MO 50aWalter L. Schmidt Brewery18981913
MO 50bFrank J. Quigg Brewery19131915
MO 51P. Setzler & Sons Brewery18981899
MO 51.1Smith & Dick Brewery18801881
MO 52Stulz Bros. Brewery19061916
MO 53Swedish Ale Mfg. Co. Brewery19021902
MO 53.2Wurzburger Brewing Co.19331933

Kimswick, MO - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 54Charles G. Gehre Brewery18751875

Kirksville, MO - 2 Breweries

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 55A. D. Maloney & Co. Brewery18781878
MO 56Henry Sloan Brewery18781878

Lexington, MO - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 57aLexington Brewery18751893
MO 57bLexington Brewing Co.19011919
MO 57cLexington Brewing Co.19351935

Louisiana, MO - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 58aLissette Wahl Brewery18751875
MO 58bWilliam Winkler Brewery18751882
MO 58cGeorge Wahl Brewery18821888

Macon, MO - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 59aDorner & Steinbrecher Brewery18741877
MO 59bGeorge Steinbrecher Brewery18771884
MO 59cMacon Brewing Co.18841890

Manchester, MO - 1 Brewery

Brewery IDBrewery NameStart DateEnd Date
MO 60Ferdinand Heim Brewery18571859